November 1, A Day of Grief and Reflection

Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 2 is actually the Day for the Souls but in the Philippines it's celebrated on November 1, which is actually All Saints Day.

I started the day early going to church as there was a special mass on this day.
The priest, after giving homily gave a special blessing to us all, called Plenary Indulgence, which was a type of special cleansing. It was a nice feeling to start to the day and month for that matter with this special blessing.

Today was also the day to visit our departed loved ones. We visited both of my grandparents in Loyola Marikina. It's been a long time since their death, yet I remember and reflected on the good times we shared. I was also with relatives which made the experience some sort of a reunion.

Towards the evening, heavy rains poured which reminded me of the special cleansing I had received that day. Though it was a day of grief and reflection in all aspects of my life, I feel it is one that I need to go through in order to find a deeper meaning to life as well as continue with my journey in this world.

To all my loved ones, you will always be remembered.

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  1. We'll be there this Sunday. D kinaya nung Nov.1 eh. Both sets of grandparents and older siblings of both my parents are buried there at Loyola. So in short, lahat ng kamag-anak kong namayapa na andyan. Convenient no? Akala ko nga napagplanuhan pero nagkataon lang pala talaga.

    I like it there. Lalo na pag walang gaanong tao. Serene kasi.

  2. I hope Loyola isn't that cluttered with garbage from Nov. 1. Our place is near the church. You have a clear straight view of the church from our area.

    Yes, during regular days serene doon. Great place to reflect.