I Grew a Sunflower (Number 7 on my Definitive List of Things I'm Thankful For)

Saturday, May 11, 2024

During the pandemic, we made use of the limited space on our 22nd-floor balcony and started to plant. We tried different fruit and vegetable plants. I wanted to try growing an ornamental plant. After carefully selecting which one would most likely grow and look nice, we decided on planting sunflowers. 

We initially had three, but the other two did not survive past a few weeks. The one remaining sunflower, though, did flourish and grow to about 3 feet tall. Caring for it and watering it every morning paid off. After it reached its maximum height, it started to blossom. 

It made every morning exciting to see how the sunflower's petals would unfold. I was also surprised at how big the flower is. I wasn't able to grow a sunflower again, but I'm glad I've successfully gotten to grow one. 

My next challenge would probably be trying to grow a bunch of sunflowers together.

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