Computer Assemble! (Number 11 on my Definitive List of Things I'm Thankful For)

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

I learned how to assemble a desktop computer out of necessity. My course in college was Computer Science, which deals mainly with software, so we weren't focused on the hardware part of computers.  
During the years I was studying computers, though, the advancements for computer upgrades were insanely fast, and turnover for newer and faster computer parts was constantly on the rise. 
There weren't any YouTube video tutorials then or quick Google searches to figure out how to install computer parts or upgrade your computer. So I learned all of this from friends and through experience. It was fun opening a computer, unscrewing the casing cover, and studying each of the parts inside. I was able to upgrade. I think at one time, my computer was supercharged and packed with multiple components, add-ons, and peripherals. Sometimes, I would swap out some components to test new ones too.
Learning does come with ups and downs, and at one time, I accidentally fried a motherboard. Good thing it didn't damage my entire computer and was replaceable. 
I don't get to do much of this now since laptops and mobile phones are more popular for computing, but at least I know how to assemble or fix a computer if I need to.


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