Thursday, November 20, 2008

I just came from Holiday Inn fresh from the Michael Learns to Rock press conference and decided afterwards to buy some dinner for take out at the adjacent mall Robinsons Galleria. I decided to get a pizza from Chef d' Angelo, located at the 4th floor. Since I was told it was going to take at least 10 minutes to prepare, I figured I stroll around and come back for the pizza.

I was on the same floor as the cinemas and chose to check out their list of movies. Right in the center of the entrance way leading to the cinemas were a few elevated tables and some celebs seated signing autographs. There wasn't much of a crowd watching them so I didn't find any difficulty getting close.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that they were the stars in an R-18 rated indie film entitled "Lalamunan" and promoting it to the public. I recognized Jordan Herrera instantly and then Rico Barrera, ex Pinoy Big Brother Season 1 housemate. The 2 girls in the middle were gorgeous but I didn't know who they were. Then, I read the poster that had the starring cast billing. It turns out they were Hazel Cabrera (I had to search online to find out that she's part of the Viva Hot Babes) and Maricar dela Fuente (who I have no idea who she is).

Since I had my digicam with me, and I was still waiting for my pizza, I took pics of them. An old man approached the cast but specifically wanted a picture with the two sexy ladies. Apparently, he just wanted his arms around them since he didn't have a camera nor was he with any companion. I got a shot of his short moment of thrill.

Apparently, "Lalamunan" is about a homosexual (Jordan Herrera) who tries to keep his gender preference by preoccupying himself and his wife with kinky sex.   I just read part of the poster and article so there's nothing more I could offer to tell about the movie.

Anyway, I thought it would be worth the post since I was able to take pics of the stars and at the same time support this indie movie.

I wonder why the title is "Lalamunan".

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  1. Hmmm, I am wondering too why it's lalamunan. Oh well, indie films usually named their movies like that. :(