A Cool Mouse !

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The scroll function of my previous mouse didn't work anymore.  It caused me to continuously press the left mouse button while dragging the mouse just to scroll up or down.   Aside from being a nuisance, it was also causing my hand more stress and some aching for prolong periods of usage.

I also favored huge mice over small compact ones cause I have a big hand and my hand cramps if I force my hand to hold a mouse much smaller than my grip.

So I was so happy to find this treasure of a mouse earlier today, an 

It had a nice grip for big hands and had several other buttons which are shortcuts for double clicking, scrolling and previous/next features.   It also boasts of being capable of working on glass surfaces.

But what made this mouse cool (and I mean that in the literal sense) was that this mouse had a "Fan & Heater design" that can keep your hand warm in winter and cool in summer.  It goes without saying that I'm never going to use the heater function since I'm living in a tropical country where heat is something you deal with on a daily basis.  But the fan is going to be such a pleasure to use.   I find this especially useful since my palm usually sweats after prolong periods of holding the mouse.

Now ain't that COOL ?

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  1. Why not get rid of the mouse altogether? Try Integrated Keyboarding at: www.inkeyboard.com which allows the user to move the mouse and cursor, highlight, scroll, drage, number and delete without moving the hands from the home key position.
    I hope you find this useful.

  2. @David: Interesting. But I'm sticking with what I'm familiar and used to for now. Using the keyboard as a mouse for very precision specific tasks like graphics editing is still best used with an entire hand controlling a mouse than a few fingers controlling the keyboard. :)

    Plus I think those control combinations would make gaming more complicated.