Coke Zero

Friday, March 07, 2008

Coke Zero - exactly what it means to me... zero - meaning I don't drink Coke.

I do drink Coke when there's no other choice. But as long as there's an alternative, I'm going with that.

When Coke Zero was unveiled though, there was much hype about it. I decided to try one so I got one from the supermarket (alongside my 27 bottles of mineral water).

I tried it. It didn't do anything spectacular for me. And so I turned to my dad who is an avid softdrinks drinker. I asked if he could distinguish Coke from Pepsi without knowing which is which (ala blindfold taste test). He said yes. And so I had my dad taste the new Coke Zero. He said it tastes like Coke Lite. The description didn't really help me at all. And so my mom to the rescue tried it out and said "it tastes like flavored water".

And so ends my taste encounter with C0 (Coke Zero). I'll stick with my favorite drink C2 (Peach flavor please). :)

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