I Joined Two Embassies (Number 10 on my Definitive List of Things I'm Thankful For)

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

If I was asked as a teenager if I wanted to work for the government, I would've immediately said, "Not a chance."

Most of my career was spent working in the field of music and tech. It never occurred to me that I would eventually land a career in an Embassy. Social media was the bridge that got me to switch careers. Having previously been a web developer and website manager, the next biggest thing that emerged in tech was social media. I embraced it and was eager to be at the forefront, until I landed jobs as a social media specialist.
A few months after I got married, I saw a job opening for an emerging media specialist. It just happened to be for the United States Embassy. I applied and was fortunate enough to secure a job. I later found out that I was the very first employee with that position under the Public Affairs Section. 
Working with Public Affairs was similar to my previous experience attending music events, blogging, planning promotions, and managing a website. Working in a diplomatic environment was new to me, but I welcomed the new setting and actually enjoyed the atmosphere and diversity of colleagues. 
Receiving an award with my colleagues and Ambassador Harry Thomas

I spent close to 6 years working with the Embassy and left to move to Singapore, where my family migrated. Never did I expect that I would land the exact same job in Public Affairs but now with a different Embassy. My experience greatly assisted me in carrying out my responsibilities for the new Embassy I worked for. I would also be able to reconnect and even work with some of my former colleagues from different embassies.  I spent 4 years here, and as one boss put it, I had institutional knowledge spanning years of experience that my colleagues could gain from.  
Received my 10th award while in Singapore

It has truly been an exciting part of my life, and I am truly grateful to Rebecca, Thompson, who hired me and jumpstarted my career in public diplomacy.

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  1. Hiring you remains among the top five best things I did in 28 years in the Foreign Service. Your annual awards are further proof that I was right.