Race Cars

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Looks like the city of San Juan has a nice hefty budget for its police cars.
I saw this police car around Greenhills. This one is accessorized with mag wheels, a spoiler, a custom-made front and rear to make it appear lowered, a custom paint job and some decals. I have no idea what's under the hood like if the engine is modified and how fast this baby could go but it looks like a car taken from the Need For Speed video games.

Now that's a cool police car for Philippine standards.

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  1. Some of their policemen even go around the area in segway-like vehicles! San Juan is teh coolest, hands down.

    Then again, they have an a-list village in that city, so I guess that's called for. =P

  2. I wonder how much was spent just dressing up the car? Do all those add-ons improve the car's performance?

    How much of it was from citizens' tax money? Hmmm... Hahaha.