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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm up to my 78th blog post and it's been almost a year since I've reguarly been posting. Looking back, I remember blogging for personal reasons. Way back when blogs didn't even exist, I already had my own personal digital journal. It was inspired from the show Doogie Howser MD. where this genius of a doctor at an early age, posted his daily thoughts on his computer. I was a computer science student at the time and decided to create a journal program which looked very similar to the one he used in the show. However, I wasn't able to match his wit in posting entries. He had such profound and meaningful entries, whereas, I just decided to talk about incidents that happened during the day without analyzing them or coming up with a profound conclusion.

Fast forward to present... due to the popularity of blogging, I once again resumed this art of posting personal entries but on a more high-tech scale, being online.

I really did resume this hobby as I enjoy writing. What used to be a hobby for personal reasons and enjoyment has become much more due to the internet's setup of sharing information.

Now, I've been able to warn people of unlikely and unfortunate experiences, share random thoughts, interactively get others' opinions, give suggestions based on personal experience or just plain talk about how my day went.

From the days of private diaries (keeping those bulky notebooks safe in a locked box for no one to read), to the high-tech online blogging (sharing information to practically anyone who visits your blog and read it), I'd say, give me a keyboard rather than a pen and let me type away.

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