Life In The Fast lane

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Most people don't know this about me, since I do it when I'm alone... that is driving fast.

If I'm headed home and it's after 11pm, I'm fond of rolling down the windows, blasting music from my mp3 player to full volume and speeding up on the less-populated roads to the tune of heavy metal, hiphop or techno music, depending on my playlist sequence.

I don't do this during the day and especially when I have other passengers on board cause I value their safety and it's just too hot to roll down the windows and turn off air conditioning.

I'm still a safe and cautious driver even though I speed up. I don't break any traffic rules, I still signal when turning, I slow down when approaching checkpoints and wherever police visibility is setup.

After reading this article (" Study: Racing games may spur risky driving"), I realized that this may have some truth in my experience as one of the video games I'm regularly fond of playing is The Fast & The Furious. Check out the top players in Timezone Marquinton and I'm in the top 10.


I know I should be extra careful when driving at these speeds. Don't worry, I'm not reckless, just fast. :)

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