We All Live In a Yellow Submarine

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I was heading to Trinoma the other day and spotted this coincidental display of color.

I noticed this lady wearing all yellow, pants and blouse.   She was walking towards the yellow pedicab and must have told the driver where she's headed.    
Mind you, the driver was wearing a yellow shirt, and his yellow pedicab had some shades of yellow on the umbrella.   
Then a bystander (sporting a fake Nike yellow shirt)  who seemed to be acquianted with the lady, hopped on the pedicab for a short chit-chat.   
At this time, the lady grabbed something yellow from her bag and held it while seated down inside the pedicab.  
The friend of the lady finally got down and the pedicab as it went on its way. 

Not shown in the photos was a yellow tarpaulin which they passed. Color me yellow and slap me silly but for a while I was thinking what were the chances of this coincidence happening ? 

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  1. Talagang na-notice at ginawang blogpost. hahaha

    Baka Ninoy Aquino day sa kanila. hehe