I Compose Songs (Number 12 on my Definitive List of Things I'm Thankful For)

Thursday, May 16, 2024

After 5 years of organ lessons at the early age of 14, I self-studied how to use a computer to arrange songs. My first submission of original songs I composed were instrumentals, which were first published as part of Sound Canvas Users Group (SCUG) Archives Volume 11 in 1995.

After that, I focused more on musical arrangements, and got hired by Samsung and Sony as a musical arranger for videoke/karaoke songs. As much as I enjoyed it, I also wanted to try composing original music. I wasn't confident then, and I needed to collaborate on lyrics and vocals, so a few friends helped me record some songs. 
2009 pictorial for my blog

I also submitted some of my songs to a few songwriting contests, like the 2002 Himig Handog Love Songs Competition.  Unfortunately, none of my song entries made it to the first round of judging. I was just happy then  to compose and work towards joining.

I always wanted to have my own CD, so I selected and compiled songs from my archive and included them in what I call my first (and only) self-released album entitled "JayDJ: The Personal Collection."

I'd like to revisit composing songs sometime in the future, as there are so many technological advancements and tools for creating music nowadays. Maybe I could come up with a second album.

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