Mountain of Rice

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I was at SM Marikina the other day and was looking for a place to have lunch.   Since it was already past 2pm, I figured I'd visit the food court which was totally deserted.   After making a quick round, I decided to try Pinoy Toppings for their relatively inexpensive meals and huge servings.

The last time I ate at Pinoy Toppings was years ago.  I remember the huge mounds of rice they serve.  And guess what ?  It hasn't changed a bit.

I ordered Tapsilog and I was still surprised (even if I antipicated it) to see a very generous serving of rice on a huge plate.  It looked like more than 3 cups of rice.  I don't think they use ordinary cups for measuring it but instead use bowls.

I took a photo of my meal and take note that the spoon there is a tablespoon but looks like a minute teaspoon when placed beside the rice.

Needless to say, I could barely finish half of the rice serving.   If you have a craving for something close to unlimited rice, I suggest you check out Pinoy Toppings.

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