Creative Surge

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Recently, I've found myself overflowing with thoughts, messages, lyrics, melodies and the like. I think my creative juices are suddenly flowing again. I've been taking note by typing and saving them as files. I've also kicked the dust off of my Roland keyboard and took a crack at the keys. Even though my fingers were kinda rusty at playing a song, it was such a joy to once again play. It's been a long while since I've played the keyboard and I suddenly remembered how enjoying it still is.

I made a quick composition playing around with my keyboard and sequencer and recorded a catchy drumbeat I played in real-time. This is a very short audio clip with me actually rapping. I heavily modified my vocals for this that I was surprised to hear myself saying "Freak-freaking way" instead of "Hey Which Way" which is the title of this dopey hiphop groove. Here's the link so you can download the mp3 sample: Hey Which Way

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