Can Drugs Make You More Intelligent ?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

In Manila, drug addicts caught by police are reported on local news. Whenever they're interviewed by media, they usually keep quiet and hide their faces in shame. This suspect though was accused of stealing though police speculated he may be a drug user.

Surprisingly, this suspect had a handful to say and take note, had a good command of English. His conversational skills were impressive and didn't show any signs of addiction... until you listen closely to what he's actually saying. It drops from impressive to outrageously silly.

Here are some quotable quotes:

(0:43) Suspect: "I'm not stealing the tricycle. I asked permission from the owners before I take it."

(0:53) Suspect: "How can we accuse one without further investigation on side by side... because in a triangle, there are 3 sides right ? I only have 4 sides and they have 4 sides. How many degrees is the 3 side?"
Reporter: "How many?"
Suspect: "36 degrees."

(1:16) Suspect (talking about the tricycle): "Of course I started it and I'm rrrrrrrrrrr... rooming."
Reporter: "Roaming ?"
Suspect: "Yes, I'm roaming".

(1:35) Suspect: "What is the truth about it and what is it about .. we cannot accuse upon people without sabi sabi sabi so we can take a square root from the right side square."

(2:00) Suspect (answering if he uses drugs): "Drugs. Ah, yes of course! I buy from the Mercury Drug."

Moral: Taking drugs may make you sound intelligently stupid.

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