Food Art Fruit Art (Number 15 on my Definitive List of Things I'm Thankful For)

Sunday, May 19, 2024

I thank my dad for introducing me to this. My dad had a culinary hand in the Navy and was tasked with serving Naval officers with lunch. He usually prepared salads, and I think that's where I got my liking for salads.

I remember my dad creatively carving vegetables for salads, cutting tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers into different shapes, making them visually appealing in addition to preparing a healthy meal. Dad didn't quite teach me how to cut fruits and vegetables. I just saw his creations and tried to replicate them later in life.

I found it to be an interesting and creative way to eat the same food day in and day out. I've been trying to eat an apple a day to get my regular fruit intake. Instead of biting into an apple, I figured it would be fun to slice them into different shapes and arrange them on a plate, which makes it look more than just an apple.

Since then, I've been learning and trying out different cutting techniques and ways to cut an apple. So far, it's been fun and healthy.  

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