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24 December 2008

Ultimate Gaming Console

Wouldn't you just love to have this for Christmas ?

if it existed.

15 December 2008

Microwave Data

So this is what happens when you put a CD in a microwave oven.

You get fried files !

09 December 2008

Eastwood Mall - Newest Mall in the Metropolis

I didn't know this mall existed until I was invited to Richard Poon's special mall show at the Eastwood Mall.  I thought that mall was the small one connected to the parking lot.   I then discovered that across the road where all the shops and restaurants where the usual nightlife goes on, is a new area built to become an addendum to Eastwood's amenities.    

It's called the Eastwood Mall which has 4 floors inside with various shops, and a pleasant and relaxing exterior serving as an outdoor park with beautiful landscape.  The place is much more quieter and less busy than the main artery of Eastwood Walk going around the Eastwood Central Plaza.   It may be because this mall opened just mid November 2008 and shops and stores are yet to all be fully rolled out.   

I remember a few years back, this area used to be a parking lot.  Then several buildings were constructed.  I thought that it was going to be a business district with all the high-rise buildings there.  I didn't know that these buildings were covering what is now a mall and large landscape.

The mall looks a bit similar to Greenbelt 5 with similar lighting and spacious floors but even though how classy e mall looks, I'm glad that the selection of shops do not only cater to high-end shoppers and big spenders but to everyone.  The fact that shops like Bench, Penshoppe, Human, Maldita and soon to open shops Watson's and McDonalds.   The mall also has a couple of cinemas at the top floor and a huge Timezone arena for children (and gameplayers like me) plus a cozy Starbucks coffee shop.  Basement parking is available for mallgoers as well.  

Here's the complete list of shops now open and some soon to open:

Aerosoles • Arrow • Babyland • Bayo • Beauty Bar • Bench • Bench Fix • Blufish by Red Crab • Flying Pig by Red Crab • Calvin Klein • Celine • Charles & Keith • Crisostomo by Florabel Co • Cyma • EP Espada • Eyecrafts • Florsheim Kids • Floded & Hung • Franco Sarto • Gingersnaps • Giordano • Globe • Gloria Jean's Coffe • Haze • House of Wagyu • Human • Hush Puppies • Jellybean • Jessica • Jewelmer • Jump • Kashieca • Kenneth • Cole Reaction • Kitchenworld • Lacoste • Little Thai Cusine • Luca • Maldita • Mezzaluna Bistro / A Different Bookstore • SSI Store (Kate Spade, Diesel, Furla, Fruit & Passion, Prada, Anne Klein, Liz Clairborne, Tod’s, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Polo Jeans Co., Armani Exchange, Dunhill, Polo Raplh Lauren, Zegna, Enzo) nautical, Nine West, Osh Kosh, Oxygen, Penshoppe, Periwinkle, R.A.F. by Plains and Prints, Red Mango, Samsonite, Samsung Appliance, Samsung Mobile, Sone, Springfield, Starbucks, Steve Madden, Superga, The Body Shop, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, The Face Shop, The Office Warehouse Super, Timezone, Wade

Aldo • Apple • Automatic Center • Balducci • CafĂ© Ysabel • Chelsea • Fully Booked • Gingersnaps • Gymboree • H2O • Likha Events & Catering Specialists • Mr. Kuroasawa • Make Room • Mango • Marlboro Classics • McDonald´s • Osh Kosh • Planet Sports • Red Box • Thousand Cranes • Toy Town • VNC • Watson´s

Check out the newest mall in Quezon City - Eastwood Mall.

07 December 2008

Toilets as Gadgets

Bathroom toilets really have simple mechanisms. There's the bowl where all liquid and solid excretions go. There's the tank situated above and behind the bowl where the flushing valve is stored along with a fresh supply of water. And you have the flush handle which starts the flushing process.

It doesn't take much to learn how it works. Once you flag down the flush handle, everything inside the bowl is flushed out and into a pipe while the supply of water from the tank flows into the bowl replacing the old one with a clean supply.

A couple of advancements have been made like replacing the handle with a button for pressing instead of pushing a lever and some water-conservation mechanisms.

The Japanese however have invented toilets which have more functions that I could ever imagine. They're mostly electrical in nature. Some features include music for your listening pleasure, automatic seat covers, a heater, washer, dryer and sanitizer. You could think of one of these newer models as a human dishwasher. I actually saw one of these toilets in a home depot and they cost around $1,500.

Here's a glimpse of what they can do.

Post your experience if you've took on of these babies for a spin. :)

04 December 2008

Can Hair Really Be This Smooth ?

Something to rejoice about. LOL!

27 November 2008

Eraserheads Reunion Concert Advanced Screening at Megamall Cinemas

Here's coverage of the Eraserheads Reunion Concert advanced screening and world premiere at the Megamall cinemas last November 24, 2008.

20 November 2008


I just came from Holiday Inn fresh from the Michael Learns to Rock press conference and decided afterwards to buy some dinner for take out at the adjacent mall Robinsons Galleria. I decided to get a pizza from Chef d' Angelo, located at the 4th floor. Since I was told it was going to take at least 10 minutes to prepare, I figured I stroll around and come back for the pizza.

I was on the same floor as the cinemas and chose to check out their list of movies. Right in the center of the entrance way leading to the cinemas were a few elevated tables and some celebs seated signing autographs. There wasn't much of a crowd watching them so I didn't find any difficulty getting close.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that they were the stars in an R-18 rated indie film entitled "Lalamunan" and promoting it to the public. I recognized Jordan Herrera instantly and then Rico Barrera, ex Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 housemate. The 2 girls in the middle were gorgeous but I didn't know who they were. Then, I read the poster that had the starring cast billing. It turns out they were Hazel Cabrera (I had to search online to find out that she's part of the Viva Hot Babes) and Maricar dela Fuente (who I have no idea who she is).

Since I had my digicam with me, and I was still waiting for my pizza, I took pics of them. An old man approached the cast but specifically wanted a picture with the two sexy ladies. Apparently, he just wanted his arms around them since he didn't have a camera nor was he with any companion. I got a shot of his short moment of thrill.

Apparently, "Lalamunan" is about a homosexual (Jordan Herrera) who tries to keep his gender preference by preoccupying himself and his wife with kinky sex.   I just read part of the poster and article so there's nothing more I could offer to tell about the movie.

Anyway, I thought it would be worth the post since I was able to take pics of the stars and at the same time support this indie movie.

I wonder why the title is "Lalamunan".

17 November 2008

Get a Chance to Win a Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot Phone!

GET THE BOND WIDGET and get a chance to win a Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot phone!

15 November 2008

Jump Rope with a Twist

It's been a long time since I tried a jump rope or hula hoop.   I didn't think there would be much technology could do to add features to these simple devices.  Well I was wrong.

I found this jump rope with a counter.  It has a counter attached to  one of its handles and can increment from 000 to 999.  Isn't that cool ?  Now you would know how many repetitions you made.  

Cool ! ... Until I found out that the counter is manual.  It displays the number of repetitions alright but you have to press the button each time for it to register.
I don't think I'd be able to push the counter to increment when I'm tired.

Healthy Meals for a Healtier You

This week entailed me spending time at the hospital making sure Aileen got well.    As I was able to witness the food choices and servings that the hospital served to her, and watching some segments on TV on healthy living, I found out a couple of tips which are most likely very well known by everybody but may perhaps not be stressed well enough for people to actually follow.

So here are some of those tips:

  • If possible, make 1/4th of your meal comprise of vegetables.  It doesn't matter what kind, but the point is to maintain a balanced diet consisting of the proper food groups.   Usually, anything green in color is good for you.   
  • At my age, taste is not a top priority anymore... health is.   What's healthy is good for you.   And if you regularly eat foods whose taste you don't particularly crave for, it kinda becomes second nature after a while and your taste buds won't repel that much.
  • Cut down on rice - 1 cup just may be enough   Some people compensate for little or lack of a viand for more rice servings.   It may help to add a bit more meat, chicken or fish to your meal that a lot more rice.
  • Eating out is not an excuse not to eat healthy.    You have the choice on where to eat and what to order.  Healthy eating is not confined to the dining room of your home.
  • Don't forget to drink.  I've seen people who will eat an entire meal from start to finish before drinking.   A drink is not only there to prevent you from choking, but it's there to rehydrate yourself.
  • Have a fruit for desert.   Thanks to marketing, chocolates and cakes have dominated the definition of "desert".   Fruits are a nice finisher to your meal.  Try having a banana, apple, grapes or a slice of pineapple or papaya.

Happy eating !  

13 November 2008

Mountain of Rice

I was at SM Marikina the other day and was looking for a place to have lunch.   Since it was already past 2pm, I figured I'd visit the food court which was totally deserted.   After making a quick round, I decided to try Pinoy Toppings for their relatively inexpensive meals and huge servings.
The last time I ate at Pinoy Toppings was years ago.  I remember the huge mounds of rice they serve.  And guess what ?  It hasn't changed a bit.

I ordered Tapsilog and I was still surprised (even if I antipicated it) to see a very generous serving of rice on a huge plate.  It looked like more than 3 cups of rice.  I don't think they use ordinary cups for measuring it but instead use bowls.

I took a photo of my meal and take note that the spoon there is a tablespoon but looks like a minute teaspoon when placed beside the rice.

Needless to say, I could barely finish half of the rice serving.   If you have a craving for something close to unlimited rice, I suggest you check out Pinoy Toppings.

10 November 2008

Subtle Form of Free Advertising

Last November 1, I, together with my parents headed to Loyola cemetery to pay respect to my lolo and lola.   You see the usual things in a jam packed cemetery, lots of people, lots of flowers, lots of candles and lots of tents.   

I noticed one particular tent though that wasn't the usual solid color or striped one.  This one looked like it was taken off a tarpaulin printed ad for an attorney running for councilor.   I figured it's a subtle yet sneaky way for advertising.  What could an advertiser ask for ?  Lots of people equating to lots of eyeballs and free advertising since they own the space below where the tent is located. 

Ahh the things people would do for something free.

06 November 2008

We All Live In a Yellow Submarine

I was heading to Trinoma the other day and spotted this coincidental display of color.

I noticed this lady wearing all yellow, pants and blouse.   She was walking towards the yellow pedicab and must have told the driver where she's headed.    
Mind you, the driver was wearing a yellow shirt, and his yellow pedicab had some shades of yellow on the umbrella.   
Then a bystander (sporting a fake Nike yellow shirt)  who seemed to be acquianted with the lady, hopped on the pedicab for a short chit-chat.   
At this time, the lady grabbed something yellow from her bag and held it while seated down inside the pedicab.  
The friend of the lady finally got down and the pedicab as it went on its way. 

Not shown in the photos was a yellow tarpaulin which they passed. Color me yellow and slap me silly but for a while I was thinking what were the chances of this coincidence happening ? 

04 November 2008

UNICEF invites you to Walk (and Run) on the Child's Side!

This November, UNICEF is inviting you to Walk and Run on the Child's Side!

So mark this date on your calendar---November 23, 2008, 5:30 am to 10:00 am ---stretch those legs and limbs, bring out those running shoes, and even come in loud and funny costumes with your whole family!  UNICEF Walk on the
Child's Side 2008 is a walkathon / fun run that aims to raise funds for UNICEF's programs for the Filipino children!

Please pass on this message to your family, friends and co-workers.  We've attached here the poster for UNICEF Walk on the Child's Side 2008 which we encourage you to post in your blogs; your Friendster, Facebook or Multiply
accounts; and other web pages.

Also attached is the registration form which you can fill up and submit directly to R.O.X. in Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig in order to claim your race kit.  The race kit will include your UNICEF singlet (running shirt), race bib and race course map.

For any questions or concerns, please call our hotline:  (02) 758-1000.

01 November 2008

Clear Halloween Party

I use Clear shampoo.  I remember I got a sample when the product was initially introduced to the public.  I liked it and stuck with it.  

And last Oct 31, I got to experience a Clear event.   It was a blacked themed Halloween party for bloggers at Taste Asia at the West Side of Mall of Asia.   There was only one requirement for invited bloggers, that everybody dress in black.  And so we did.  Never did cameras have to work their flashes overtime to capture the blackness. 

Upon registration, we were also given masks to keep and wear.   My camera was out of commission for the night so I only got to take a couple of photos.   So I'll just pop in keywords describing the event...

sexy, costumes, masks, black, music, dance, Ms. Earth contestants, food and drinks, friends, bloggers, fun, clear.

"Clear-ly" it was a fun Halloween Party.  Thanks Clear !

28 October 2008

A Cool Mouse !

The scroll function of my previous mouse didn't work anymore.  It caused me to continuously press the left mouse button while dragging the mouse just to scroll up or down.   Aside from being a nuisance, it was also causing my hand more stress and some aching for prolong periods of usage.

I also favored huge mice over small compact ones cause I have a big hand and my hand cramps if I force my hand to hold a mouse much smaller than my grip.

So I was so happy to find this treasure of a mouse earlier today, an 

It had a nice grip for big hands and had several other buttons which are shortcuts for double clicking, scrolling and previous/next features.   It also boasts of being capable of working on glass surfaces.

But what made this mouse cool (and I mean that in the literal sense) was that this mouse had a "Fan & Heater design" that can keep your hand warm in winter and cool in summer.  It goes without saying that I'm never going to use the heater function since I'm living in a tropical country where heat is something you deal with on a daily basis.  But the fan is going to be such a pleasure to use.   I find this especially useful since my palm usually sweats after prolong periods of holding the mouse.

Now ain't that COOL ?

24 October 2008

You're Cornered !

I remember watching some movies where a student being punished by a teacher would be told to go to the corner and stay there during the rest of the class.  What triggered that notion ?  Well yesterday, I was having breakfast at McDonalds and I saw this lady who was on the phone for the longest time.  Since the place was filling up, it was becoming noisier and harder for her to hear the person she was talking to.  

She then went to the farthest corner and parked herself there.  The corner was actually a storage holding area for baby high stools which she conveniently transformed it into an armrest.   Since she wasn't moving her head at all in any direction, it wouldv'e been hilarious to put that yellow police tape they use in crime scenes that says "POLICE SCENE... DO NOT CROSS" and video it.  

23 October 2008

Smokin' Roots

This is the first time I've seen wasabi roots.  And it's expensive.  I wonder how this eventually becomes the green mint-looking paste that's used for sushi.

17 October 2008

Create your Band, Album Title and Tracks Here !

Ever wanted to imagine what your name would be if you formed a band ? Or what would the title of your album be ? Or what songs are on the album ?  Well you don't have to be musically inclined for this.  

Thank to Jhamie, here's a fun way to come up with a band name, album and discography.  
get started with your imaginary music career.  It's up to you if you seriously want to adopt these titles.  

The mechanics:

1. Go 
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2. Go 
The last four words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3. Go 
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4. Go 
The first ten links you end up in (minus the .coms) are your 10 song titles.

Cool ! Here's mine !  
Band Name: Toba (Nova Crnja)  
Album Name: "Expressing The Inexpressible is Music"  
Album Cover: http://www.flickr.com/photos/noodles75/2939239940/ 

Track listing:  
1. Urban 
2. Undervachievers 
3. Centercityphila 
4. ljudmila 
5. No Aloha 
6. CPU ID 
7. Critics 
8. Fi 
9. Go Incase 
10. Bishop Guertin

What's yours ?

14 October 2008

Celebrate for a Day

Last Sunday, our parish gave an interesting homily.   He told a story about an engaged couple who were set to be married.  Since they were on a strict budget, they opted to cut down the number of guests to 200  guests (100 each)  and sent out invitations with explicit instructions to RSVP for them to know who would be attending.  Only half of the invited confirmed.   Since the actual reception was already booked for 200, the couple seemed that it would be impractical to have the reception hall half filled.  And so they sent out another batch of invitations totalling an additional 100 of friends they were initially not able to invite. 

Come their wedding day and they were shocked that almost everybody who didn't confirm, went, which caused them the dilema of how to accommodate more than the alloted seating capacity and food count.   It was supposed to be a worry-free day for them, but at the same time, they did not want any guest to feel sad on their wedding day.  

Later that Sunday evening, our neighbor was celebrating their birthday and rented a videoke machine.  It was so loud that I couldn't help but talk about it over dinner.  It made me remember the homily given earlier.   I learned that the celebration our neighbor had was an all-day affair.  I couldn't imagine how much food and effort would entail a whole-day party.

I also remembered my inaanak who was baptized in the morning, followed by lunch at their house.   Several friends who had work that day until 9pm proceeded to the baptized baby's home.  I would think that the mom would just say that the celebration is over and there's no more food left.   Instead, food was allocated to feed every guest for the entire day.  And even if the baby was long asleep by then, the friends still came.  

It had me thinking about the two different scenarios -  not confirming to attending a celebration and going to a celebration even if it's over.  I tried to think about it from a logical perspective.   In simple terms, RSVP is for the host to be able to gauge headcount for food and other preparations on the day of the celebration and also is an indication of who is invited.   Giving an inclusive time of a party would make everybody attending to follow and attend the event during the given time.  Simple right ?  It's just a matter of following instructions.

But my mom pointed out that Filipino culture dictates otherwise.

First of all, Filipinos have the "tampo" factor when someone is offered something and you are not.   I've seen this in several occasions.  If there's an event and one finds out that his/her friends were invited and he/she wasn't, it can serve as grounds to react and feel sad for being left out.   It shouldn't be but it's quite common.   Some hosts are easily affected and thus "give in" out of goodwill to avoid any conflict, even if it may be against their will.   The hosts just hope that the person may forget or may not attend at all.   So that throws the entire invitation and RSVP out the window.

Second is that Filipinos extend birthdays, baptisms and other occasions to a whole-day affair.   If you're going to cater to any guest who will come at any time of the day, which is also undetermined, it's like having a restaurant open all day.   Filipinos usually practice this especially if the party is at their home.   So if most people come let's say during lunch for a lunch party, then all is fine.  But if some more people come at different intervals during the afternoon and evening, the hosts would have to attend to them, which includes mingling, entertaining them and serving food (reheating food or cooking a new batch all together).  It's like holding multiple parties within the day.   But my mom says that it's tradition passed on from the "fiesta" concept, where even strangers can pass by and be invited in to celebrate. So holding a definite time for a celebration here tends to be ignored.

I guess that's why some people prefer to celebrate outside home, where following time is more strict, such as with a birthday party at Jollibee or a wedding reception banquet.    If you miss the time, you miss the event.  If you don't confirm attendance, you're not guaranteed a seat and food.  

It's a clash between tradition and practicality.  

07 October 2008

New Marketing Solutions Book

For an ever-changing world of business, it's never enough to learn of new marketing strategies. The economics of business evolve as the world evolves.  Advances in human resources & technology, breakthroughs and discoveries and new perspectives require that marketing constantly adopt to these changes.    

Also, learning from actual stories and experiences also help us to decide what is effective and what is not.  

Fortunately for the general public, Ned and Ardy Roberto releases marketing solutions book

"The Best of MarketingRx for Entrepreneurs", by authors Dr. Ned Roberto and Ardy Roberto, is a selection, by these two marketing consultants who are also successful entrepreneurs, of their best, most useful columns in Philippine DailyInquirer since 2003.  A wealth of information and experience is compiled and handed to the public and business sector.

There are over 20 of their best articles compiled in this book with topics covering mobile marketing, celebrity endoresements, pricing, distribution, branding, market shares, customer satisfaction, product success and many more.

To read more about this exciting publication, visit http://www.marketingrx.org/2008/07/buy-copy-of-best-of-marketingrx-now-via.html

The Best of MarketingRx is now available for purchase through credit card and PayPal via their blog and available at leading National Bookstore and Powerbooks branches.

02 October 2008

My Dance Videos

While surfing youtube earlier, I was surprised to find out a dozen newly uploaded videos with my name on it.  Apparently it's someone else having the same name.  But his moves are pretty slick and worth sharing.  So I present to you "Grooving with Jay de Jesus".

28 September 2008

Hole In The Wall

There's a very popular series of video clips on Youtube from a Japanese game show.  It was coined on Youtube as Humas Tetris, where contestants have to fit themselves in odd shapes that move closer and closer to them.  If they could contort their bodies to fit, they'll be saved from being pushed to the pool behind them.  

Due to its popularity, Australia has followed with their version called "Hole In The Wall".

You can check out the Australian Youtube channel at

Now the USA has their own adoptation as well.


27 September 2008

Buwisit !

I've never seen a musculado guy sing "Modelong Charing"...much more an American singing it.

This dude is entertaining.  He gives white pride to the song Blakdyak popularized.  
Darna !!!

PS: Love his T-shirt !

26 September 2008

Maluffet !

When I saw this jeep, I just had to take a pic of its rear.

The sticker says it all.

Work While You Wait

If you've scheduled your car for maintenance or checkup in a automotive service center, you'll know that it takes hours to have it serviced.   Some people like me bring their car before opening so the car would be the very first car to be serviced.  But being early and number 1 on the list doesn't mean you'll get your car in less than a hour.  The average time for a car to be serviced is 3 hours (with Toyota and Ford service centers).  

 usually leave after properly turning over the car and come back to pick it up.  Most service centers offer to contact the owner by SMS or landline when the car is ready for pickup.  
 Some people opt to wait for the car especially if they have nowhere else to go or nothing else to do.  They have lobbies usually equipped with TV sets and cable.  You could only do so much in a lobby if you're to stay there for hours.  Even with the comfort of a sofa and airconditioning, chances are, you'll be bored to death or develop a sore butt for sitting too long.  If you're skipping work and decide to bring your work to the service center, you'll find out that the distractions and waiting area isn't very condusive for working at all.  

 is why I commend Ford Libis for providing semi-private cubicles (they're located within the showroom but  separated by partitions).   The cubicles have a spacious desk, comfty chairs, chest-high partitions for a bit more privacy and wifi access.  If you can work online, then bring your laptop with you and you can conduct business while waiting for your car.   They also serve coffee or orange juice upon request free of charge while you wait.  

I'm not bringing my car to have it serviced just to avail of this ammenity but just knowing about this service is elightening for the busy work-oriented car owner who needs to take time out to cater to their car's needs.

25 September 2008

Rival Donuts

For those who haven't heard about it yet, School rivals Ateneo and La Salle go head to head in the 71st season of the UAAP.

Game 1 went to Ateneo and Game 2 is going to be a pivotal point for both teams as this is a best of 3 finals series.

And in line with the UAAP, Krispy Kreme has embraced the UAAP games and loyalty by presenting 4 donuts each with their own colors representing the final 4 schools which made it to the UAAP finals.  

Needless to say, the green donut is for Lasallites and the blue donut is for Ateneans.   Whether you want to take a bite out of the rival school's donut to signify you'll chew them up or take a bite and prove that your donut tastes much better,  Krispy Kreme wins. 

24 September 2008

Starbucks Brewing in Cainta

A new branch of Starbucks has just been opened at the entrance of Sta Lucia Grand East Mall in Cainta, Rizal.  If I'm not mistaken, this is the first branch of Starbucks in Cainta.

Compared with other branches, this one has a slightly different architecture with three distinct areas for dining, 
There's the base which is just in front of the mall's driveway,  an elevating ramp leading to a mini veranda/terrace with a couple of tables, and the airconditioned interior.  Looks like a cozy place to spend a blazing hot afternoon or an evening after-dinner drink with friends.

23 September 2008

Where In The World Is Caitlin Upton ?

If you know the game "Where In The World is Carmen SanDiego ?", then you know that we're talking about geography. 

Here's Miss South Carolina Caitlin Upton for Miss Teen USA 2007.

An eloquent speaker is not necessarily an intelligent speaker.  

22 September 2008

Creative Tapsilog Joint

I saw this food stall over at Libis.  Cool name !

Hail your tapsi now !

18 September 2008

Numbered Trees

I just noticed this last week.  If you take a closer look at the trees along the center island along Buendia (Sen Gil Puyat) in Makati City, you'll notice that the trees have numbers.  I thought it was just some punk leaving grafitti on one tree when I first noticed it.  Then I was surprised to find out that the trees were all numbered in succession.

I figured that you could use this to give directions.  Like telling someone going to the Intellectual Property Rights Building to take a jeep along Buendia and get off in front of tree #118.   Interesting concept.

17 September 2008

Batang Yagit Gets My Vote

Batang Yagit is the blog and online persona of Winston Almendras.  I personally met him during a trip to Davao earlier this year and I must admit, I'm impressed with this kid (kid online, man offline).

I'm handing my vote to Batang Yagit  for this year's 2008 Philippine Blog Awards for the Bloggers Choice Award because:

 - he's an innovator and practices whatever he learns online through his blog, BatangYagit.com

- he's hardworking, creative and multi-talented

- his blog is a constant effort and fruits of his knowledge of web design, programming, web integration and photography

- we're both a part of a tech blog 

- location is not a factor for him to excel, may it be in Davao, Cebu or Manila, both online and offline

- he's a dedicated blogger - for the blogger, by the blogger and of the blogger, so help me God.

- he is always up to date when it comes to gadgets and web-based services

- he's a fellow alumni - (Batangyagit For Others)

- if it's any consolation, baby face at cute rin (mana siya sa kuya jay niya ...  insert violent objections  now)

Overall, I find that Batang Yagit is a perfect example of producing a unique and witty online entity which extends its character and expands beyond its persona to gain sustainable interest through its interesting blog.

Kudos to you Winston !

13 September 2008

A Time To Eat, A Time To Clean

Having the reponsibility of serving ranking officials their daily meals, my dad used to be part of a crew tasked to prepare lunch and dinner with top notch class similar to a 5-star hotel.

Needless to say, he worked in a strict working environment, making sure that sanitation and cleanliness are of top priorities.  During family meals, he used to tell me what and how they prepare and serve to the commanding officers.   He told me that one of the no-no's is about cleaning or mopping the floor while other people are being served and currently eating.  This is why he always notices it when any crew members in a fastfood or restaurant clean the floor.

It's excusable if there was something accidentally spilt or dropped on the floor that needs immediate attention.  But more often than not, crew members clean the floor as part of their daily tasks without being considerate to the diners.   The chemicals sprayed used in cleaning alone is not sanitary as particles of the spray coming out of the nozzle may float in the air and contaminate any food currently nearby.  I certainly wouldn't want liquid soap particles floating around my meal.

In addition, you know the feeling when you're eating and then someone tells youa gruesome or disgusting story ?  It's enough to immediately stop eating and lose your appetite.  Well a crew member mopping a floor can have the same effect.   It's not visually appealing seeing a floor being mopped especially while you're chewing something and much worse is if you see the dirt being collected.   Some people may have stronger stomachs and can ignore this.  But I'd say it would be best to cater to all in being considerate.

The cleaning should be done when there are no customers.  Other establishments close an entire section even if only to clean a certain portion.  I'd say this is more acceptable than a crew member mopping away passing through diners left and right.  I even had some crew disturb me while I was eating  and ask to put my feet up so he could mop the floor beneath me.   I call that inconsiderate even if he was just doing his job.

I wish food outlets be sensitive and aware to this.  I have the notion that as long as they see crew members cleaning up the place, is that sanitation is at an all-time high. There's a time to eat and a time to clean.    And they don't go good together.

12 September 2008


I love the Transformers and I love to dance.  So what better way to combine them than to have best of both worlds.

Here are Optimus Prime, Mirage and Bumblebee dancing to Papaya. And oh, check out the breakdance part at the end.  It's way cool !

11 September 2008

Basketball at the Speed of Light

Okey it's not at the speed of light, but I bet it caught your attention huh. :)

I saw this guy shootin' hoops at the local Timezone arena in Glorieta few months back. I was impressed at the swiftness of his throws and accuracy of his shots. I admit I'm terrible at aiming when it comes to basketball. And this guy made it look as easy as taking candy from a baby... not to mention that this was an advanced stage and the hoop was moving from side to side.

Note: took this video with my very limited featured Sony Ericsson phone.

Now that's talent.

Cool ATMs

There are a lot of old-style ATMs.  The newer ones have multicolored displays (aside from the standard blue screen), video commercials, voice greetings and touch screen interfaces (which I have yet to encounter).   

Exterior wise, they look the same... Some look a mechanical scale where you step on a platform.  Some look like a high-rise urinal with buttons.   Some look like telephone booths that shoots out bills instead of inserting coins.  Others look boring.  

That's why this particular RCBC ATM caught my attention.  It has flashy neon lights. and from afar, it looks like a huge celphone.

10 September 2008

New Burgers From Jollibee

Jollibee has recently introduced 2 new items to their menu, The Amazing Aloha Burger and Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Burger.  The Amazing Aloha Burger had pineapple and I'm not fond of pineapples put in burgers and pizzas.  So I decided to try the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Burger.  Both meals include fries and drinks.

The only other fastfood chain I know who serves Bacon Mushroom Burgers are Wendy's (who call their version Bacon Mushroom Melt) so it was going to be interesting to compare the two or at least try something different from the one that Wendy's serves.

The container had the label "Juicy Double Patties with exciting flavorful toppings" and a "Made with 100% Pure Beef " stamp of approval in the front.

When I opened the lid, the burger seems to be more than 2 inches high, which would 
generally mean more food stuffed inside.  Upon closer inspection, I did see the double patty topped with mushrooms, cheese and bacon. 
  It tasted pretty much like Wendy's mushroom burger but more juicy.  My only gripe is that when you hold the burger in the typical grip mode stance, the cheese would tend to drip because of its melted state.   I like soft cheese, not melting cheese.   So while I was eating, some drops of cheese found its way to my tray.  It's a good thingwax paper is wrapped around the burger when you order one.  So You can use it aside from napkins to prevent a messy table.

Other than that, I'd say the Jollibee Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Burger is one fine burger you must try.

Packaging Placement

I was at the Landmark toy store last week just checking out what kind of new toys there are in the market so I would have an idea of what to give some of my godchildren for Christmas. As I was walking around, I found this pack of plastic dinosaurs for kids. It's a set of white dinosaurs complete with water-based paint so kids can paint them.

I took the item off the rack and flipped it to check the price. When I placed it back on the rack, it suddenly startled me.

The two T-Rex dinosaurs were closely packed together that it looked like one was mounted on the other. Oh my ! I wish they'd take a better look at how it was packaged to make sure no kid would think otherwise.

09 September 2008

Student Canteen

A lot of noontime shows have come and gone. Wowowee and Eat Bulaga are the current noontime shows but before them, there was a variety of shows. Some of those I remember are Lunch Date, Kalatog Pinggan, Chibugan Na, Magandang Tanghali and some weekend noontime shows like Sa Linggo Napo Sila. One of those I vaguely remember but was able to watch a few episodes was Student Canteen. I thank that's where I remember Eddie Ilarde and Chiqui Hollman and an American looking guy by the name of Bobby Ledesma. (I always wondered why he was hosting a Philippine show). The show had those games where contestants listen to a question and line up behind the correct answer until one contestant remains.

Recently, I passed this eatery near NCBA along Aurora Blvd. I guess this is a tribute to the defunct show.... or perhaps just a canteen who wants to capitalize on the branding of any legacy the show may have made.

08 September 2008

Gabby as a Security Guard

My friends saw this standee of Gabby Concepcion for promotions of his new album and jokingly placed a security guard's hat on top.  If any security guard would look like that, I'm pretty sure a lot of ladies would leave their stuff, even a handkerchief if it would mean coming into close contact with this guard. 

06 September 2008

Lord Of The Rings Pinball Score

Care or dare to beat that ? Open challenge issued. ;

05 September 2008

Ubuntu Love Day Manila 2008

I had the chance to study Unix during college.  I got to use Unix in some of my previous jobs but it was always ready to use.  I tried to install Red Hat Linux years back but even as a computer science graduate, I had a difficult time figuring out how to install and configure it.  I had to tweak and calculate the correct swap disk space, make the correct partitions, type in several cryptic command-line parameters and so and and so forth with the end result of a failure.  

It was really frustrating knowing how to use Unix but couldn't install one myself.  I tried various flavors of Unix and Linux, like KateOS, Debian, Knoppix and Red Hat and the closest I was into actually using the OS was booting from CD and using a live session.   At the press of the power button, all goes back to zero.

Fast forward to 2008.  I've been hearing lots of good reviews about Ubuntu.  I figured I'll try it out again.   Installation was straightforward and a breeze.  I didn't have to go through the myriad of screens, questions, confirmations and manual configuring that I used to endure years ago.   

For an open source operating system, Ubuntu sure beats Microsoft in terms of cost for value.  I gradually learned tips and programs on Ubuntu.  Then I found out that there are several flavors of Ubuntu like Kubuntu and Xubuntu suitable for all kinds of needs.

Last August, I had the chance to attend Ubuntu Loveday Manila 2008, which was held at the Computer Science Building of UP Diliman.  

It was nice to see that there is an emerging (if not have already emerged) group of Ubuntu enthusiasts, users and developers.  

The mid-day series of talks included topics on Ubuntu on virtualization and integrating to a Windows Network, The Wacky World of Ubuntu Derivatives, Ubuntu and the OLPC XO-1, Kubuntu & KDE: Contributing to an International Software Project and The Ubuntu 30 day challenge which I indirectly assisted in.

I saw a few fellow bloggers present and some college teachers I remember passing by in my alma mater's Science Building.  The gaining popularity of Ubuntu is exciting and hopefully, more people would be aware of its capabilities.

Ubuntu is truly Linux for human beings.

03 September 2008

Commercialized Faith

I saw this billboard along Gil Puyat (Buendia Ave) in Makati City going towards Taft Avenue.   It was a simple ad.  I hope God didn't have to place an advertising fee for that.

Just a thought... If He did, it's like God needs to  compete with other more flashy ads for our attention.   Kinda sad but sometimes it's true.

28 August 2008

Renewed Interest In Chess

When I was a kid, I didn't have any regular sport. I took Tae-Kwon-Do lessons for 2 years, but I don't consider it something I did regularly even after. I took swimming lessons but that was more to learn how to swim and not to undergo rigorous training. Contrary to the popular belief that every boy loves and plays basketball, I never did enjoy it. The few times I played with my high school friends was because I enjoyed their company more than the game.

So, it may be safe to assume that I didn't have any regular sport then.

I can't remember when I learned chess and who taught me but I do know that it wasn't my parents who taught me because none of them know how to play chess. And since I was an only child then, I had no one to play chess with. There weren't any computer-based chess games back then. It was kinda boring to play by myself too. So I guess my interest in the game just died a natural death.

Lately though, with the help of Miguel, I've renewed my interest though in chess. Miguel is part of their school's chess club. The enthusiasm he has for chess is outstanding and enough for me to regain interest in the game, not to mention having a permanent chess opponent.

It also made me realize that I have yet much to learn in terms of moves, techniques and foresight in the game. That's why whenever I get the chance, I play now for experience. It also helps that I installed a java-based chess game on my mobile phone and the PDA that Aileen lent me also has one. I make it a point to play at least 2 games in a day to enhance my skills and learn more.

And I just found out that Chess today is a recognized sport of the International Olympic Committee. So I guess I have a new sport, Chess !

Thanks Miguel !

27 August 2008

UP Centennial on Bill

I only noticed this yesterday. I had a 100 peso bill with me and it looked kinda different.
It had an extra seal. Upon closer inspection, I found out that it was the UP Oblation statue with the text "University of the Philippines Centennial" in commemoration of UP founded in 1908.

26 August 2008

Album Review: William Hung "Inspiration"

You must be wondering why
1. I'm reviewing this 2004 album
2. Why I even have a copy

Well I saw it on sale for P25. (50 cents in USD) which is a 2-disc set including a 40 minute video with interviews, studio footage and surprises (as the label says). If you split the price into the 2 CDs, it's like 25 cents per CD. That's cheap ! So I figured what the hell. I'll take it.

Ok... from hereon then, I may be harsh, but that's how I see it.

I remember watching William Hung audition on Season 3 of American Idol and the judges' laughter which later transformed into respect for his positive outlook was a unique spectacle in American Idol history then.

Track 1, entitled "Words of Gratitude" is immediately a preface of William thanking the people for buying his CD. I took it more of a "no return, no refund" disclaimer and visualizing an evil image of William saying "I got your money sucker."

Track 2 moves to the Ricky Martin song, "She Bangs" as it was his signature song in the auditions.

Being a musical arranger, I cringe at the several instances of lack of timing. The off-key notes make my eyes squint in disbelief. I could imagine the studio engineer dropping all his mastery skills and just humbly accept that the songs were meant to be recorded this way. No attempt was made to digitally alter William's voice. It was recorded like that on purpose. I guess they want to capture William as he is and not as some celebrity-created persona which would be a twisted reality of William's actual talent.

I can't help but be disturbed by the mispronounciations of certain words (like pronouncing "singer" as "sing ger") but that's just me.

I Believe I Can Fly - William Hung

William chose some pretty difficult high-pitched songs. I was just looking at the song list and after seeing songs like "I Believe I Can Fly" and "Hotel California", I just had to exclaim to myself "Goodluck man". And I was right. A pitchy rendition of "I Believe I Can Fly" is an understatement. His pitch was all over the place. The last part had me hysterical as William tried to sustain some long notes without breathing and in the end obviously lost breath.

You know those times when you know you can't sing a high pitch yet attempt to do so in hopes of reaching it ? Well, William does that several times... and fails.

William kinda redeems himself in the upbeat tracks "YMCA" and "Shake Your Bon-bon". The backup singers render pretty decent vocals. As for William, well, the upbeat tempo and popularity of the 2 songs overshadows the remaining vocals owned by Hung.

Okey so right about now, you think I'm a bad guy for thrashing William Hung's album.
William's album did contain some redeeming factor and in fact much respect for the guy.

When you watch the 40 minute documentary, you'll find out the goodness in William, spreading a positive outlook no matter how many may laugh or ridicule him. For him, he enjoys singing and performing. So why would someone tell him otherwise ? A lot of interviews from his schoolmates at Berkley paint a better picture of William giving nothing but praises to the Chinese-American student.

In the end, you'll gain respect for this happy singer.

And then when you listen to the CD again, you'll laugh at it in a more positive note being less critical at the imperfections. You just have to accept the fact that this album doesn't intend to compete with any other great singers. It's just there to showcase William Hung and who he is. Have a sense of humor and you'll appreciate the album giving you a good laugh.

That's William Hung for you... an inspiration.

22 August 2008

Annabelle Rama Stole My Parking Slot

Well, it was actually her driver who beat me to a parking slot by seconds.

I had a hard time finding a parking slot along Tomas Morato and no matter how many valet parking services there are along that road, it's not an option for me (I simply can't take it upon myself to entrust my car with a valet).

And so I waited near the sidewalk with hazard flashing lights. A huge black van was also waiting about two cars away from my area.

Then, a car backed up from the parking area. Unfortunately, it backed up towards my side which caused the van to get in the parking slot before I could.

I waited 20 minutes before I could get a parking slot. When I finally parked, I saw Annabelle Rama coming out of the restaurant and walking towards my way. She took a second look at me with her usual "mataray" look and I didn't mind cause I was late. Before entering the restaurant, I looked back and saw her board the van.

Kontrabida talaga
yung driver.

14 August 2008

Check Your Tires Regularly

This is a tip from personal experience I'd like to share.

Aside from having your tires regularly checked, it's also a nice habit to personally inspect your tires for any irregularities.

A perfectly inflated tire (with your preferred psi) doesn't necessarily translate to a healthy and perfect tire. Two weeks ago, I was using the car for an entire week before I noticed a weird clicking noise which sped up when the car accelerates. When I checked it out, there was a nail which was bent perpendicularly in such a way that half of it was pierced in the tire and the other half was bent away from the car which caused the clicking.

The car's tire pressure didn't decrease despite the piercing. That's because the nail fit perfectly inside the tire that it also prevented any air from coming out. Good thing it caused noise which led me to closely inspect the tire.

When I had the tire vulcanized, the mechanic also told me he found some small sharp rocks and a couple of nails also pierced in the tire. Some didn't penetrate the tire and were just on the top rim. I had all tires checked since I was there. The other pebbles didn't pose any harm to the tire, but it's best to regularly check them and have a healthy tire than a tire carrying unwanted foreign objects.

Happy motoring !

No-Thrill Puzzles

I like puzzles, especially the find-a-word types. Being trained in college to think in an organized fashion (blame it on computer logic), I always search for words from left to right, then top to bottom. Then, I go back and find any missing words left.

Last week, Aileen and I had the opportunity to visit Kopiroti at Tomas Morato branch. Their branch was currently being renovated then so it was kinda cramped. However, the free postcards they offered near the door compensated for the slight inconvenience. Plus, I'd go through any inconvenience anytime for a Kopiroti Kopibun.

So after we ordered our food and found a table, we checked out the postcard stand which all Kopiroti branches have.

I was delighted to find a Kopiroti postcard which had a find-the-word puzzle at the back. I took three so I could bring home the other two and have my mom and dad try the puzzle. However, I was shocked when all three of them were already answered. They all had pen marks of crossed words and the actual words highlighted (or more of a strikethrough in computer terms). I was surprised that someone would have the audacity to put it back after answering it. It's not like a newspaper in a store that's for public use. Everybody who reads it can equally benefit from reading. A puzzle though, whether it be a crossword puzzle, a find-a-word, spot the difference or maze has zero value to others when answered (not to mention that all the answers are there and nothing else to do).

At least those paper placemats by some restaurants like Shakeys, McDonalds or Jollibee always serve a fresh, unanswered activity page in the form of your placemat.

11 August 2008

Computer Ethical Hacking Concepts Applied Into Song

I recently attended Hackacon 2008, a series of seminars about Certified Ethical Hacking and similar topics such as Computer Forensics, Data Security and Penetration Testing.

I have been fascinated with hacking since my 1st experience with it 10 years ago when I watched our systems administrator demonstrate how a server can be vulnerable by breaking in to a public server. I've also been fascinated with movies involving hacking or in-depth computer use such as Sneakers (Robert Redford), The Net (Sandra Bullock), Swordfish (John Travolta) and Pirates of Silicon Valley.

During the two day seminar, I've been taking down notes and reviewing some of them has made me realize that some computer concepts aren't really different from real life teachings.

Here are a couple of quotes mentioned by the guest speakers which I noted down. Some may be cheezy but you'll get the gist.

"Nothing is hack-proof. It's only easy or hard to hack."

- similar to simple words of encouragement. Nothing is impossible. It's just a matter of how easy or difficult it may be but your goal can be attained. As the song goes ...

"Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep me from getting to you"

"There is no impenetrable barrier."

- similar to the quote above. Also from the classic song "The Impossible Dream"...

"This is my quest
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far
To reach the unreachable star"

And lastly, our very knowledgable instructor on Computer Forensics, gave us this cheezy but important insight on crime investigation.

"Wag kang magassume. Di ka naman taga Assumption."

It was a funny remark but when you think about it, it is one important thing that also applies to life.
Don't be biased. Don't be prejudice. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Be open to reasoning. Listen and think before you speak.

As the anthemic song of FrancisM's "Mga Kababayan Ko" raps it out...

"Wag takasan ang pag kukulang
Kasalanan ay panagutan
Mag malinis ay iwasan
Nakakainis marumi naman
Ang magkaaway ipagbati
Gumitna ka ang wag kumampi"
Kung may itim or may puti
Mayron naman kayumangi
Isipin mo na kaya mong
Abutin ang yung minimithi"

So it seems I didn't only get insight on Computer Ethcial Hacking but also with words of wisdom.

06 August 2008

Barangays Advertising Websites

I was cruising along Kamias road earlier today when I saw this ad. At first, I thought it was an additional decorative structure to make the barangay welcome sign more colorful. The sign also read "Enter a Perfect World". So it made sense that it was a catch phrase of the barangay to let people visit their area.

Upon closer inspection, I found out that it was an ad for http://perfectworld.ph , an online game. Ads like these aren't uncommon nowadays. What surprised me was that it was situated exactly beneath the standard barangay welcome sign.

With that in mind, I guess the next step they could've done is have an internet cafe nearby.
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