You Talking To Me ???

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I've just experienced two cases of mistaken identity on separate occasions.

Last Saturday, I was at the Gateway mall. While midning my own business walking on the 3rd floor, I saw these 2 guys calling out my name. I didn't recognize them and even tried to recall if I knew them. I just didn't. Yet, these 2 guys were looking at me and I was just walking alone. It couldn't be someone else. I suddenly felt like being a victim of candid camera or being played a prank on. I also did feel that these two guys may have been tripping on me. But the name calling didn't seem like a coincidence.

What I did was go inside one of the shops and wait for a passerby to walk by so I could walk side by side and not be seen by the two. Once out of their sight, I hurriedly exited the mall.

I just found out this morning who they were. It so happens that one of the 2 guys is actually the boyfriend of a friend of mine. He's seen me through pictures and a couple of times in person but we've never been introduced to each other. So though he didn't know me personally, he called my name and perhaps was expecting I'd greet him back. Hell no ! I had no idea who he was even if he was the boyfriend of my friend. My friend (the girlfriend) asked me this morning if I was at the Gateway mall last Saturday and when I said yes, she laughed and told me who the two guys were.

The 2nd instance was during the album launch of Kjwan. I was at the center of the bar watching the gig when two girls passed behind me and one of them patted my shoulder and greeted me. I greeted back assuming I knew the girl. She looked like one of my friends, but afterwards when I glanced at her at the bar, I suddenly doubted who she was. Could have she mistakenly took me for someone else ? And I mistakenly took her for someone too in return ?

So in my mind, I'll just have to ask myself "you talking to me ???".

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