Web Developers Unite

Sunday, April 29, 2007

I attended the PHPUGPH eyeball earlier today. This is the PHP Users Group PH community, intended for Filipino PHP developers. If you're not familiar with PHP, it's a scripting language which is heavily used for web applications and websites. PHP is also close to my heart as this is the primary language I've been using since 1999 in developing websites. During my entire time as a PHP developer, I've never been among so many fellow developers until today.

Back then, there weren't that many web developers, much less PHP web developers. And so it was an overwhelming surprise to be amongst fellow afficionados of the same tool for the web. And it was much more overwhelming to be acknowledged as one of the pioneers in the local industry.

Even though I don't do much PHP programming now as I did when I was a full time web developer, I do still help former clients, contacts and organizations, in seeking business process outsourcing services for their project needs. At this day and age in business and technology, it is convenient to outsource business than hiring additional personnel to get the task done, especially if it's not in the entities' expertise.

The community of developers seems to have grown and a need for an organization may be on its way in the future. It gives a sense of satisfaction and belongingness to the very core you work on day in day out.

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