You're Cornered !

Friday, October 24, 2008

I remember watching some movies where a student being punished by a teacher would be told to go to the corner and stay there during the rest of the class.  What triggered that notion ?  Well yesterday, I was having breakfast at McDonalds and I saw this lady who was on the phone for the longest time.  Since the place was filling up, it was becoming noisier and harder for her to hear the person she was talking to.  

She then went to the farthest corner and parked herself there.  The corner was actually a storage holding area for baby high stools which she conveniently transformed it into an armrest.   Since she wasn't moving her head at all in any direction, it wouldv'e been hilarious to put that yellow police tape they use in crime scenes that says "POLICE SCENE... DO NOT CROSS" and video it.  

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