What Time Is Lunch ?

Monday, November 06, 2006

I've been totally off time lately when it comes to lunch. I either had a late breakfast and am not really hungry when the clock strikes 12 or I'm too busy and out to have lunch at 12.

So what's my usual lunch time ? Either 2 or 3pm, which makes me eat a light lunch cause I want to leave space for merienda.

Lately, I've also been accustomed to making a cup of coffee to drink right after lunch. My favorite is the Nescafe Choco Fudge Instant Coffee Mix. It keeps me going (and awake) during the early afternoon where my energy seems to be at its lowest.

Oh yeah, and to be a bit off-topic, I'm surprised that I just lost 5 pounds. I have a feeling why. I just wasn't conscious of my lost for apetite lately.

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