More Random Thoughts

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm lagging in my blog posts. Can't think of anything in particular to mention so I'll just post my random thoughts as which I usually have loads of.

1. Caught a glimpse of the Pacquiao-Solis boxing match. After the bout, I saw statistics displayed on the screen like number of jabs, number of direct hits and so forth. I just had to think of who does the counting during the match. It can't be automated and so someone has to do the counting. What do you call that kind of job ? Punch counter ? Jab specialist ? Hit statistics consultant ?

2. Why is it that no matter how hot the weather is, I'll always enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea ?

3. My celphone's battery seems bloated but easily drains within a day. Isn't it supposed to be thinner if it performs less ?

4. The best time to weigh yourself is after a shower and you're just wearing a towel. Weighing with clothes just adds to your weight.

5. No matter how organized I may be, I still feel the need to organize the way I organize.

6. If I had it my way and had the chance to pick a body part to be perfect, I would choose my hands.

7. I've survived more than half a year not wearing a watch. For someone who's time conscious, I dunno how I did it.

8. I'm thinking of auctioning a used 2006 calendar on Ebay just to see if anybody would bid.

9. A mosquito kept me awake till 5 in the morning. I think it found my blood delicious and made me an eat-all-you-can meal.

10. If I could swim everyday, I would.

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