Pinoy Big Brother Goes Beyond Houserules

Monday, June 02, 2008

I've been a fan of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) ever since day 1. I do have a couple of rants which overall won't prevent me from being a fan of the show.

The original concept of Big Brother is for strangers (housemates) to live inside one house for a certain number of days without the luxury of communication to the outside world. Their interactions within the house render a social experiment of how these people would get along (or not) despite different backgrounds, upbringing, culture, beliefs and attitudes. This ingredient alone makes the show exciting and unpredictable.

However lately, and especially for this season, the show has has been bending the house rules. On their website, the top houserules listed are these:

No TV. No radio. No newspapers. No telephones. No internet! Totally no communication with the outside world. Twelve new housemates are handpicked by Kuya to face his challenges.

The TV, radio, newspapers, phones and internet have been strictly implemented. Aside from "outside world" pertaining to any physical space beyond the perimeter of the Pinoy Big Brother house, it also interprets as interaction with any being from the outside world as well.

So far the following have entered the house:

1. Kuya Kim
2. Gaby de la Merced (to teach them driving skills)
3. a whole group of military officers (for daily military training)
4. a guardian for each housemate
5. "houseplayers" who are unofficial housemates
6. an indigenous representative from Palawan

And as for staying inside the house and limit interaction with themselves, they've managed to
1. be flown in to Palawan (for their "Survival" adventure and be toured by boatmen to the Underground River
2. take actual driving lessons (with a certified instructor beside them) in a warehouse and grassy secluded area

I haven't been able to watch the show on a nightly basis but I'm sure there are more.

I remember the very first Pinoy Big Brother season and they were really confined to the house with very minimal interaction with the outside world. If there were any interaction at all, it was usually given as a prize for a task or game and limited to a 100 second encounter with a loved one in person or on the phone.

The producers may say that the game has evolved and they are making twists and surprises here and there. I don't mind the twists and turns as long as the original concept of the reality TV show remains intact. I could see future aspirants wanting to join PBB because they would have the chance to go places and meet people, which is the opposite of what the Big Brother concept is: isolation from the outside world.

Hey, I'm still a fan.

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  1. They probably ran out of things to do inside the house. I remember the first season, the housemates were almost killing each other already because of the isolation. I think it was the best PBB season. Well, like you, I still watch. I wonder who's going to be the new teen big winner.

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