Telenovelas - No. Reality TV - Yes Kuya.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm not an avid fan of local soap operas, I'm not really into spending time watching them ... however you call it, telenovelas, asianovelas, chinovelas, korenovelas, spanishovelas (okey, I don't think that was an actual word).

I do like watching American reality TV shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race. There aren't many Filipino reality TV shows to actually consider watching. However this particular season of Pinoy Big Brother is interesting enough for me to catch my attention and watch.

I guess it's because there are many twists and new concepts introduced in this season as compared to the last 3 batches. I particularly like the concept of the house having secret rooms and there are 4 castaways which make me feel like I'm watching part of Survivor as well.

For those who do watch and are famliar with the housemates, I feel my character is similar to Mickey, the German dude. If you know me well, and you watch the show, I think you can pinpoint why.

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