Red Light District

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nahhh.. this has nothing to do with the more popular meaning of the phrase "red light district".

Last week, I was driving along the Ortigas avenue stretch and happened to be sandwiched between 2 trucks. I couldn't see the stoplight cause of their massive physique and just assumed that since they weren't stopping nearing the intersection, that it was a green light. I was shocked to find out that they ran a red light, me included ! Since I was the slowest among us three vehicles, a policeman suddenly saw me and was directing me to stop. He was actually walking towards the 3rd lane where I was situated. As intinct (and fear) overruled me, I pretended not to see him and never stepped on the brakes until the next stoplight.

By this time, I was a nervous wreck. I knew I was bound to pass by some checkpoints and some other police along the road. I was afraid that the police who tried to apprehend me radio to his comrades and be on the lookout for my car. My companions in the car were trying to comfort me however as much as I appreciated it, it was my license on the line and I'm not very good with dealing with officers giving traffic violations. In short, hindi ako marunong maglagay o makitungo sa kanila. And I would want to avoid any incident leading to that.

So the next few days, I avoided the Ortigas stretch just in case they'd remember me or the car.

Ironically, a few days after, I was along EDSA and coming on to a major intersection with the stoplight being red, the police officer signalled me to proceed. I refused to do so and made hand gestures pointing to the red light. He kinda got frustrated and made it apparent by gestures as well. And so, you might say, with his blessing, I crossed the intersection during a red light. I looked at my rear view mirror after crossing and I was the only car he let go.

These red lights are tricky. And these policemen are trickier.

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