4 Days/3 Night Stay at the Crown Regency Hotel ?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I received an unexpected call this afternoon from a certain Ms. Michelle Chavez that I had been a lucky pick from over 1000 registrants who won a 4 day /3 night hotel accommodations for 4 people (2 adults and 2 children) at the Crown Regency Hotel with my choice of either their Cebu or Davao hotel.

At first I was surprised cause I don't recall joining any contest. When it was explained to me that I was one of 50 lucky draws from over 1,000 registrants during the PALMM expo at the World Trade Center late last year, it kinda made sense. However, I was still skeptical with the whole thing, knowing that it may all be a scam.

Here are some details given to me which makes me skeptical about the prize:

  1. She said there are no obligations, financially that is... However, winners need to watch a 1 1/2 video showcasing the hotel and its amenities, services and highlights.
  2. After saying that the hotel accommodations are free, there is a P3,000. booking fee though which should be placed 1-2 weeks before using the prize.
  3. Claiming of the prize is anywhere between 6-8pm at Room 1902 Centerpoint Bldg. I checked the hotel's official website, and this is not their Manila address.
  4. When I asked for the hotel's website from the person I was speaking with, she told me that she can't divulge any info about it and just told me to search for it on the net.
  5. I searched for her name "Michelle Chavez" on the net and it's a generic name, also a name of an actress.

Because of my skeptisim, I've asked my friendly friend Aileen to accompany me to the presentation. As much as it's an exciting prize to actually win, I'm still not 100% convinced it's totally legit. I really do hope it's legit.


Just got back from picking up the prize. And my suspicions were correct. Upon entering the building lobby, I immediately looked at the tenant directory and Room 1902 was unlisted. Strange. I then asked front desk what company occupies Room 1902. The guard said "Crown Regency". So at least I knew I was going to the right room.

Upon entering 1902, Aileen & I immediately saw what seems to be a conference and showcase area. While we were asked to be seated, our couch was directly across a cabinet of what looked like beauty products. The first thing that came into my mind was MLM (Multi Level Marketing). I've been through the experience of avoiding this years ago and here I am, a victim of a somewhat similar experience.

After filling out a form with some personal information extracted from me, we were accompanied to a small cubicle which resembled a videoke room. This was where we were to watch a 1 1/2 hour video. Fortunately, they only let us watch around 15 minutes worth of it. It seems that we may have not passed as being credible clients to what they were offering.

And so here it is... they were offering club membership to access their chain of hotels. The prize I got was actually not totally free. If I were to use it, I had to pay the 1st day (worth P5,000). and the next 2 days would be free. For someone who hasn't been travelling out of the metropolis nor the country for that matter, this has no appeal to me whatsoever.

And so I was finally given my prize check of the hotel accommodations but I will only be able to brag about it by showing the certificate to others but will never get to use it especially that it isn't transferable.

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  1. Hi,

    I just got this same "prize" from a certain Pam Escudero who called me earlier. Same scheme and terms as you posted.

    Thanks to your blog, I have an idea what I'm dealing with.

  2. hello,

    thank you very much for the post.
    i got a call earlier from a Janet Aquino this afternoon.
    She presented me the same deal.
    i began to doubt when i was not able to see the "crown regency" name at the list of sponsors for the event i attended during the weekend. (she said they were one of them, which is how they got my name).
    The event was also held at the world trade (March 17).

    so much for the excitement, huh?..
    i was supposed to meet them tomorrow.
    after reading you post... i'll do something else.
    hehe. thanks, man.
    you just saved my time.


  3. Hmm i just got the same call this morning. I had no interest since I didn't join any such contest and I actually dislike traveling. Out of curiosity, I viewed the hotel's site but there wasn't any mention of such a contest.

    Thanks to your post. Now I know what to expect.

    Such an underhanded tactic...

  4. Hi!
    I also got the same call last 08dec2k7, a day after i filled out a raffle coupon during a car show at SM Megamall (DEc.7-9).
    Ganun ba rin, free hotel accommodations for 2 adults n 2kids at any crown regency hotel in cebu davao makati. I was about to call them now, but i decided to get some I-net info. Buti nalang na browse ko blog mo.
    Bad marketing srat nga. Thank you very much for the warning.
    It's me,

  5. Thanks for the post! Got the same call last Sunday. The girl (forgot to take her name) had the same details as you mentioned. It's a good this I read your article.

    Viva La Internet! hahaha

  6. Just last week this similar scheme tried to persuade me. Its good that you guys were genuinely concern to those possible preys of these bogus individuals. At first it was really attractive yet very defensive that no strings attached and cash,charge outflow on ur part. Two different agent alternately convince us in the names- which i think r also bogus,Nina Suarez and Angela Lim and constantly lure us to claim it at Westpoint Bldg. somewhere at QC. (Before centerpoint now nman Westpoint!) Here r d nos. used for those n bk ginamit dn s mga kwawang prospects nila 09272338809 and 09209050000.
    Net search such as googles really helped a lot to verify the authenticity of any similar contests esp.d establishment that they are fronting.Crown Regency Hotel obviously was not aware of such contests and promo accomodation when i confirmed so maybe the next time n mangulet il be telling her n nkareport n ung numbers and ofce address nila s NBI,actually we concerned citizens can do that pr mbawasan ang mga manloloko s pilipinas. God bLESS Mr. DJ!!!

  7. Crown Regency marketing strategy is a f*cking scam! They contacted me and said there was no cash out and no seminar. I went to west avenue and they lied cause i had to go through 90 minutes of a presentation. The receptionist said they only do this raffle once a year with 15 winners. Obviously their modus operandi works around the clock. Don't waste you time.

  8. HI,

    Thanks to your blog. I just received a call with the same prize from Ms Kristel Tan. She want me to confirm my presence together with my wife for the presentation on Thursday, 25 Sept 6 to 7:30 pm at 2nd floor Westlife Bldg West Ave Q.C. She gave a phone no: 4030602.

    So for the management of Crown Regency & those who are interested on whatsoever,the above no & address might help.


  9. hi

    a ms. angela lim also called me and told me i won a vacation package last month and said i need to claim at ASAP or else they would award it to the next winner and i did not went to the presentation bec i think it's a scam but after a month they called me again and luring me that i have to claim my prize.everyone should be warned about these kind of people here are their new landline numbers 8953510 they are still using this one 09209050000.

  10. iv experienced the same. just a minute ago someone called me i won the same vacation fr Regency daw. it was during my visit at Mega trade last week. i asked her kung wala ba akong babayaran, she was telling me no obligations etc etc.. she even asked me to go to Westlife West Ave tom to claim my prize. after that call i search sa web about regency hotel promo, blogs, scams and here's what i found. hay... thanks to all of you guys who are concerned to other na possible maging victim ng mga scam na ito. # ng tumawag sa akin is 8953510.

    magiingat po tayong lahat parati.
    God bless us all.

  11. Just wondering...if I pay 5k for the "first night" as they say, wld i actually get the next 2 nights for free?

  12. they contacted my wife also. good thing we searched for "crown regency" and saw this blog about their scam. to the site owner, thank you very much for informing us about this scam!

    p.s. it was a "ms. allen lopez" who texted my wife using the mobile no. "09209070000" asking her to call the landline "4030755".

  13. got the same call after got mob by a group of peeps insisting on filling up raffle coupons of some resort at an expo in SMX last week. same scheme, same numbers, same venue for claimants at westlife bldg. weat ave. i was actually planning to drop by to see what it's all about. so i did a quick search here on the net. walla you guys are lifesavers!

    got a similar call 2 years back from "club panoli boracay" with the same marketing ploy

    thank you for getting this up on your blog

    ooops 8953510 is currently ringing on my phone... i just told them im not interested a while ago. very persistent & annoying people

  14. Thanks for posting this in your blog. I also got a call from this #- 09209050000 a while ago. I forgot his name, but I recall his surname as Madrigal (if I'm not mistaken). This man is so disrespectful! He even insulted me at binabaan pa ako ng phone! Probably because he knows that I cannot not be fooled by his tactics. His disrespectful act made me decide to search for info in the net. That's the power of the internet!

    I thought their numbers and office address are already reported to NBI? ang bagal nman talaga kumilos ng NBI sa atin! Kaya lalong dumadami mga manloloko sa Pilipinas eh! Mamatay na sana lahat ng manloloko sa Pilipinas!

    Thanks, Mr. DJ! More power to you!

  15. thank you so much for posting this..

    I also experienced the same thing w/the ff: contact nos. +639209050000, +639176292222 & 8953510 with 3 different people convincing me to claim their gc. I am pretty much annoyed w/c is why I decided to google this on the net. and I discovered the ff:
    1. crown regency has no promo whatsoever re: free accommodations
    2. Club ultima w/c is their sis company are the one responsible for this so called marketing strategy
    3. No cash outs involved but you will be required to make a deposit for the hotel booking and upon confirmation..deposit made will be returned to you...wc I think is very unlikely
    4. Literally you are only entitled to their standard rooms. Breakfast or meals and use of their amenities will be at your expense.

    well, I think that sums my research hope this help & serve as a warning to all.

  16. unfortunately i went to their presentation and wasted 2.5 hours of my time. as promised we received a gift certificate for 3 days 4 nights and i was thinking if anybody has availed of it?? pls let me know

  17. @ditay , we wasted only 15 min. of our time there cause we made ourselves look disinterested and kept on chatting together not minding what they had us watch on tv. they gave me the gift cerficate but I never used it. cause you still had to pay for 1 night's stay to get the 4 nights 3 day package.

  18. holy crap!

    i just got a phone call too and i know that there's something fishy to it... i signed up some form during the bridal fair at sm megamall 2 weeks ago...and voila! same sh*t....im not going!

    but i must say, maganda yung hotel sa boracay...nakita lang from walking..hehe however, i did not expect that they have such schemes...thanks talaga :D

  19. hi. me and my bf is also a victim of danvil. last november 2008,around 8pm, we became a victim of it because they keep telling us this will be a savings and there is a FREE life insurance, they dont explained well the policy and the contract, and they pressure us to sign the contract, and just saying " ok n yan, pipirma k nlng" and then same thing from all of u guys, they get my credit card and said they would just verify it. but because they said that it is a saving and there is a free insurance we agreed to it,we finish there around 11pm and to think we don't eat dinner yet. they are not considerate.

    Also when u are late giving the monthly saving, it is the prudential life that is sending the letter, sometimes they called us, and we started thinking that DANVIL lied to us, it is not a saving, it is actually Prudential life insurance that we are paying. and just last week, we went to sm megamall to get back our money and cancel the plan, they said we cannot get any money if we will withdraw it, and thats the only time we understand the policy they have. that there is a certain cash value and u have to wait for 1year before u can get a money, but what made us more angry was, only 8000 will be get from 60000 after 1year.

    They have a very stupid policy. For those who could read this blog, they should not invest to DANVIL. How i wish that company will be erased in this world. they are just wasting our money!!!

  20. As of today, I got the same call from a certain Claire Yuchengco.

    Yup. Still the same speech. West Avenue claiming and video and stuff. Good thing I found this blog. They really should stop wasting people's time as well as their own.

    If the company promoted is Crowne Regency, it goes to show they are somehow behind it as well since the only real gain is people watching their marketing brainwatching videos.

  21. ok fine! may be for you guys that this kind of a call is a scam,,,ryt? but i thnk theres no something wrong for this kind of a marketing strategy,,,,,yes ! ur ryt thats is a waste of time to come over in their offices or places they mentioning,,, but in the first place in this kind of world we hav onli two kinds of people around us,, one is the "nagpapaloko" at " nanloloko".......yah may be your correct that all of a sudden of their false promises that they telling over the phone but i think at the end of their presentation they giving away the FREE accommodation gift certificate and its up yours choice if your going to purchase their membership or the product that their going to sell,,,, do i am ryt?

  22. i just got a call from Karen Pacheco naman.. get the certificate in AIC Burgundy Empire Tower Ortigas... with presentation also, but the 5000 deposit to avail the promo was refundable daw KUNO... but i have my doubts the minute she started to talk.. THANKS FOR THIS POST! its a half/scam half/promo!!

  23. Hi. My wife and I got this call and has been calling us for the last 3 weeks already. Apparently, we got the 'prize' at a home essentials fair at Robinson's Place Manila where my wife simply signed up a sheet.

    It's funny how the lady calling introduced herself as Tony/Toni Angeles which sounded exactly like the name a veteran actor of Philippine cinema.

    It's a good thing I ended the conversation by not taking any commitment nor agree to go the said venue. I said I'll call her up in case (the number was 4030602). Location was West ave., QC.

    I'm glad I was able to google up and found this blog. This scheme is indeed a total waste of time. Thanks.

  24. I am about to go to West Avenue,QC. this afternoon.
    It's through my angel's intercession that goggle came into my mind.

    They sound very convincing and promised there will be no club membership thing.

    Thanks to this site... I saved my time.

  25. Hi,

    I also got this "prize". I received a call from a Troy Garcia asking me to attend a 90 min seminar to avail for the GC.

    He mentioned that I dropped my card off at a Transformers 2 premiere which I never went to. I do remember dropping off my card at a different event where there was a Crown Regency booth.

    Thanks for this blog post. It's most helpful!

  26. Hi Jason! I just got off the phone with that same guy, Troy Garcia. His number is 09188500027.. is it the same with yours? He's been calling me since last week, offering the same 'gc' from Crown Regency Hotel. I was actually avoiding his calls but he was able to get through my direct phone line at work, which I should've disconnected because he was very rude to me, compared to last week. I told him I had no interest in claiming the gc anymore. Funny because I got the same call last year or 2 years ago.. they don't really stop do they?

    At least now my suspicions are confirmed. Thanks for posting this!

  27. The numbers and contact people change but the offer is mostly similar. I can't believe it's been 3 years since I posted this and they are still actively calling up people for this.

  28. hahaha.... i got a call also, from a name Bianca Uy... club ultima/crown regency, i was planning to go this afternoon westlife bldg, west av.. but after reading this... i will not go anymore... thanks for this blog.. you saved my precious time....

  29. Shoot!!! 3 yrs na sila and they're still going.. does it mean na meron pa rin silang na-iiscam. same numbers.09209050000, same strategy p rin. tnx for this blog and sa technology natin ngayon..

  30. Thank you for this post.. just received the same invitation. the message is Club Ultima (crown regency hotel) ofc. 2nd flr westlife bldg west ave., qc. Landmark: same building of starbucks and panciteria lido. schedule is 6pm to 8pm only. bring a valid id together with your husband. Look for Toni Angeles tel# 4030602 keep all scammers reported

  31. hi.... i just got same prize from a certain olive ramirez who called me earlier around 10:30 this am,today march 29/2010.Same scheme and terms as you posted.

    thaks sa blog niyo buti nalang nabasa ko ang mga comment dito dami napala ng victim nila....thanks a lot..now ilnow na di pala true ito...
    same number she use 09209050000.club ultima crown regency ofce.2nd flr.westlife bldg.west ave.qc,g./f:starbucks cafe beside panciteria lido restaurant corner bukcan st.c u 2mrw around 6-730pm,dont 4get 2bring id..n finish d 90 mins.presentationw ur spouse[if married].luk 4 olive ramirez,congratulation n thank you..

    beware of this..fucking scam...

    thanks a lot sa blog you just save my time ....

  32. Hi,
    i received a call from troy garcia,offering free 3dy/3nts in Crown Regency in cebu/Davao. we attended a presentation of Ms.Ghie Neri & Alvin Suallo at Ortigas Office it was a totally scam.
    we were a "victim" we lost
    P15,000.00 to them,..

    Mr.and Mrs.Cruz

  33. How did you lose 15K to them ? Did you give the deposit they were asking for to avail of the full prize ?

  34. phone call... Club Ultima... Crowne Regency... from my vist at Worldbex last month...blah blah blah same bs. now their office is at Ortigas.

    like most others i have been getting these kinds of free offers for several years now from insurance (Prudential hangup immediately when you hear this name), hotel accomodations, trips abroad, gifts etc etc. it is unfortunate that my name is now in some scammer group's database. i get these kinds of calls on my home phone, office phone, cellphone. so when somebody calls you and says you won something, these days its most probably a scam.

  35. I got a call from club ultima few days ago. I was excited at first until i googled and chanced upon this blog and another two blogs that exposed this scheme.

    Thank you for this post and for those who made comments regarding this. Now I dont have to go through their mandatory video watch and the P5000 "refundable payment" (that the caller did not divulge during the phonecall. Got this info from this blog's comments). If this is legitimate, then there should be none of these requirements.

    I wont spend my precious time with these people so I will turn them down when they follow me up regarding this (or ignore their calls).

    It has been 3 years since the original post and this company is still doing this.

  36. Thank you for this post. I just received a call about 2 hours ago. But I doubt that their promo is too good to be true that is why I tried searching before i decide.

    very helpful post. thanks for the warning. definetely i wont go.

  37. Thanks for the many comments. Same experience here. ANo akala nila sa atin, BOBO? I can travel on my own, without their promos. Maling marketing strategy yan! Itong tumawag sa akin ay si Andrew Cortez, (i don't know if this is his real name) using mobile phone number 09266474654. Taga CLUB ULTIMA OFFICE daw siya. Ang galing magsalita. Di niya alam, di naman totoo lahat ang inilagay ko sa ibinigay nilang form sa toy conference sa Mega Mall last June 19 to 20 HAHAHA

  38. I got the GC last July 8 in the evening and sent them a fax of my preferred dates the following morning. I chose weekends of August and September.
    I was told to follow up on July 10 (next day).

    I followed up on July 10 but they lost my form (very organized, huh? ). I faxed it again and called on July 12(Monday) for feedbacks. I was told that all the dates I chose are fully-booked. So i said, okay,give me all the free dates in August and September, even weekdays.

    Then I called today, July 13. They told me that all the days of July, August and September are fully-booked!!! So I said..WHAT!!! You are giving GCs but are actually invalid because they cannot be used? I told them Ill call again tomorrom and they should tell me if Oct 1-8 are booked already..if they are, then they are CERTIFIED SCAMMERS!!! They are giving GCs which cannot actually be used!! When you look at their websites, there are free dates in August which I want. But they said they only have allocation for the GCs..oh come on! That is a blatant lie! They are just luring us to attend this presentation with the GC "which is subject to availability"..but actually...no rooms are available!!!

  39. unfortunately, i was duped. read my experience here


    spread the word para wala na sila maloko. its so sad talaga how they could do these.

  40. Hi! so, i too got a call yesterday from "ella cruz" (they must have a lot of screen names) regarding the promotional 4d/3n stay...same setup. but their "office" right now is at le metropole bldg., ground floor, unit 2, thats at buendia/gil puyat ave...near rcbc plaza. wanna torch up these scammers today? their presentation starts at 6pm-7:30pm. what are we waiting for...lets get these damn bastards!

  41. just got a similar call from a "Clint De Guzman - 09266474433" several minutes ago.

    was actually tempted to go due to the upcoming wedding/honeymoon, but decided to go with my first skeptical instinct and follow the adage "if it sounds too good to be true...it probably is!";

    which was good, since it led me to your blog.

    thanks to you and your readers for posting your experiences...saved us at least 90 minutes of our hectic lives.



  42. I just received call today from a Denver Angeles.Same spiel.Reading this I thought to have some fun when they called again. I told them me and my wife are independent contractors and we work for Blackwater Worldwide.

    Guy puts down the phone and never called again.

  43. Have you heard of Crown Regency offering free edge coaster or sky walk ride? same format, they will have to let you fill up a form or people calling you on your cellphones offering the same thing and taking some of your details, like name, address, age or occupation?

  44. same strategy din ito ng club astoria ng astoria hotel sa pasig.

  45. Hi just had a call from andrew cortez, telling me the same old story, 346-8719 , its quite fishy though kasi they want us to claim it 5-8pm.. weird for an office..


  47. I got a call from the same number too 09266474433, luckily I was not able to answer it.

    Thank you for the warning.

  48. I also received a call from RYAN MENDEZ 09166679269 about this after filling up a "raffle coupon" during the Chef's on Parade at SMX last weekend. Sabi ko baka next month ko pa ma-claim kasi wala yung wife ko. Tatawag daw siya ulit next month. Maybe we should all text the address of this blogsite to all those that called us! hehehe!

  49. Hi, I'm from Tagum City this morning February 16,2011 i was experiencing same testimony,they called me for one of the 10th winner or to claim there gift certificate they called in crown regency hotel.I was shocked because they called me about that matter so, my mind is thingking what kind of promo is that.I'm very much enlightened for this blog,thank you very much.I'm praying in hoping that please stop this kind of SIN!time will come it will be back to you and to your family.

    klimy of Tagum

  50. same experience with you!
    sakin, she was shane lopez daw with cp 0916-6971103, 3468725. office is located in 2nd flr westlife bldg. cor. bulacan st. west ave. qc.
    i can go there daw after office hours.

  51. I have the same experience with you guys. Angela Lim called me up persuding me to attend the presentation today between 130-330pm at Metropole building in Makati. Good thing I read abt this blog and and it saved me big time! Can we report them to imbestigador or xxx? para naman madala na sila and ultimately bumagsak na ang SCAM na kompanya nila.

  52. As of Aug 29, 2011, yes, this is still on-going since I got "the call" too from EMMA CRUZ using this #: 0916-6971104. As much as I was very skeptical about it, it did make me very curious if there was a possibility of it being true since I've checked-in at Crowne hotels for a number of times. The "claiming of prizes" w/ the 90mins video is supposed to be later at Le Metropole bldg. Gil Puyat ave. Thanks to this blog for the heads up! :)

  53. I filled up a "raffle" coupon in the Duty-Free Shop fastfood area last August 28, 2011. I was actually forcing myself to fill up one coupon just to accommodate a very friendly lady who went to our table. Many days later, I received many persistent calls from different mobile numbers on my mobile phone. I don't normally take calls from unknown numbers. My thinking is, if it's an emergency, I would immediately get a text message if he or she couldn't get me to reply to the call. Anyway, after receiving many phone calls for many days, I got two text messages on separate days from two different persons. Here's one text message which I got from +639166234495) on August 31,2011(copied word for word):
    "Goodmorning, my name is Ms.Gina frm the management of ASTORIA PLAZA HOTEL. and this is concerning with the stab that you sign-up at (DUTYFREE)We have good news for you. For more info kindly call our hotel number.637-96-72. Thank you."

    Being a very wary person about text messages like this, I did not reply nor call the number that was given. I already had an inkling that these people were the people calling me persistently the past few days.

    Then the second text message came last Sept. 6, 2011. This was the text message I got from +639167149166 (also copied word for word):

    "GOOD DAY! This is from the Management of PUERTO DEL SOL BEACH RESORT & HOTEL. This is with regards to your entry coupon that you filled up in one of our Promotional Exhibit held at DUTYFREE. Your entry has been selected as one of our recipient of a Gift Certificate of a 3-Days & 2-Nights Stay FREE Hotel & Resort Accommodation. Valid for 1-Year, good for 2-Persons & 2-Kids. You have 7 Hotel and Resort Destinations to choose either in BOLINAO PANGASINAN, BORACAY, BOHOL, CEBU, CAM-SUR, DAVAO & PALAWAN, it's your choice! If interested to avail, kindly call ASAP at (02)3914195/6362883 and look for MS. JOYCE TAN for some details. We'll wait for your immediate response.. Thank you"

  54. I didn't reply to this text nor make any calls to the number that was given. Still, I got persistent calls from different mobile numbers in the succeeding days. Then yesterday, I was waiting for a call when I accidentally answered an unknown call. So there, finally those persistent people were able to get hold of me. A certain GRACE MORALES was at the other end. She told me that I won a gift certificate (GC)for a 3-days, 2-nights free stay at any Crown Regency Hotel (except in Manila) in the Philippines and that I can even use the GC in Malaysia (at any of the affiliate hotels of Crown Regency). She told me to present a valid ID when claiming my GC at AIC Burgundy Tower, Ground Flr. She actually told me that the gift certificates will be awarded to the 15 lucky people today (September 13, 2011) at around 5:30pm and there will be dinner and a presentation. I told her is it possible to just let someone claim the GC on my behalf with an authorization letter from me. She told me I have to claim the GC personally. Then this lady kept emphasizing that I won't be shelling out any cash for this Crown Regency promo and told me that I can even leave my wallet at home when I claim my GC at their office. Also, she told me that all I can give back to them for the free stay at Crown Regency is to talk about my experience staying at Crown Regency and to entice my friends, family, relatives and other people to experience staying at Crown, too. The lady said that they were doing this promo instead of the usual magazine, newspaper and other media promo which were more expensive. Towards the end of the call, she asked me a question (that is, if I don't mind her doing so) if I make around 50thousand pesos or above a month. I couldn't remember exactly what she was saying because at this time I wasn't paying full attention already to her. But then the last part of the conversation was something different altogether. Why would she be interested in how much I make in a month? Oh well... I just told her that I don't have the time to claim my GC. And now the persistent calls are still bothering me...

    I made a narrative of my experience so other people will be informed, too. While I have no proof that this is a scam 'cause I didn't go to their office to claim the GC and attend the presentation, based on what I read from the others who posted here their own experiences, my instincts tell me that I better not go and claim the GC. Half scam, half promo... I think that's what it really is all about.

  55. hi!

    Got the same sweet lines from Rona Sarmiento using the nos. 09266474663, 5090122, 3648718 just this morning.

    GC for LOCAL: 3days/2nights stay in Crown Regency Hotel choice of Cebu/Davao (so tempting esp. that my family is set to go to Davao this Oct.) INTL : 4days/3nights in affiliated hotels in malaysia, Swiss Garden hotel,Country Villas,Equatorial Hill Resort and Leisure Bay Condominium...

    Office is still at 2nd flr. Westlife Bldg cor Bulacan St.West Avenue, QC. GC pick up is said to be 6 -8pm prior to that there is a video presentation with free dinner (?) to introduce the hotel...

    Thankful that this warning was posted. I didnt have to waste mhey time in going. This scam has been going on for years and it seems that hotel is not doing anything to stop it. They had allowed their name to be a lure to unsuspecting victims... it's a shame. Had been thinking of trying out their skyadventure in cebu, but now i changed my mind. Dont think it is worthwhile to stay in a hotel that allows itself to be used in such shameful scam...

  56. Nakabihis na kaming mag-asawa, pati mga babies namin. Hindi na kami nananghalian, may lunch naman daw kasi dun saka pwede magdrowing mga bata.

    Di na lang kami pupunta kung nay babayaran rin lang, dapat disclosed lahat ng kailangang bayaran sa una pa lang, nang di nila tinatanggi ta's pagkatapos pag dun na may mga kailangang bayaran pala. Deceptive yung ganyang marketing tactic.

    Hay naku, malamig na ang tuyo't kanin namin.

  57. para po di na kayo tawagan ulit avoid nyo po mag bigay ng mga details na makakapag qualified sa kanila like the range of your salary or yung business nyo wag nyo sabihin. or kapag married sabhin nyo po na wala ang asawa nyo nasa ibang bansa kasi bawal po sa knila mag papunta ng one legged. pag yun po ang sinabi nyo sure yun di na sila tatawag ulit sa inyo.

  58. Hi I'm Lauro Cruz I also received a same call who's forcing me to get a gift certificate for hotel accommodation...They called me ten times since one of their representative named Nora Sarmiento told me that I won a gift certificate for a 3 days - 2 nights free hotel accommodation on their Cebu and Davao Hotel.

  59. My Dad just got a text message and a phone call regarding this same scam this morning.. it's surprising that this scam has been going on since 2008 but it hasn't been stopped yet.. Hope DTI or Crown Regency Hotel themself (that is if they are not part of this)should take actions on these kinds of scams.. It's such a shame that even in reputable expos and trade shows, there are scammers.. pity are those who have been lured to such things..

  60. My mistake i googgled "Crown Regency" instead of "Club Ultima" before I went there last night.. Mother-in-law was the actual recipient of the "Promo GC" and since she's already in the province, she asked me to claim it for her.. Long story short,, Club Ultima got my number, and eventually went there last night.

    To start with, I do think that CU is a legit business, not a scam perse, its just that their Marketing Strategy sucks and not very appealing. The marketing assistant
    herself admitted that going through Media Ads is a lot of money for them to invest, thus the method of giving out a false message of "Raffle Winner".
    The thing is, if somebody signs up at that very day,, a very large commission goes to the marketing assistant.

    No matter how they persuaded me to sign up for the offer, I didnt fell for it. I just claimed the GC and left the building.. Also, I doubt if we're going to use it anyway.

  61. thanks for the post! i don't usually answer calls from numbers that's not in my phone book and today was no exception. buti na lang! got 3 missed calls from 09266474433 just now

  62. Thank for your blog.. I just received a call from some Jenny Cruz talking about the same stuffs you've said.. Now I know that I will just waste my time to go there..

  63. Thank you for this post!

    A certain "Diane Reyes" called me also and told me I won 3 days/ 4 nights in any Crowne Regency hotel in Cebu, Davao, Malaysia. She said I was one of the 15 couples who won during the bridal fair in PICC. They were one of the major sponsors daw. I have to claim my prize with my fiance daw but luckily, I told them my fiance is still abroad. They said I can contact them to claim my "prize" when my fiance arrives.

    I believed them.

    Come February, my fiance arrived and so I messaged them if my "prize" is still valid.

    They said it is still valid and that for us to claim it, we just need to bring our valid IDs. She also added that there will be no payment whatsoever on our part. They said there will be dinner and that our seat during dinner will be at the VIP table.

    This sounded fishy to me. Plus I googled if there was any promotions in the Crowne Regency website and found none. Also, I checked the bridal fair in PICC and did not find Crowne Regency listed as one of the major sponsors.

    Thank you for this post.

    This saved our time and effort.

    The number used was 09293138282.

  64. the comments here are still in 2007 and up to now 2012 ay buhay pa, I got a call today march from Kylee gutierrez. Damn, what a way to fool people.

  65. This is really horrible. When they called me I was wondering how they got hold of my number and name?

    I suspect Sun Cellular and Globe Telecom are selling their subscribers information as leads to these. I get these a lot on my 7 postpaid lines.

  66. i got a call a few minutes ago from a Ms. Andy # 0922-882-5695.
    She presented the same deal.

    thanks to your blog.

  67. I also got this call here in cebu, no fee, they will just offer me Free dinner with my wife and tour us around the hotel. tsk tsk. Thank God I searched it here in the Net. theyd use the number 09209070000 and 09276819856.

  68. Hi! I just got the gift cheque last April 23. What they are offering now is that you'll get to have a free accommodation at Regency Cebu and Davao. You have to confirm your booking atleast two weeks before your desired date. Then you have to pay a refundable 5k.

    I called their office and included 3 preferred dates and none of it where available. They were claiming that the slots are limited only considering that my dates are 2 months ahead.
    This is a total waste of time. They are just luring people to attend to their stupid presentation.

    Can we possibly report this to any government organization?

  69. geez i am very much happy that i came across your blog. the scammers are now in manila ocean park. i put my husbands number on the stub thats why he got the call. and since i have won anything in my life even a cake in our yearly cake raffle in high school, im very dubious. seems to good to be true. they are even offering free buffet and vip treatment if you come to their office in west ave. and they told me the gc is worth 18k... wow! thanks a lot for the heads up...


  70. Hi & Good day! Sir, Ynah Laurel here of Clubultima Cr0wn Regency (tel#3468714/5090165/3468724). You may claim your Gift Certificate w/ur wife, tomorRow May24@ Thursday around 5PM til 7:30PM we can wait, at Le Metropole bldg. G/F unit 102 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue corner Tordesillas st., Makati, beside Ministop & Philtrust Bank, infr0nt of Malugay stoplight, after MAPUA SCHL frm EDSA BUENDIA. we're inline of RCBC PLAZA frm AYALA. Bring 1valid ID w/ur sP0use & kindly stay for the 90mins. Video Awarding Presentati0n for you to familiarize the complete facilities of our local and International hotels and for you to cho0se. No financial obligati0n up0n claiming the gift certificate. Congratulati0ns! God bless you.


  71. i got the same call just this morning from allen Lopez of Club Ultima/Crown Regency office: 2nd Westlife bldg west ave cor bulacan st qc. (at the gf u see a starbucks cafe & Panciteria lido near sm north edsa. bet 5:30 to 7:30pmjust bring valid id and finish our 90mins holiday presentation of our hotel which u are going to choose...again no financial obigation. alen lopez (3468719) cp09228825703.
    thanks for posting this...and saving my time!

  72. Last week I filled up a small coupon when I was in the grocery at Pioneer. And man! today I just got the same call saying I was choosen as one of their recepient to claim my gc for 3days/2nights hotel accomodation at One Tagaytay Place. Their office is at 2806 one corporate center bldg in julia vargas cor. meralco with free cocktail dinner pa daw. Good thing I found this blog. It saved my time going there tomorrow around 5:30 til 7pm daw. Thanks for this blog...

  73. Gud day! Mr. & Mrs kent> Regarding to our invitation for awarding of our Gift Certificate for local/ intl Destinations cebu, Davao, malaysia. helds at CLUB ULTIMA CO. and CROWN REGENCY HOTEL 2nd flr Westlife bldg. corner Bulacan St.West Ave. QC(near SM North) june 21,2012 5:00 to 7:30 pm. This has no obligation just bring ID look for Peachy Locsin ur coordinator God Bless! what a scammer

  74. better to report to media and to government agencies like BIR, NBI, Hotel Association,Bank association etc....those people should be denied when they get NBI clearance and the owner of the company will be held liable for that scam..


  75. My wife and I were supposed to claim our certificates tomorrow. I got a call from Mr. Brix Mendoza 4 days ago and today from Ms.Aileen Lopez. Mr. Mendoza instructed me to go to their Ortigas center office just beside Robinsons Galleria. Ms.Lopez on the other hand told me to go to their office at Westlife Bldg, cor. Bulacan St. & West Ave, Q.C.
    Thank you for your post as well as those who left comments.

  76. Hi, thank you for the info. They were calling me over and over again to claim the price here in Iloilo, but remembering that I didn't enter such contest, I just ignore the calls and text. Good thing I read your blog. Thank you.

  77. My fiancee and I got the same text from them. It's 2012 and they are still in operation! This can be categorized as false advertising since their claims are very misleading. When I complained to Crowne Regency about Club Ultima's methodology; they claimed they were not aware that it was presented that way. Since 2007 and they're not aware? I highly doubt that. It's true that they have an ongoing offer of free hotel accommodations for those who avail of hotel membership. But after going through something like this- it reflects badly on the hotel. The services may be nice but I'd rather get my membership somewhere else.

  78. Latest Victim: Yes I am..
    Caller: Precious Gonzales
    Office number: 5057146
    Location: Westlife, West Ave QC

    What an inviting promo, should this be a legitimate one.. so sad it's not.. Authorities should do something about this scam

    Thanks to this blog .. It saved my "Precious" (gonzales) time..


  79. Ako naman nag enjoy ako sa 3D/2N room accomodation sa crown regency cebu, Mactan.super ganda at classy ng room.

    the reason na availed ko yung room accommodation kasi ipinaglaban naming mag asawa.halos makipagsuntukan pa husband ko diyan sa manager ng crown regency sa west avenue office para lang ma accomodate kami kasi nakapagbili na kami ng roundtrip tickets.pero sabi nila fully booked daw,kaya namorublema kami....mabuti na lang may kilala akong sales manager sa crown regency hotel sa makati,siya ang nag work out at nag booked sa hotel crown regency mactan.nagdeposit kami ng 5K at upon check out sa front dest, ibinalik din kaagad deposit namin.kailangan ding palaban ka para sila ang maagrabyado sa panloloko nila.

  80. ako, happy ako sa napanalunan ko kunong 3D/2N room accomodation sa crown regency mactan cebu.super ganda at classy ng room.

    Naavailed ko yung room accommodation dahil ipinaglaban naming mag asawa.

    kasi nag faxed kami sa office nila ng schedule pero sabi nila fully booked.halos makipagsuntukan pa asawa ko sa manager ng crown regency, west ave.ang kapal kapal talaga ng mukha ng panigt na yun.problema ko, nakabili na kami ng rountrip tickets for cebu.

    Mabuti na lang, may kakilala akong sales manager ng crown regency sa makati,kaya siya ang nagbooked at nag aaranged ng aming reservation sa crwon regency cebu.kaya nashocked na lang yung manager diyan sa west avenue kasi akala nila walang papatol sa promo nila kuno.

    kaya sobrang saya ng bakasyon ng pamilya ko sa cebu last may 2009.....dapat din kasi palaban tayo,wag tayo magpabiktima sa mga manlolokong yan.

  81. HI!me and my GF also received a call this afternoon actualy since yesterday. We suspected it already.
    Thanks for this blog!!!

    THey were in the GUN SHOW at Megamall for 3 days!!!

  82. wow...thanks so much for the info...but na lang nagbasa ako....i suspected na rin, they just called me up 2 days ago...whooo...thank you thank you... a certain "Tony Angeles" "Angela Lim" at yung isa parang "Angelique"...hay nako..mga walang magawa...and these are the numbers: 09166971104, 09166679269,and 09166971105...please take note..

  83. I just got a call from them an hour ago offering the same 3D/2N Crown Regency Cebu or Davao accommodation. I had suspicions as I know I did not enter any raffle for anything like this lately. I even asked "Ms. Rich Aquino" where they got my info and they said a relative/friend may have stayed at Crown Regency and put my name for referral. We're scheduled to go to their office at RCBC Plaza and watch a 90 minute presentation with no obligations or cash out whatsoever. Good thing I came across this blog and I am pretty shocked that this has been going on for years now and nobody has reported them to any government agency to stop them?

    Thank you for writing this blog and for those who are commenting. I won't be wasting my time going to their office to claim my "prize".

  84. nkansPyffrvSEPTEMBER 2, 2012

    After receiving a call just now, I also got a text messages saying:

    CONGRATULATIONS!As part of our promotional campaign of CROWN REGENCY HOTEL being one of the guest referals, you were chosen to receive a complimentary GIFT CERTIFICATE (5*Star Hotel Accommodations 3days/2nights in Cebu or Davao good for 2 adults.) You are entitled to claim your gift to certificate tomorrow Sept 3, monday @ Club Ultima office 2nd floor Westlife Bldg West Avenue cor. Bulacan St. QC. Will be open at 5;30 pm until 7:30pm. Please bring valid I.D. and please do stay for video advertisement presentation for 90 minutes...

    First thing that comes on my mind is to check this promo on the internet...then I found this blog. Thank you very much for posting this. I just want to advise everyone that before dealing with some phonecalls or text messages saying things like this, we can check anything thru internet before we are hooked up this scammers...

  85. Hi,

    I also got a call from a guy just this 7:46 pm from a cp #09998848477. He said I got a prize from Uncle tom's raffle promo last April 2012 with the same scheme and they'll be in Hotel del Rio tomorrow. They require the same to get the prize from CROWN REGENCY with no financial obligations. I am aware it was a scam since I did not fill out any form or join any raffle promo. I said I would verify with uncle toms and crown regency. Then he said to keep my phone open tomorrow for details and find Ms Michelle or Aileen in Hotel Del Rio. What a shame, they marketing strategy is a scam! Thanks for the post! I'll be spreading this out. They're in Iloilo to do their scam thing!

  86. Hi Theyre still at it... theyre using this number to call

    0927 922 7560

    blacklist them

  87. Thank you so much for such a helpful blog. I just received alternate messages and calls from April Sanchez, Angela Lim and Rich Aquino, saying basically the same things they said to you guys. I checked the address they gave me and saw that it is Regency Crown's office address. They invited me tonight to claim the 'prize' and I agreed, but thanks to this blog, I was saved from all the hassle.

  88. This blog is really helpful. Sadly this gig of theirs is still ongoing;my gf and I almost wasted our time for this. They offered a "complimentary dinner" and a free ride, plus 50% discount. There was nothing mentioned about the presentation which could take forever and we have starved ourselves to death. lol ....no wonder that lady kept asking over and over if we could come as early as 4pm. Thing is, I can't, since my girl gets off work at 7. Sheesh!

  89. I received a call just 10 mins ago. same thing they are telling.
    You just won an accommodation in crown regency. For 2 adults and 2 kids. No payment needed.
    I try searching for it at the internet and saw this post.

    this was the mobile number, 09174851240

    Thanks to your blog.

  90. We just spent our 2.5 hours talking with them today. The person who talked to us seems to be real and honest. However, I am still skeptical of those offerings who are not allowing you to think before deciding. They promised you to not sell anything and yet they are really selling membership. Also, the person who are giving you a call is really a fictitious persons. Such name does not really exist.

    To ensure that me and my wife will not be trap in the so called "pressure cooker" marketing, we went there without bringing any of our credit cards and bringing money good enough to pay a taxi fare.

    My wife almost got entice and wanted to pay. I ask them if we can search more about the company and any blogs relating to club ultima. I am thankful that we made the right decision.

    The business might be really legitimate. What I really don't like is the thought that they have to tell lies. And it really disappoints me. First, they are using fictitious names. Second they would say that they will not be selling anything and yet they are selling the membership. Third, they will inform you that you will not pay anything for the voucher but but indeed we still need to pay a non refundable 3K before we'll be able to use it.

    If the product is really good, then they don't have to lie. People will be the one to market their products.

  91. Thanks to this blog, i got a call today and they are asking me to get my free gc tomorrow. Now I know that this is just a scam...Hindi masasayang ang time ko..

  92. Thanks for this info. My mom just recieved a txt msg 2days ago n forward it to me to check if its legit, here is the txt msg:

    " Good day! As part of our promotion. You' re one of our lucky candidate to receive a Luxury Hotel Accommodation Gift Certificate in any CROWN REGENCY HOTEL. Congratulations! You're entitled for a 3 days and 2 nights stay in Fuente Osmeña, Guadalupe or Mactan Cebu City or Agdao Davao. Good for 2adults and 2kids. View us at www.skyexperinceadventure.com. For more info. / referrals call or text (5o57146/09174851246) and look for precious gonzales Thanks and Godbless!"

    I checkd the website but couldnt open it says that d webpage is down at d moment or i enter d wrong web address, good thing i bump into ur blog thanku!

  93. Good day!

    thank you for this post...i think im the latest victim of the scam
    They called me last Oct 16 informing me that i won a 3 days 2 night free hotel accommodation and told me the same scheme the CROWN REGENCY HOTEL only at Cebu and Davao,the 3000 reservation fee,the room for 2 adults and 2 kids, same as the others...My husband don't believe it so he told me to search for the "CLUB ULTIMA COMPANY" and boom i saw this blog...wonderful that i didn't get to the point that i will go through their office to claim the prize,a lot of waste of time.

    Thank you for this information...

  94. Club Ultima Membership is actually legit -- I have been a member since 2004 and I enjoy the benefits of being a member (official website: www.clubultima.com) and so is Crown Regency Hotels. I'm just pissed off that these people, if they even are truly connected with ClubU and Crown Regency, are doing false advertising to the point of lying and tricking potential clients. It's annoying that I'm a member and yet I too receive calls from them.

  95. Hi, same here, i just got a call came from Geric Reyes 09176452736 and he offered me same offer. Thanks and i found your blog.

  96. November 16, 2012 na tuloy parin sila XD at ako ang latest victim nyahehe di nalang ako pupunta di ko pa alam sasabihin ko pag tumawag ulet sabihin ko nalang siguro busy errrr

    on the bright side nagising ako nung nakausap ko yung tumawag na si Ms. Apple lolx

  97. Hi. Same here. I got a call 2 weeks ago from someone named Jun Garcia. I was surprised na alam nya yung full name ko at alam din nya na may girlfriend ako at alam din nya yung name. Nagulat ako. Sabi niya nakuha daw nila yung info na yun since may friend ako or relative na nagstay sa hotel nila at ni-refer daw ako. Yung offer nila sakin 3 days 2 nights stay, same reservation fee, airfare and misc di daw nila sagot. Kahapon may tumawag sakin na Rich Aquino, nka schedule daw ako mamayang 5pm-730pm para kunin yung certificate. Mejo nagduda ako since wala naman ako kilala na pumunta ng Cebu, kung meron man at friend ko yun i don't think na ako yung irerefer nya, most likely kamag-anak nya yung irerefer nya at hindi kaibigan. Yung address na binigay nila sakin is sa Le Metropole building, senator Gil Puyat ave cor tordesillas st. Mejo curious ako so dapat pupunta ako later, pero since nagdududa ako tinawagan ko yung friend ko sa makati para maghintay sa malapit in case magka-problema sa loob. Buti na lang din nakita ko tong blog na to. Maraming salamat sa post mo dude.

  98. I cant believe they've been doing this since 2007..good thing i googled it. Thanks sa post at hindi n kme magsasayang ng oras bukas.

  99. got a call too last day..! ;(

  100. got a call from 09177606975...informing that i won too.. sana ma stop na ang mga ganyan.. mamya madami pa maloko..

  101. got a call ...thanks for this blog

  102. got a call also 2 hours ago,..

    thanks for this blog....

  103. thank you for this BLog. i also got a call today 12/28/2012 around 2:15pm. thanks so much . i now have an idea.

  104. wow! from 2007 and upto now there are still these people doing such things. I also received a call @ 2:48pm from Ms. Raine Lopez providing the same details. They got my details and contact number when they asked my husband to fill up a coupon at Manila Ocean Park last Dec.22,2012. They asked me to visit them at their office located at ortigas. The call was short when they asked me if i were in Manila, I said NO I was living in the province and not sure when to visit manila, after that she told me to text the number once i am in Manila. after the call i immediately did a research and found this blog.. Super thankful, atleast i have an idea about this. Hope this would stop SOON. 2013 na! New year na! number used was 09166971099

  105. Hi!
    Thanks for this blog. I also received calls from 09998848477 but I did not answered it. Good thing that I'm not used to answer calls from unknown numbers. Usually I text them first who they are and where did they get my number. Bingo a named Joshua replied saying,"Joshua po frm crown regency hotel davao. Can i col u so that i can gve u al the details of the gift certificate that you will receive from us." Then, I replied not interested since I have been reading this blog while texting them. I hope this will be stop. Maybe we can report this to abs-cbn bayan mo ipatrol mo in order for people to be aware of this.

  106. Hi. I also received the same call. We are scheduled to get the GC tomorrow.
    Thank you every one for sharing your stories. Now I can decide to decline the offer without hesitations.

    Thanks again and god bless you all.

  107. An Angela Lim and Samantha Garcia called me after a week of waiting (since prior to waiting, I was phoned by a said hotel representative whose name was Angeline)Informing me that they would have a final draw from the names that were short-listed which they said I won.

    So, I had to check the CROWN REGENCY HOTELS'S address via Google and to my surprise I found this blog with all these comments from the author himself way way back in 2007.

    Good job to the author of this blog. You have saved so many people from being crooked by this fraudulent activities.

    Hope they do their business with integrity.

  108. Just got a call aswell. Google for the win! Thanks for this blog. Some government agency should step up and ban this kind of scamming.

  109. Hi,

    I received a call today (Feb 22, 2013) from a Ms. Tiffany Castro. Same scheme, thanks to your post.

    they also msg me with:
    Club Ultima/Crown Regency Hotel 2nd flr Westlife Bldg West Ave. cor. Bulacan st., QC. see u tomorrow (sat) around 1:30pm. Just bring 1 valid ID and kindly finish the 90mins video clippings for u to see the complete facilities and amenities of our hotel and for you to choose your best destinations. No financial obligations. Thank u and godbless! Congratulations!

    my..my... what a waste of time, If I pursue to visit it and claim my "PRIZE". Thanks again for your post

  110. kanina lang nabiktima din aq ng mgabogus na ito yun pagkakamali nila at nagsabi nman aq ng totoo about our personal identity yun nga lng talo tlga cla hahaha becoz i hab no wrk no salary or income aq pa nangulit sa knila kaya mga kanetizens ingat kau uso na nman yan kc summer tym na mdami nagpapabuking ngaun kya pls ingat na lng po! kelan kaya mahuhul mga hayop na yan kAINIS!

  111. i got a weird call from this number 09174851240 a few minutes ago asking me if i was michelle go, told her (the caller) that she got the wrong number. she didn't hung up after that, but rather asked me who i was. the nerve! at that point i was already suspicious. so i asked her where is she connected and what this call is for before giving out any info about myself. she never identified herself and casually said her closing spiel. out of curiosity i googled the number and got a hit from this blog. so i guess my gut feeling was right. thanks for
    this blog. i'll try to report that number to NTC.

  112. They're still at it, just got a call from a Lorna Diaz - 0999 8854364.

    Exact same lines.

    Thank you for the blog post.

  113. Same here...got a call few minutes ago.
    Thanks for this blog.
    She said we won a gift certificate from crown regency.
    Hahaha...knew it from the first tine that it was just all lie.

  114. got the same offer back in 2008. we won it from a bridal fair we attended at megamall. iba pa yung policy before. totally free sya. may deposit fee na 3k but it was given back when we checked out. we stayed at crown regency cebu in osmena. too bad the sky adventure rides were still being constructed then. just about a month ago, someone called me up again. someone referred me daw to them so i won another voucher. but this time may booking fee na 3k which is of course not anymore refundable. which when you think about it is still a good deal given it's basically 1500 a night for a fairly decent hotel. another thing, the voucher now has no expiration date. unlike before when you have to use it within a certain period. so i guess it's all still good. excited for another relatively free trip. haha :)

  115. I just received another call few minutes ago and they have been trying to pursuade me to claim the so called prize since January.

  116. Thanks so much for this post :) I got the same call earlier this morning. I did a quick search on the net and to my surprise I found this blog. thankyou thankyou thankyou. Godbless you DJ!

  117. may 9, 2013
    I was actually pestered with so many calls from different "companies" saying that I won from their raffle-- swerte ko naman palagi? kung tunay-- but at least once, i got curious about this Club Ultima etc. One thing that made me really suspicious is the spot cash that I have to shelve either by cheque or credit card. When I said no, they started to lower their prize even to the point that I actually need to just pay like 3000+ monthly for only 24 months and I get to enjoy all the benefits of joining their ultimate vacation packages! To make the long story short, I did not grab this supposedly opportunity of a lifetime because I am not a compulsive buyer and do not decide outrightly when it comes to money matters! But I must admit that I wasted 2 1/2 hours listening to them. SO PLEASE, DO NOT EVEN THINK OF ENTERTAINING ANYTHING LIKE THESE STUFF AGAIN. TO THE BLOGGER, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  118. Thank you for the post I also received a call and exactly the same as the others story. Take care everyone don't be victimized with this kind of promotion. They will say you won but the truth is they will encourage you to buy a membership club with them.

  119. I too received a call earlier from a certain Ms. Cha Lazo who told me that i was one of the 14 lucky counselors whose name had been drawn (raffle). It was during the counselors' convention at Miriam College. I entertained the call and confirmed that i would attend with a friend. i even thought that it was authentic na talagang sa Crown Regency. But when i told my best friend he told me scam yan friend..di ko naisip un kasi binigay ung ticket sa convention ng guidance counselors sa Miriam College...but i got skeptical so i checked salamat na di pa ko nag-aksaya ng pera at panahon papunta sa buendia makati bukas --- ito pala ang no ni Cha Lazo - 09279227505. mga co-counselors huwag kayo pabiktima --muntik na ako....thanks sa mga bloggers

  120. marami talagang manloloko...maski sa convention ng mga guidance counselors may nakapasok din mga nag-sa-scam... the same lines as what i have read above...Just this afternoon, i received a call and entertained thinking totoo kasi sa convention ng counselors binigay yung raffle...naniwala ako thanks to my best friend who made me realize na baka scam nga to..so kahit i did commit to claim my prize tom... i checked at ito nga nabasa ko mga blogs...kaya co-counselors 14 daw tau...wag nio na patulan...
    tama friend ko... the name of the person who called me: Cha Lazo #09279227505

  121. Hello tinawagan din nila ako kanina actualy pang two times na to dko na maalala ung date nung una silang tumawag, nagtataka din kc ako wala nman akong sinalihan na ganyan, Grabe yang mga scammer na yan! baahala na si God sa knila ang sasama! BTW thank you sa mga post dto at naaware ung karamihan. GBU :)

  122. Interesting reading. Saves a lot of time.

    Just got a call from "Crown Regency" with almost same story as the OP. My origin was also a WTC fair in June 2013.

    I'll write MAPEX a mail asking if they're OK with allowing such scams inside their trade fairs at World Trade Center Manila.

  123. This scam is still on going. Today is my prize claiming schedule. I hope this thread reaches everyone on time.

  124. Same same... another similar story was Puerto Del Sol. the offer is the same. 3D/2N Accomodation, 90mins presentation, no cash out, absolutely free. But when I checked the net everything is a SCAM! my goodness. buti na lang pinost ko sa FB at nakita ng friend namin na Scam ung Puerto del Sol, got their text last Monday and then got a call from Maxene (bading naman pa-maxene maxene pa!!!) he even asked me if I'm living with my fiance! The heck? we're getting married on soon but not living together yet! a very sensitive and personal question for me. So after the call, told my fiance that we got another offer of 3D/2N accomodation from Crown Regency and he told me immediately that its a scam pero sinabi ko check pa din nya to make sure. ayun andami lumabas. salamat sa mga nagb-blog ng ganito. malaking tulong nyo pra ma-save oras namin at di na makapambiktima pa ang mga scammers na yan! i texted both scammers na hindi na ako tutuloy sa pag-claim ng prize - and i did not even got a reply from them.

  125. Just want to update everyone that the present office address of Club Ultima/Crown Regency Hotel now is @ Le Metropole Bldg. G/F unit 102 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., cor. Tordesillas St., Salcedo Vill. Makati, beside Ministop, infront of malugay stop light, near RCBC Plaza. Here are some of the people who is responsible for this : Cheska Tan (09166971105), Angela Lim (09166679268)Same offer 3D/2N Hotel accommodation in their hotel in Cebu & Davao. They really are persistent... after how many weeks of calling & texting I decided to to talk about it w/ my wife bec. I have to bring her w/c is very hard for us bec. of work scheds. So I finally convinced her kasi wala naman daw money involved its same old schemes... I really don't know if this promo/free gc is legitimate or not, maybe its a mktg. strategy bec. Im also in sales but never ako nanloko ng tao & clients.. until I read this blog & very thankful for those concerned guys who ACTUALLY experienced of going to the place, claiming the gc, etc.. & not by THEORIES.. Claiming hrs. is 5pm-7pm, they are expecting us today & even gave us a reservation table w/ free dinner buffet. My wife & I are supposedly going there by 5pm today, she is still sleeping right now & Im planning of not waking her up til 7pm & she doesn't know that we are heading for a trap.. I am too embarrassed to tell her that its a SCAM ..hehe she will know it eventually. Thanks again guyz!

  126. may tumawag sa akin kanina.. eto number 09279227505 at sabi nanalo daw ako sa event ng auto car show sa market market at pinapaunta ako sa makati bukas.. buti n lng nabasa ko to.. salamat sa gumawa ng blog na to...

  127. I got a call from Rose Castillo saying I won a 3 days and 2 nights accommodation from Crown Regency. I find it hard to believe since I never sign any coupon last month. When I asked where I got the coupon,they said it's from SM Lanang. I find it hard to believe when I'm living here in Cebu and I signed the coupon in Davao. I called my sister to check if she signed a coupon from SM Lanang, she said she did and included my name on it. I felt 20% at ease since my sister confirmed about the coupon signing. What I was wondering was that they want me to meet them this week around 4-7 pm. Why not in the morning? They called me again to confirm about my appearance and fortunately I said YES. (GOSH!) But I still don't trust such offer so I searched about this whole CLUB ULTIMA OFFER from a damn coupon I do not consent,so I text these cellphone #: 09435585363 and 09209070000 today and cancelled my participation on this time wasting offer. Thanks to all of your blog, I can spend quality time sleeping than listening to offers I am not even interested.

  128. good evening evryone. thank you for who started this blog coz it created an awareness for many about this SCAM and wicked marketing strategy of that Crown Ultima Regency........
    a certain gale bacani called me just few hours ago and told me of the same thing. when i asked where she got my numberand details about me, she said it was on the cuopon that i filled out during the GNAP(gereontological nurses asso. of the phil) convention just last thursday and friday. i clarified to her that she has to make sure that this is not a scam because i already attended same modus operandi. she siad that after our conversation she will text me the add of the office where i will be claiming my gift cert. Well, upto this time she haven't texted me and am sure she won't do it anymore. I scrutinized every info that she gave me and made clear to her that she has to make sure that if i decided to go and claim the prize she will be there and it would be worth my time going there.
    iam about to sleep when i remember searching for this idiot promo and thank GOD i was led to this page.
    Let us haVE A DISCERNING SPIRIT coz wicked people are every where ready to catch their prey. Be pprayerful!

  129. beware of John Calub. he is a scammer po


  130. WEW! Same Call i Received wayback 2010, di ko pinapansin , i think everyyear aq tintawagan, alam nila all details about me well in fact, di ko ma alala kung kelan aq nag join s promo nila, TODAY August 24, 2103 at 1.50pm may nagpakilalang GHIE GOMEZ, kinukulit ako ng kinukulit, OO lang ako ng OO , wla talaga akong tiwala, it so happens na nung kausap ko sya i was surfing the net, so I googled CROWN REGENCY PROMO SCAM, and i stumbled dito s BLOGS NA TO, Thanks anyway at na confirm ko na SUPERSCAM ITO, please link this to your SOCIAL NETWORK SITES, wag nyo hayaan ma scam kayo, netong mga BOFOLS NA ETO, pa tulfo na natin to, bago pa sila magkalat, paki na lang sa mga VICTIMS, theyre willing to help naman. ANYWAY PAKI FEED BACK AKO SA email ko. lets crusade against SCAMMERS

  131. Thanks!Muntik na ko pumunta. Buti hinanap ko muna sa internet.

  132. may tumawag din sa akin ang no. 09998856365 name gail bacani,, ganyan din ang sinbi actually ngaun nila ako pinapapunta 1:30- 3:30 pm. buti na lang nbsa ko ang mga comment noy. thank you po. atleast aslam ko na talagang di mo dapat pagaksayahan... hehehe thank again

  133. Somebody by the name of Michelle Santos called my father earlier today saying that he won an overnight stay at One Tagaytay Place Hotel. Good thing, I googled it first. So I called the girl just now and told her about the issue but she was firm with the idea that we can really use the voucher they will be giving after the presentation tomorrow. Of course we will not go there any more but just to give her some insult, I told her that they will be sued for fooling people. Let us save others by posting facts like these on the social network because really, it helps.

  134. ( OFFICIAL INVITATION ) CROWN REGENCY HOTEL ofc. 2Nd flr. Westlife Bldg.West Ave.cor. Bulacan Str. Quezon City, (at the g/f u will see starbucks cafe and panciteria lido). Few blocks away at SM NORTH EDSA. We are inviting u to claim ur gft.cert.. Together with ur spouse. Pls be here in our ofc. Today or Tomorrow. Sept.05-06 at around 5:00pm Dont 4get to bring ur 1valid ID. And stay for your complimentary dinner to be serve. Kindly finish the 90mins awarding presentation for u to see d complete facilities & amenities, to choose ur best dstination. The gft.cert. 3days and 2nyts, gud for (4pax) NO VALIDITY PERIOD. Again No financial obligation, no c0mmitment. Kindly look for me Ms. Tiffany Castro or Ms. KIMBERLY our receptionist.. (346/8719) Thank you for accepting our invitations. See you and Godbless.. Congratulations!

  135. Got a call and txt message from 0917-4851241 today, saying am a lucky candidate that can receive a Luxury Hotel Accommodation GC in Crown Regency Hotels, 3d/2n stay in Fuente Tower Osmena etc good for 2 adults. Reservation officer will call you back on how to avail of our promo. View us at www.skyexperienceadventure.com. For more info / referrals call or txt 022187737 or 09174851241 and look for RJ Dizon from Club Ultima Company.

  136. received a call from 09174857241 just awhile ago telling me that i won nga a GC something from Crown Regency. I know this is a BIG SCAM kaya hindi na ako umeffort sumagot sagot and when he asked me about my work, i told him that i am a RESEARCHER, hindi na sya nagsend ng txt message on how to claim the GC. bwahahaha.

  137. Hi I received a text from a certain wendy garcia last june telling me that I won an accomodation in crown regency either in davao or cebu at first I totally said no because they want my husband to join me for the presentation.... then just recently actually october 18 wendy ramos texted me again and told me that since its xmas they are giving me a chance to claim my price with or without my husband and she even called me.... I opted to go because we will be going to cebu end of october and I even confirmed my attendance but im still skeptic for this event so I seasrch the net and found your blog..... thank god my intuitions work and now im really convince I should not go...... by the way the phone number of wendy is 09228825709

  138. Scam number din ito: 09998851694

  139. Just got a call this morning... I just hope crown regency management would take necessary actions for this coz their name is being drag now for years..

  140. Got A call yesterday and today... same lines... Im about to take half day leave to attend their presentation at West Avenue QC but then, nag bago na isip ko thanks sa blogger.


  141. Complainant here from San Pedro Laguna. Good thing I saw this blog. SCAM SCAM SCAM!! Some Paul Reyes called me the other day. Telling me nanalo day ako ng vacation package. Hindi ako ganun ka axcited kasi tono pa lang scam na eh. That person then sent me a text. GOOD DAY! MR____________. Here's our address CLUB ULTIMA COMP. / CROWN REGENCY HOTEL Office: 2nd floor Function Room, Technopark Hotel, balibago rd. Sta Rosa. Look for Sherlyn Medoza.

  142. Same scenario just happened today, Nov 26, 2013, 1437H:
    >>Good day! Our corporate office:CLUB ULTIMA OFC./CR0WN REGENCY. Our ofc is located at d 2nd floor FUNCTI0N R00M OF TECHN0PARK H0TEL,Along BALIBAGO ROAD, STA. ROSA, Laguna C0RNER MITSUBISHI,NEAR GREENFIELD AUTOPARK. See u on friday nov 29 5pm-7pm. We are willing to accommodate you, there will b a FREE DINNER to b serve.
    REQUIREMENTS: Pls.bring 1valid i.d together with ur spouse and Kindly finish d 90mins video clippings for you to choose ur best destination among the branches of our hotels.
    N0TE: Upon claiming No FINANCIAL OBLIGATION & NO COMMITMENT. Pls.look for our receptionist MS. SHERLYN MENDOZA, Thank you and Godbless. This is Mr.Loonie Jimenez.
    CP number is: 09152866445

  143. same here 09266474623 is the cp number but i forgot the name of the girl... same scene and same scenario... and they keep on using different numbers...

  144. also got a missed call from 09174851246.

    was texting who was calling but he/she never replied back instead called me again. naturally sceptical, i did not pick up.

    i searched the number on the net and found this blog.

    looks like scam nga sila.

    after reading several posts here, why not get even with them by accepting their call and agree to meet them. tell them that you'll be bringing more than 5 friends if ok with them.

    BUT, you will not actually go there, just setting up an appointment.

    since you will not go to the appointment, expect a follow up call and just make up an excuse and reschedule. and reschedule and reschedule until you waste their time by waiting for your arrival.

  145. Got the same experience, last fri, Nov 29 a call was made from a certain Mr. Junard Santos, telling me that i also was been a lucky person to avail a gift certificate for 3 days & 2 nights in any Crown regency hotel in Cebu or Davao. I have to get it on Sat, Nov. 30, at 1:30-2:30pm. I did made an attempt to go, I travelled yesterday to went to the place to claim my gift certificate. Luckily, grabe ang traffic as in parang may patay kaming sinusundan, so i texted them that i might not be able to come on time atleast until 2:30 pm. So, they replied "Ma'am, ok lng po take ur time, we'll wait for you until 3:00pm." But the traffic goes on, nagtxt uli ako sbi ko di na tlga ko ata aabot, so they txted & called me saying "ma'am re-sched n lng po ntin tomorrow, Dec.1 the same time, pra po di masayang un nprocess ko na gift nyo, came from Ms. cynthia uy nman." I agreed, now I planned to go again, but curious about the matter if it's really true that I have nothing to pay, I browsed & get into this blog. Thankyou so much, di na ako pupunta, sayang n nman ang oras ko, mag-bonding n lng kmi ni baby ko. :)
    The content of the winning txt goes like this:
    >>Good day! Our corporate office:CLUB ULTIMA OFC./CR0WN REGENCY. Our ofc is located at d 2nd floor FUNCTI0N R00M OF TECHN0PARK H0TEL,Along BALIBAGO ROAD, STA. ROSA, Laguna C0RNER MITSUBISHI,NEAR GREENFIELD AUTOPARK. See u tomorrow, Nov. 30 Sat 1:30-2:30pm. We are willing to accommodate you, there will b a FREE refreshment to be serve.
    REQUIREMENTS: Pls.bring 1valid i.d together with ur spouse and Kindly finish d 90mins video clippings for you to choose ur best destination among the branches of our hotels.
    N0TE: Upon claiming No FINANCIAL OBLIGATION & NO COMMITMENT. Pls.look for our receptionist MS. SHERLYN MENDOZA, Thank you and Godbless. This is Mr. Junard Santos. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!"
    Beware guys, whenever in doubt, search lng s google, you'll get the answer. Marami tlgang ganyang modus ngaun. Ok lng kung mapera ka, eh...un meron kng pambyad ng cinsabi nilang club membership kya lng paano nman kung ang kita mo pra lng sa pamilya mo, mag-aaksya k lng tlga ng oras pra s knila. Ngaun ko lng din na-appreciate ang traffic khapon, hehehe, it saved me meeting those individuals. :)

  146. Thank you so much for this post!! I got a call earlier, with the exact pattern as what I've read on this blog and its comments. Nagtaka ako kasi why the heck do I have to pay anything kung prize nga diba?? malaki na ang 3k para samin, and we are not planning to go to cebu or davao so nevermind!! Anyway, thank you again!!

  147. Hi,

    For all these years ay continue pa rin ang scam nila. This blog helped me few years ago, the first time they called. And now, they called again with a corresponding text (January 7, 2014) from mobile number +639151423633:
    "(FORMAL INVITATION) Club Ultima/CROWN REGENCY HOTEL ofc. 2Nd flr. Westlife Bldg. cor. Bulacan St. West ave. Quezon City, (at the g/f u will see starbucks cafe and panciteria lido). Few blocks away at SM NORTH EDSA. We are inviting you to claim ur gift cert. Together with your spouse. Pls be here today or tomorrow January 08 around 5:30 to 7pm. Just bring ur 1 valid ID. And stay for the complimentary dinner buffet to be served, Kindly finish the 90mins awarding presentation for u to see d complete facilities & amenities, and to choose ur best destination. The gift cert. 3 days and 2 nyts stay at crown regency hotel, good for (4pax), NO VALIDITY PERIOD. Again No financial obligation, no commitment. Kindly look for me Mr. Andrei Santos or Ms. KIMBERLY our receptionist (346-8716). Thank you and godbless. www.skyexperienceadventure.com"

  148. Hi,

    Thank you very much for the post.

    may tumawag sa akin si Camille Santos (+63927468391) candidate daw ako sa promotional campaign. Gift certificate din for 3 days and two night. at meron pang sky adventure pa.

  149. Got a call from 2 people regarding this Crown Regency thing.. It was so sceptic cuz for some reason they know that i went recently to cebu last month to the point i was in crown regency yet di kami natuloy in our Sky Adventure . They where promoting there Sky Adventures Crown Regency For 3 days 2 nights at this hotel. No bayad for everything. I asked how they got my number, i forgot how but they said some 1 gave my no. to them some promotional thing ... name camille santos...



    Thanks to your blog though ... :)

  150. We are supposed to go there today 1pm, Angela Lim called me and text me the address on where to go, 09228825661, Club Ultima/ Crown Regency Hotel G/F Unit 2 Le Metropole Bldg. Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., cor Tordesillas St. along Buendia, Makati... I was kinda curious coz my friends on fb keep telling me something is fishy about it, since for one thing I won a raffle, I hardly ever won in a raffle, they got my number because we went to Worldbex last Wednesday March 12, 2014...so i searched it, and found this blog... good thing we read this first before going...thanks for posting this

  151. thank you for my husband...he's the one telling me as he got home that I must not believe this kind of promo coz first of all i had never filled out any raffle tickets and how could i win....he told be to be maingat next tym and not to give any further info about you and your husband.....Thank u sa blog nyo...you are an eye opener for these manloloko..Thank you LORD at di me totally nabiktima!

  152. i got also the same call this morning from a certain Queenie Tan and Ms. Kimberlie with this number 0999 885 4370. same strategy and tactics. thank you so much for your blog my friend it really helps.

    may God reward you for your kindness.


  153. I also received a call from a certain Ms. Jhen Morales (09998854369 inviting me to pick up a gift certificate for a 4day/3night-stay at crown regency hotel. Instead of winning it from a raffle, the girl said one of my friends who recently stayed at the hotel referred me to the program. I was half wanting to go... Thanks to your article, i don't have to waste my time!

  154. Hi..

    Apparently they're still On upto this date. I had been avoiding these calls since last week and just yesterday, they were able to get to me. Thanks to my husband who's so skeptical on why i'm avoiding certain calls. He actually texted them to call back! Grrr....viola, they called! And my husband so eager to hear who the mystery caller is, got to my phone first but upon hearing that the one from the other end is a 'girl-guy', he immediately passed the phone to me. Nkakatawa lang. Anyway, i had to spend some minutes to listen to the guy's blah-blah..just to end, i had to cut him and tell him to just text me the details instead. They scheduled us for today..i was just constanstly saying ok-ok on anything he said. But definitely i had no plans of going. Offer is too good to be true and i already had some share of these kind of unfair luring. Just earlier, got a call from a certain ms lopez, confirming our attendance. Guess she was disappointed because i told her i overlooked a prior appointment which me and my husband need to attend on today. She even had the nerve to tell me that i should had informed them ahead, coz the voucher they prepared will now be wasted. Wasted their
    'precious' time on me huh! Serves them right. :-)

  155. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE POST. I GOT A CALL FROM LAURENCE CRUZ 09998854364 EARLIER. At first I was surprised, happy ,excited because he told me that i just won a 4 days/ 3 nights at CROWN REGENCY. and that I was 1 of the lucky winner of the duty free draw. and I remember that last year i went to duty free and i got a raffle coupon, i signed and hoping that ill be the lucky winnerof the car that was displayed at duty free that time. when after mr cruz called i rushed to my laptop and searched for it I checked the website of duty free but there was no list of winners there either any info about the raffle draw then i searched the google and saw this post.same thing they are telling.
    You just won an accommodation in crown regency. No payment needed.
    again thank u for this post i just saved my money time and effort :))

  156. Just got a call today from "Maxene" saying "GREETINGS! MR.&MRS.... MS. MAXENE PERALEJO, here of MANILA OCEAN PARK & CROWN REGENCY HOTEL (tel#5090165/3468724/5050318) you can claim your Gift CertIFICATE BY TOMORROW MAY 25, 2014 SUNDAY around 1pm to 3pm at Le Metropole bldg. G/f unit 102 senator gil puyat avenue, corner tordesillas st., salcedo village makati, beside ministop, infront of malugay stoplight, near RCBC PLAZA. Bring 1valid ID and kindly stay for the 90minutes video presentation for you to familiarize the complete facilities of our hotels in cebu and davao, for you to choose. We will be serving a buffet lunch refreshment. No financial obligation upon claiming the Gift Certificate kindly look for Ms. Jenny Quintero, our receptionist. Congratulations! God bless you! www.skyexperienceadventure.com

  157. we just recieve the same offer like yours today from a person named Jhen Morales.they told us that we just won their raffle draw which we got from our tour last week in Manila Ocean Park...Thank you for this blog of yours.just like you naisip ko n scam ito but i have no proof pero dhil s blog mo, naiwas mo kmi s gnitong klaseng pangloloko.Thank you very much!!!

  158. Received Text Message
    From:   +63 916 697 1103
    Mrs. & Mr.
    :CROWN REGENCY HOTEL ofc. 2Nd flr. Westlife Bldg.West Ave.cor.Bulacan St. Near old BIR Ofc 038, Quezon City @ the g/f u will see starbucks cafe & panciteria lido.Few blocks away at SM NORTH EDSA We are inviting u to claim ur gft.cert.Pls be here tomorrow. Monday, june 2, Bet. 5-7pm Dont 4get to bring ur 1valid ID only with ur spouse & stay for our complimentary dinner-buffet to be served. Kindly finish the 90 mins. Awarding presentation for u to see d complete facilities & amenities,to choose ur best dstination.The gft.cert.,3days and 2nyts stay,gud for (4pax) NO VALIDITY PERIOD. No financial obligation,No commitment upon claiming, & No realty selling. Kindly look for Ms. KIMBERLY our receptionist. (346-8719) thank you for accepting our invitations. See you & Godbless. Visit us
    www.skyexperienceadventure.com- Ms. ARA SUAREZg

  159. I got same call today, i can claim my prize at Club Ultima Co. Le Metropole Bldg, G/F Unit 102 Senator Gil Puyat St., Makati. Schedule is 5pm-7pm tomorrow. Contact is Sam Zulueta.

    I search for Sam on FB and she work for Club Ultima looks legit however I don't know if Sam knows this.

    Thanks for this post.

  160. Hi,

    Same thing happened to me today. Angela Lim called me to claim my vacation prize at crown regency either cebu or davao. They told me to claim my prize at Club Ultima Co. Le Metropole Bldg, G/F Unit 102 Senator Gil Puyat St., Makati. Schedule 1pm to 3pm on Saturday. Thank you very much for posting this. In this way we are helping our country men to warn against this scam. BTW, here's the contact number they used - 09166971105

  161. I wasted my time with them...its like you are buying a membership for 10000 php includes all accomodation packages per year blah blah...very nice and good offer.. And i think its true and you will enjoy it if you go and stay in cebu once a year... But the truth about the 10000 php is that the company wants to raise a money for the massive construction resort and hotel in boracay. Imagine ten thousand members alone could generate them 100 million in php..members of this fucking club will make business for the owner this company. Thats how they roll! You know what, the owner of this was killed yesterday in davao city.

  162. Hi,

    I've also received a call this afternoon with regards this promo of free hotel stay at Crown Regency... During our conversation, I have so much questions since I am afraid from any scam or what.. So I became skeptic with all the details.. in the end of our converstaion, He makes me believe... His name is Aldrin Garcia... Upon reading all the blogs, it is exactly what I've heard... Thank God, I didn't gave any confidential information but I gave my full name, age, and my email address..

    Thank God, I've tried to search from net regarding this promo and found out, it all lies and fake/ modus, etc...

  163. They may have changed their approach. I received a scratch & win card today (in Australia). A win of USD $ 175,000 looked too good to be true. With the info available on this site I have put the card in the rubbish. Not often I get the chance to throw away 'gifts' like that!

  164. thanks for this blog, also got a call earlier re: this, and another one, for villa ana boracay. said we won a prize for the recently held negosyo event in SM Megamall

  165. ( OFFICIAL INVITATION ) to:MR.& MRS., CROWN REGENCY HOTEL ofc. Located @ GR0UND FLOOR. FUNCTION ROOM of EL CIELITO INN HOTEL,along BALIBAGO ROAD Near BEL - AIR and Sea oil gas station. STA.ROSA,LAGUNA We are inviting u to claim ur gft.cert.pls be here tom WEDNESDAY AUG, 06, 2014 at around 5:00pm to 6:30pm. We are willing to accomodate u. There will be a free HEAVY SNACK to be serve. REQUIREMENTS: Don't 4get to bring ur 1valid ID w/ ur spouse . Kindly finish d 90 minutes video clippings for you to choose ur best destination among the branches of our hotels.The gft.cert.,3days and 2nyts stay, NO VALIDITY PERIOD. Again No financial obligation,no commitment. Kindly look for Ms.SHERLYN MENDOZA our receptionist.. thank you for accepting our invitations. See you and Godbless.. This is Ms.BLAIZE SANDOVAL - Congratulations!

    Visit us: www.skyexperienceadventure.com

  166. (FORMAL INVITATION) Ms.________ (DUTY FREE receipient): CROWN REGENCY HOTEL ofc. 2nd flr. Westlife bldg. West Ave. cor. Bulacan St. Near old BIR Ofc 038, Quezon City 2 the g/f u will see starbucks cafe & panciteria lido. Few blocks away at SM NORTH EDSA. We are inviting u to claim ur gift.cert.Pls be here on thursday, aug.21, bet 5-7 pm. Dont 4get to bring ur valid ID only & stay for free dinner-buffet to be served. Kindly attend the awarding presentation for you to see the complete facilities & ameniteis,to choose your best destination. The gift cert.,3 days and 2 nights stay good for 4 pax NO VALIDITY PERIOD. NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION, NO COMMITMENT UPON CLAIMING, & NO REALITY SELLING. Kindly look for Ms. KIMBERLY AGLIBOT our receptionist. (346-8725) thank you for accepting our invitation. Visit us www.skyexperienceadventure.com

    --I received this text (09166971103) (August 19, 2014 - 10:57am) from RICO after i received a call from him +6584649215

  167. i got a call ystrday named nikki cruz. i nearly believed her esp wen she mntioned about a coupon in duty free, the same prize a four day and 3 nyt stay at crown regency for free ang a gc worth 28k shoppng spree.. tnx for guidng me and my hands oh Lord.. click and click until i dscoverd thz, muntik na pala ako maloko..

  168. Hey guys,

    Thank you for all the info that you've shared. This also happened to me early this afternoon. They said I was 1 of the 15 lucky winners from Puregold Molito branch. The thing is I've been there just once and I didn't purchase anything and I didn't signed-up for any raffle coupon. But still they convinced me to claim my GC from Crown Regency w/c includes 3 days and 2 nights stay (FREE) with a booking fee of P3,000. I just have to bring my wife with me and present a valid I.D. To make it short, I said yes I'll claim my GC tomorrow with their given time (6-8pm). But still, I wasn't convinced. So I "googled" it and this is what I found.

    Thanks for blogging this! More power to you guys!

    *Will leave an update tomorrow of what will be their next move cause I won't show up to them.

  169. they're still at it, got a call claiming i won off a raffle from last years transport show. got thid text from them

    You are Invited to claim your lifetime Gift Cert. Voucher Please be here >TOM./TUESDAY >(Sept.09,2014) >bet.5pm-7:30pm (with FREE BUFFET dinner)
    Our ofc. Located 2ndflr Westlife Bldg.Cor. Bulacan St.West Ave. QCity at the g/f u will see Starbucks Cafe & Panciteria Lido. Near @SM NORTH EDSA.

    Just present 1valid I.D with ur Spouse and kindly finish our Video clippings for u to see the complete amenities and facilities, also for choosing your best destination.

    Just look for me Ms.Anne Gomez, or kimberly, our receptionist,
    Thanks and See You Godbless..

  170. Just now. Recieved a call from Jade Perez. Same spliels. Nothing's change. Sa Le Metropole pa rin sila. Salamat sa post!

  171. Just got a call earlier from a certain 'Leona' who gave me the same spiels. I was suspicious of the scheme so I asked a friend and told me it was 'bogus'. I also looked into the net and found this. They are actually doing this acts up until now!

    Thanks for the info!

  172. Just got a call earlier from a certain Jhen Morales. and they sent me a text message just as above (address in Westlife building), they are still at it. Good thing I googled first so as not to waste my time going there.

    Thanks Guys!

  173. Hello po :) I was also informed of this thing. Earlier someone called me that I won a gift certificate with the same accommodations said above. I was also kinda surprised and excited because it was my first time winning such. I attended the PhilConstruct 2014 yesterday (Nov 5.) I'm still a student and I grabbed all the opportunities to grab all brochures there. Some stalls required me to fill up some forms including the name, address and phone number. I did not mind them and just wrote the necessities because I really never expect that I'll win. But because of the call from this number (09998851694) I got confused. It may be true because I filled up on some stalls there. I'm still doubtful so I searched. Thank God I found this blog :) Now I saved time :D Thanks a lot!

  174. OMG. I also received a call about this free 3D/2N free accomodation at Crown Regency Hotel Cebu. For the Sinulog Festival daw. Promo na napanalunan ko (even if i don't remember any na sinalihan ko). UI forgot the name of the caller but he is a guy. (09174718423) nung tinanong nya ko kung single or happily married ako, sinabi ko na single ako since yun naman talaga. hahaha. ayun biglang nagbago ang aura nya tapos sbe tawagan na lang daw ulit ako. nakakaewan lang na matagal na pala tong nangyayari pero mukhang wala pa ding naaksyon. thanks to this blog!

  175. Got this message:
    (FORMAL INVITATION) Club Ultima/CROWN REGENCY HOTEL ofc. 2Nd flr. Westlife Bldg. cor. Bulacan St. West ave. Quezon City, (at the g/f u will see starbucks cafe and panciteria lido). Few blocks away at SM NORTH EDSA. We are inviting y0u to claim ur gift cert. See y0u tomorrow. Sunday. (Jan. 4, 2015) bet. 1:30pm to 3pm. Just bring ur 1valid ID. with ur spouse. And Stay for the c0mplimentary "buffet" to be served, Kindly finish the 90mins awarding presentati0n for u to see d complete facilities & amenities, and to choose ur best dstination.The gft.cert. 3days and 2nyts stay at crown regency hotel, good for (4pax),NO VALIDITY PERIOD. Again No financial obligation,no c0mmitment. Kindly look for me Ms.NICA CRUZ or Ms. KIMBERLY our receptionist. (346-8716) Thank y0u and g0dbless.

  176. Hi,

    I received an SMS from Michelle Sy an hour ago and it says that she is "Michelle Sy from Rewards Dept of Crown Regency Hotel and Resorts. When is the best possible time to call u regarding to ur raffle entry form that u had signed up last. 19 at Ultimate wedding and debut fair." It's true that I attended a Bridal fair but it happened last Jan 3-4 2015 and not last Dec 19. I also don't remember signing any form last dec 19 so I don't know how did they got my number. So in cases like this, I usually ignore them. Fortunately, I found this blog and now I'm sharing this with you to help you avoid this scam lalo na it seems that they are doing this for almost 7 years.

  177. just got recieve a call earlier same as you guys really thankful for this blog. you really save my ass!!!

    I think this is the most present one so decided to put a comment and to inform yall its still on going.

    beware guys peace!:)

  178. I got a call as well this afternoon here, i was surprise because i never join any raffles or went to latest event here, they call me and they even know my first name and middle name i was wondering if i ever tried to join or fill up something before i will surely write the complete name not just first and middle, its really weird good thing i found this site to prove that its non sense call, the hotel what is involve here also need to be aware that they are committing somehow with some scam or whatever it is. thanks for all your comment now i know more about those kinda of style.

  179. Someone called me a while ago. Same content as what mentioned above. Surprisingly, they know my first and middle name. I wondered where they got it, and a Daniel Castillo told me that it was through referral. He asked me if I'm single or married, an employee or has a small business. When I told him that I am single, he seems to be hasty. Maybe I didn't meet their requirements. LOL.

    Thanks for this information Ms. Blogger. This is a big help. :)

  180. I just got a call from 09176452731 regarding the same offer. The funny thing is, I haven't been in Makati for almost 2 years now so the woman couldn't properly explain as to how they got my number. I just had to look this up to check if it's a scam. Thanks for the post!

  181. jp says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    By the way, here are the mobile numbers and fictitious names i suppose used by CLUB ULTIMA scammers:

    Francheska Diaz: 09163444608

    The First Caller which i did not catch her name: 09273809876

    Ynah Laurel: 09166679269


  182. Here's another number they're using right now:

    0926 647 4433

    Still the same old spiel.

  183. thanks to this blog! i got a call earlier this morning regarding a lifetime gift cert with crown regency and the number above is the same. i will not waste my time going there.

  184. Sample message from 09266474663. Damn this scam! Just replaced our names with asterisk for security purposes :)

    Mr. ******* and Mrs. ********, You are invited to claim your Lifetime Gift Certificate at Crown Regency Hotel ofc. This coming TUESDAY (March 31,2015) at Exactly 5:00pm to 7:00pm open time, at G/F unit 108,AIC BURGUNDY EMPIRE TOWER BLDG. ALONG ADB AVE.cor.GARNET and SAPPHIRE RD. ORTIGAS,PASIG, exactly at the back of ROBINSONS GALLERIA MALL, BESIDE 7/11 STORE AND CASABELLA BOTIQUE.
    -Just Present your 1valid I.D for proper identification it should be Together with ur SPOUSE.
    -Kindly finish the VIDEO CLIPPINGS and GRAPHIC DISPLAY for u to see the complete amenities and facilities of our Hotel included the FREE DINNER BUFFET.
    -NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION upon claiming of the GC.
    - Kindly look for Ms.IDA our receptionist..
    Mgt.Ms.Mikki Cruz
    5090122 /3468718

  185. be alerts guys! i had the same scenario the caller name is troy chavez his number is 09266474623/09166971100 i almost believe him and even told my parents that i won an accomodation in crown regency hotel and i will tour them. ugh! i was dissapointed! but thanks to this blog i will not go to their office later in g/f unit 108 aic burgundy empire tower bldg along adb ave. lets share this to blog to everyone! :)

  186. hello! thanks so much for this post..my husband got the same text/call about winning a 3 days/2 night stay at the crown regency hotel cebu or davao from Dutyfree kuno!! he ignored it for 2 weeks at knina nkausap na nya and the caller asked him kung when daw sya puntang manila to claim the GC, sagot lng nya mtagal pa. so he asked me to google about crown regency and it led me here. so again thanks so much, big help, really..
    this is the # 09998854360, Lyka Evangelista daw...Grrrr!!

  187. I just received a phone call earlier with same offer. Sad thing is that they continue doing this kind of marketing strategy - NO GOOD. They even sent me text as formal invitation on their Makati address Le Metropole Bldg Buendia near RCBC. Name used in texting me is Sydney Lopez from cp# 0927-3809876. Beware and good thing I did some research, thanks to this blog. This has saved my time and money.

  188. hi guys... i also received a call from Vic Fernandez looking for my husband (my hubby actually sign something for a contest daw sa Auto show at World Trade) This Vic said the same deal.. but my point is whether im the wife of the person who won in a contest they will not tell what it is all about... medyo kadudaduda... they should only talk dun sa winner.. so i decided to search, strategy and until now after many years paulit ulit lang...

    MS. ----& MR. ----
    Crown Regency Hotel : 2nd Flr.Westlife Bldg.West Ave.Cor. Bulacan St,QC,near old BIR ofc. 038 and savem0re along west ave,@ the g/f u will see starbucks cafe front mcdonalds al0ng the main road west ave. & near St. Vincent School.,pls Be here on saturtday, april 25, Bet. 1pm-3pm,Just bring 1valid I.D. Only & stay for ur FREE MERIENDA BUFFET,Kindly attend the 90mins Awarding presentati0n for u to see all the hotels & you can choose ur best destination w/ the other recipients. The gift: 3 days/2 nights 5 star hotel stay @ CROWN REGENCY HOTEL,gud for 2 adults & 2 kids package,NO EXPIRY. REMINDERS: No financial obligation,no commitment,no fees to be collected upon claiming.Look for Ms. kimberly Aglibot our recepti0nist.02-3468725, visit us at www.crownregency.com, Thank u & godbless. See you- michelle sy
    From 09166971103
    Buti nagresearch ako..same text...wow! Thanks God

  190. GREETINGS! FR. VILLA ANNA HOTEL & RESORT. MR. --- & MRS. ----. This is our invitation to claim your FREE Hotel Accommodation Voucher for our affiliated hotels located in Boracay, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Bangkok, Bali Indonesia, Goa India, Orlando Florida USA. Our claiming venue is located at PENTHOUSE OF EMERALD BLDG. ORTIGAS AVE.(Former Emerald Ave.) ORTIGAS CENTER PASIG. CITY beside ORIENT SQUARE BLDG. near MEGAMALL & PODIUM Claiming is TOMORROW FRIDAY APRIL 24, bet 5:30pm-8pm opentime. Kindly bring a valid I.D together with your HUSBAND and enjoy the 90mins. AWARDING of your Gift Voucher to choose the affiliated resorts/hotels & also for us to provide you all the important details regarding your voucher, with FREE DINNER BUFFET for two. Rest assured that there will be no financial obligation on your part. Kindly look for me MR. MIGUEL GARCIA

    Pangalawang TEXT..kinabahan na ako..swerte ko naman nasabi ko tuloy...tapos nagduda ako lalo nung tinanong niya magkano sahod namin ng hubby ko in a month...bakit?? Buti nalang di kami hinayaan ni God magaksaya ng panahon...thanks guys :)

  191. What the heck?!!! Got a call as well they're still doing the same strategy... thanks for thispost. Was doubtful thiugthough. The agent doesn't even have proper phone ethiquette. Trying to ask too personal info. I told her I don't have to answer all her questions since its too personal. They can even use it accessing onlines account. WARNING peeps... don't you ever give any of your relevant info to them. Hahaha good thing they didn't fool me.

  192. hahaha... I got a call yesterday, same text message. Claim my gift sa west avenue, buti nalang nakita ko itong blog na ito. hahaha screw them! :)

  193. Just got a call Club Ultima...using this number 0999-8854356...i don't know where they got my name and mobile number .... same modus as what was posted here...thanks for this blog...duda na ako agad sa simula pa lang kasi may background ng voice ng mga bata parang nasa bahay lang sya...then naputol after 5 mins so my assumption is he is using a prepaid number registered to a unlimited calls...daming kampon ng kadilimin sa mundong to na di na lang lumaban ng patas para kumita...ngayon pa lang may lugar na kayo sa impyerno!

  194. Kung lahat ng tao na manloloko... Ay mamatay edi wala ng natira... Sa mundo... Guys ingat ingat lang sa pnanalita..... trabaho nila yan nasa atin kung maniniwala tayo... Hnd nman cguro kabawasan sa inyo... Wag sobra guys sakto lang... Wala nmang nawala... Eh kung my nawala... May babalik na doble ok.. ...

  195. mee too i got a call last week. lols., haha

  196. Omg super thanks for this blog! Got a call earlier with the same scenario heres his message..

    Good day! (GUEST REFERRAL IN CROWN REGENCY HOTELS & RESORTS) As part of our Promotion. You're one of our selected candidate to receive a Luxury Hotel Accommodation Gift Certificate in CROWN REGENCY HOTELS. It will be a three (3) days and two (2) nights stay. Good for two (2) adults and two (2) kids. NO VALIDITY / NO EXPIRATION. One of our Reservation Officer will be calling you back on how to avail our promo. View us at www.skyexperienceadventure.com. For more info / referrals call or text 5054101/09052818751 and look for Mr. Dereck Sanchez. Thank you and Godbless...

  197. July 09, 2015

    Hello guys!

    Same din nangyari skin kahapon (July 8, 2015.) May tumawag din sa akin na ang name is Julia De Vera at sinabi na ako nga daw ay isa ako sa mga napili pra sa libreng 3 nights & 2 days accomodation ng crown regency hotel. Nagtaka ako ksi wla nman akong mga promo na sinalihan,hindi ko alam kung paano nla nkuha yung name at mobile number ko. sabi nla tatawagan akong ng reservation officer nla pra malaman ko kng paano ko maavail yung promo. hindi na ako nag abala pa magtxt dun sa number kasi alam kong scam yun. sana may gawin yung government natin para mahuli yang mga nanloloko kasi nakakatakot sila. naiinvade ang privacy ntin at nalalaman ang personal info stin kht na hindi naman tau nagbibigay ng mga impormasyon sa ibang tao.
    Salamat at hindi ako nagpadala sa mga sinabi nla..

  198. Thanks for this blog! A certain Kean Tayao called me a while ago and told me about their promotional whatsoever and I was referred by someone. I have not yet tried checking in any of the branches of Crown Regency Hotel. I have also received this text message:

    Good day (GUEST REFERRAL IN CROWN REGENCY HOTELS & RESORTS) As part of our Promotion. You're one of our selected candidate to receive a Luxury Hotel Accommodation Gift Certificate in CROWN REGENCY HOTELS. It will be a three (3) days and two (2) nights stay. Good for two (2) adults and two (2) kids. NO VALIDITY / NO EXPIRATION. One of our Reservation Officer will be calling you back on how to avail our promo. View us at www.skyexperienceadventure.com. For more info / referrals call or text 02-904-7881 / 09176452734 and look for Mr. Kean Tayao. Thank you and Godbless.

    F**k! Such a scam. He even asked me about my personal information and said that everything will remain confidential. I was wondering how will I be able to win any vouchers from them since I did not join any raffle contest. This is indeed a great help!

  199. They're still at it after 8 years hahaha

  200. Just received a call from MR. ALDEN CHENG (from Crown Regency Office dw) just later this afternoon! Nagvisit lang kami last weekend sa Megatrade Sale at Sm Megamall, out of curiosity i signed up and there is goes, tumawag sila akin and saying i won a GC at Crown Regency Hotel either Cebu or Davao. At first parng okay sya kasi walang expiry date and balak din namin ng partner ko na magpunta ng Davao next year so pede naming magamit. But hindi ko malocate masyado ung address n binigay nya so i googled it nd while searching nakita ko ang blog mo.. Thanks for the info and hindi na ko pupunta sa sinabi nyang office nila to claim the GC...