Simplicity Shows

Friday, April 06, 2007

This afternoon, I had the chance to watch some cartoon shows on Nickelodeon, particularly Dora The Explorer and Little Bear.

I've been introduced to Dora The Explorer a couple of months ago by a 2 year old adorable girl who loves everything about Dora and even started to look like Dora herself.

I wasn't familiar with the cartoon but saw lots of merchandise with the Dora character in the form of shoes, shirts, toys, bags, towels and almost every possible item a child would love to own.

I got to watch a full Dora cartoon earlier. The characters and plots are so simple matched with Dora's over-excited voice and enthusiasm. She loves to sing and dance and interact with the viewers.

The next cartoon that showed was Little Bear and the first time I ever encountered it. It was similar to The Three Bears in terms of characters with the Mama Bear, Papa Bear and little bear. Little Bear had some friends, a cat, an owl, a duck and one more (I forgot) which can all speak.

What struck me was that it was such a nice alternative to the majority of songs and shows on TV that carry profanity, sex, violence, and striking topics. I'm sooo used to seeing and hearing all that, that watching the cartoons on NickJr. became such a delight. I guess you do find enjoyment in the simplest of things.

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  1. I agree with you Jay. I always find it a joy whenever I get to glimpse on shows like Pokoyo and Oli Polly (not sure if I got the spelling right).