What's The Best Resume ?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I remember that when I was a fresh graduate from college, my classmates and I were trying to beef up our resumes since we didn't have any format job experience yet. We added all our projects, extra curricular activities, organizations joined and formed paragraphs worth of our skills, talents, interests and hobbies.

As the years gone by, I was able to gain work experience from various companies. Each one that I added to my resume made it longer and longer. It came to a point that I had to choose which data needs to be removed to make my resume more concise. I weighed the items according to importance. But everything to me was just as equally important as the other. And so I just had to trim it down and hope for the best that the things I left out wouldn't be as crucial to the employer.

It's difficult making your own resume for fear that you may be subjective and biased. Of course it's about you... but you need to make it fair instead of over glorifying yourself of your achievements. And the resume is as good as your first impression to anyone reading it.

It's a good thing that there are resume writers who are experts in formulating a strong resume which truly represents yourself in print. It takes a combination of skill, effort and knowledge in organizing a sound resume that is precise yet concise, presentable yet straight to the point and bold yet truthful. A resume writer does the job of all that and more in record time. All you need is to provide the data and your skills set, and a team of resume writers highly trained in resume writing skills will give you the edge to highlight your strengths and eventually land the job you're looking for.

Happy Job Hunting !

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