Supermarket Eavesdropping

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I find joy in going to the supermarket, especially a particular one near Cubao which usually has a lot of discounted items. After filling my basket with some goodies, I proceeded to the counter and lined up. While I was emptying my basket and placing it on the conveyor belt, I suddenly heard remarks from the two women behind me about each item I was putting down.

I didn't mind at first, but I got irritated the moment they were bashing the products I was just about to buy. I first had a box of green tea sachets and a second after I put it down, their topic was about tea. In such loud voices, they were talking about how much superior the fresh tea in Ongpin was over the measly pre-processed teabags bought.

They next talked about the cheese I was holding. The particular brand I had wasn't very delicious and they'd prefer the more expensive ones. They even had the audacity to remark "ang pangit ng lasa nyan!" But that was my favorite brand !!! They were of course talking to each other but if really felt like an invasion of privacy since they were talking about products I was going to buy.

Since they were dissing the items I was going to buy, in a way, it felt like they perceived me to be a unintelligent shopper. I was so tempted to give a rebuttal to their remarks... but how could you if they weren't talking to you ? But it was just so obvious that whatever item I had in my hand was suddenly their topic too.

Some people just aren't considerate.

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  1. aahhahaha this is funny... well, iba-iba naman ang mga tastes ng tao so wag ka magulat if they make-lait your grocery stuff. :D wag mo na lang silang pansinin kasi lalo ka lang mababad trip kung patulan sila.

  2. hahah. this is hilarious. ako, i'd make these two women even more ridiculous by caricaturizing them, complete with embellisments and outrageous lies to make them look like fugly b*tches with enormous horns, cloven feet and butt-ugly tail!!!!

  3. Why is it you seem to be attracting weirdos at groceries lately? LOL.