Lost Photographs

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I was cleaning my room the other day and found an old camera I used in the pre-digital camera era. It was a simple point and shoot minolta camera. I was surprised to find out that there was film inside. I had no idea what shots were taken using this camera. I did have a hunch that whatever may have been taken, was destroyed cause the last time I think I used this camera was 4 years ago.

I know that film has an expiration date. Plus the camera hasn't been turned on for years and most likely, the batteries may have leaked and render useless.

So I took the camera to the nearest developing shop and asked if there's a possibility that any pictures taken with the film inside the camera would still be intact. The guy who assisted me said that chances are slim and if they do get developed, the pictures may be unrecognizable due to the duration of the film.

I took the chance and had it developed.

I was surprised to find out that out of the 36 shots, 7 shots were successfully developed. Except for one picture, all of them were clear and looked as if they were shot yesterday.

From the very first picture which was a family reunion, I knew that the pictures have been shot more than 5 years ago cause my Tita whose nearing her 5th death anniversary was in the picture.

The next 2 pictures were my college friends with their babies during one our college reunions. All those babies in the picture are now around 6 - 9 years old.

The next set were 2 pictures of my ex-girlfriend. I had to exclaim to the store assistant how old these pictures are cause I haven't seen her since we broke up.

And the last pic was my cousin who I remember borrowing this camera of mine years back.

It's amazing how time flies yet how time stands still in a photograph.

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