OC is Me? (Number 16 on my Definitive List of Things I'm Thankful For)

Monday, May 20, 2024

Didn't know the meaning of OC in my early years. It wasn't a something I've heard in our home. I did later find out it was short for OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I read about it, and I don't have the behaviors that can disrupt my daily life. I'm more on the side of wanting to be proper, orderly, and clean. So I'd remove the D in that acronym. If it's anything, it's not disorder, but order. I guess my mom raised me that way, teaching me to fold clothes correctly, put my toys away, and make sure I have a clean and tidy room.  I adapted it to my way of life. 

I would say having order in my life gives me a clearer direction. It's the simplest of things that also bring me joy, like sorting hangers according to color or grouping similar items to make them easier to find. 

Making a list and checking it twice: Yes, I love that Christmas song not only because of the catchy holiday tune but also because I love creating lists and trying to complete it. The sense of completion gives a sense of satisfaction that I've achieved something.

As long as you don't mean it in a harsh way, you can call me OC, and I wouldn't mind. I may even embrace it and say thank you.

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