Win a new iPod shuffle at Camera World Auction !

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Never had an iPod shuffle ? Or perhaps you'd want another one sporting another color ?
Up for grabs is a brand new iPod Shuffle. All you need to do is register to win a new iPod shuffle at Camera World Auction !

There are no territorial restrictions or limits in registering so international registrations are welcome. Deadline for entries is on March 31, 2008. You can check their website at Winner will be announced early April.

Camera World Auction is a portal website that seeks to be a global marketplace for distributors, wholesalers, retailers, vendors, individual buyers and sellers to buy and sell cameras, camcorders and related accessories. Their goal is to be the marketplace leader in connecting camera retailers, wholesalers, vendors, individual buyers and sellers worldwide in one marketplace.

It's basically an auction site specializing in wholesale and retail buying and selling of cameras, camorders, digital cameras, SLRs, digital photo albums, camera accessories, video accessories, video editing software, televisions, digital music, lighting equipment, flashes, professional video equipment, studio equipment, wholesale lots, photo printers, projectors, film, monopods, tripods, bags and cases, surveillance video, Digital Video records, Color Monitors, Power supplies, controllers, Video encoders, Security monitors, Indoor / Outdoor camera, network cameras, etc.

Hope to see you there !

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