Code On (Number 4 on my Definitive List of Things I'm Thankful For)

Wednesday, May 08, 2024


One of the skills I that really helped me in several aspects is that I know computer programming. Nowadays, it's called coding, but back then, you needed to learn computer languages to program.

I'm thankful that my Computer Science degree in college is forward compatible with new skillsets needed today. I may not be creating programs, games, or apps, but the analytical skills, computer logic, and mindset of how a computer works has been useful in different fields. Also, being introduced to AI (Artificial Intelligence) 30 years ago surely helps now that it's mainstream. It sure helps talking to a computer easier knowing how they think and process data.

played key roles in organizing hackathons, such as Tech Canp.

I know I'm not the best, but it only takes a solid grasp of the fundamentals of programming to understand a lot of what is happening in the world of tech today.

Here's a quick list of things I've programmed/coded before:

1. a virus 

2. an anti-virus

3. a game

4. dozens of websites

5. automated processing

6. audit trails

7. content generator

8. content scrapper

9. content management system (CMS)

10. poetry simulator / lyrics generator

Who knows? May be I'll come up with some big idea soon.


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