Dealing With Emails

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I've been using the internet since 1996 and since then, I'd say I already reached the million mark in receiving emails. I can't say I've read them all nor were they actual legit e-mails.

Keeping up with emails though is a task in itself. I have 3 primary e-mails which I should check regularly, one personal, one business and one web-based for backup. Totalling these three, I'd say I get an average of 500 e-mails a day. A third is usually spam, thre 2nd third come from mailing lists subscriptions and announcements, and the last third is the most important one, being actual e-mails sent to me (as opposed to being sent to a group or sent as meaningless and useless spam). This portion of my e-mails is which I prioritize to maintain.

For business e-mails, my goal is to be able to process all mails in my inbox worth 1 week. So I shouldn't be seeing e-mails in my inbox left unread or unanswered within the last 4-7 days. It's actually fulfilling to be able to rid your inbox of emails and have them filed in their respective folders once answered, read or processed.

Sometimes though, one e-mail me include tasks or instructions which will take time to perform. When this happens, my e-mails pile up starting from the pending e-mail task. And right now, this is where I'm at. Hopefully, I'll get to read all of them.

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