Reverse Roles

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Last Thursday, I attended a press conference for a new album by a long time group in the Philippine Music Industry. It was one of the usual press conference over lunch. However, what made this one particularly different was that all media people were asked to pick a piece of paper which either had the word "trick" or "treat". Those who picked "treat" would be treated to a short song number by the group while those who got "trick" would do the singing.

Unfortunately, I picked "trick" and had to sing with the group.

Now if you know me, you're likely to say "wait a minute, Jay doesn't sing !". And it's a sad fact that I'm musically inclined but I just don't find my singing voice attractive. As for my speaking voice, that's fine. I can even rap as long as it's not within a melody. I do sing, but I prefer not to expose my unpleasant singing.

Back to my story...

It really helped that there were only around 8 media people and I knew half of them. So the group selected the song entitled "Pasaway" on the videoke machine and away did I go trying to keep my embarassment to myself while enduring listening to my pathetic singing. It's was great timing though as immediately after I finished, a GMA TV crew arrived and started shooting. Imagine my embarassment being shown on worldwide TV if they had come earlier !

On a similar note, I think I found another one of my rare kind who loves music but refuses to sing publicly. She also picked "trick" and was supposed to sing but for some lucky instance, she was actually serenaded by the group since she mentioned that her birthday is near. Lucky Annie !

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