Packaging Placement

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I was at the Landmark toy store last week just checking out what kind of new toys there are in the market so I would have an idea of what to give some of my godchildren for Christmas. As I was walking around, I found this pack of plastic dinosaurs for kids. It's a set of white dinosaurs complete with water-based paint so kids can paint them.

I took the item off the rack and flipped it to check the price. When I placed it back on the rack, it suddenly startled me.

The two T-Rex dinosaurs were closely packed together that it looked like one was mounted on the other. Oh my ! I wish they'd take a better look at how it was packaged to make sure no kid would think otherwise.

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  1. Ahahahha..

    sobra ka naman koya...
    wala namang makisya ang bata para bigyan niya ng maling meaning ang masyadong pagkakadikit ng dalawang dino...


  2. hehehehe... malay mo may mga batang "advanced" ang pagiisip. o nahawaan ng mga malisyosong tito. :D it wouldn't hurt na paghiwalayin yung dinos diba ? :D