No Fish Goes To Waste

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I saw this in the supermarket recently.

It's boneless dilis. Dilis is a very small fish and you eat them by the dozens. They're eaten whole, meaning, there' no need to remove the head or spine or tail. Just eat the entire fish. I didn't know you could debone (or despine) a fish that small.

What caught my attention though was this product: Crispy Fish Bones.

I didn't know such a delicacy existed. I usually fear of getting pricked by a spine or two when I eat fish which is why I don't swallow the entire bite. I chew it up and if I feel a spine, I remove it.
That is why this product is amazing for me.

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  1. paka po para kay muning yan.

  2. eh pano yan.. wala sa pet section, nasa food section ng pantao. hehehehe!

    nice finally meeting you in person! salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko. congrats din pala ! :)