Which is Real and Not Real ? (Toycon 2008)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last June 14, I, together with Aileen and Miguel got to attend the 7th Toycon (Philippine Toy Convention) at Megamall. I skipped a couple of years so it was exciting to attend one where toys and toy fanatics all come together. It was a successful event based on the jampacked capacity and long lines entering the Megatrade Hall.

There was lots of everything, lots of character figures, comics, cosplayers, video games, graphic artists, and last but not least, toys ! The 2-day event was filled with displays, games, contests, programs and sales. You could feel how big the toy community was with the crowd-goers of all ages excited with everything going on.

I was able to take some pics but not that extensive cause I was also busy being awed by stuff all around here and there. When I viewed the pics I took, it was like those statues which may have looked obviously real (with a person inside) weren't and what wasn't real was. Here's some examples:

This is real.

This is not real.

This is real.

This is not.

This is real.

This is not.

And my all time favorite. This is real. Real cool !

Decepticon Soundwave

Check out my other photos from the Toycon below.

'til the next toycon, 'til all are one.

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  1. Galeng ng post ah! It was quite hard to differentiate between what's real and what's not =)