Do You Have A Monster Mom ?

Monday, July 07, 2008

I was able to watch the latest movie of mom-daughter tandem Annabelle Rama and Ruffa Gutierrez entitled "My Monster Mom". I rarely watch Filipino movies, so whenever I do, it sticks to my head. This one though stuck to my ears. Throughout the movie, Annabelle Rama was shouting. Her decibel levels are much more louder than anyone else in the cast, including sound effects. Visit the movie's official website and do a mouseover on Annabelle Rama for a sample. (Caution: multiple mouseovers may affect your eardrum)

It was a bit unbearable which made me think that if I couldn't stand an hour of constant shouting, how much more could I bear with a mom (of her character) in real life. I couldn't. It made me have newfound respect for Ruffa Gutierrez for her to endure (and withstand) her real-life mom who tends to be a replica of her movie persona.

Our relatives all speak in loud voices and so I'm used to that environment. Speaking loudly and shouting though are two different things. Loud does not necessarily translate to anger. My mom who has difficulty hearing in her left ear requires me to speak louder if her left side is faced towards me.

One trait I did notice from the movie is that anything negative attitude portrayed by any member of the family could be perceived as the general norm for the entire household. (Like one mom didn't approve of the boy courting her daughter cause she didn't like the mom's attitude of that boy). Of course, this can't be conclusive all the time, but pop culture may perceive it like the military rule "Mistake of one is the mistake of all" where teamwork comes into play. So it's best for any member of a household to be considerate of their actions for the sake of the family.

Peace to all moms !

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  1. It was the worst Filipino movie I watched and too bad I dragged you with me to watch it hehehe. Oh well... oh well I do hope they do movies with value instead of spending so much money on those that really won't do any good.