Whodunnit ?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We have 3 lovable but terrible terriers, namely, Yoda, Potter and Dixie. Dixie is the girl among the 3.

Dixie is now on her way to motherhood and we have no idea who the father is.

If it's Yoda, then we have a master jedi dog in the making. If it's Potter, then we have a master magician to arise.

Oh, these three dogs eat and munch on anything, from leaves to our Toyota Corolla, that's why they're terrible. But they all will give you a good licking of loyalty.

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  1. jay! what the hell are you doing with your dogs on your pic!


    congrats! You're now a grandpa-to be!


  2. heheheh... what can i do ! it's our dogs who love to lick my face. hehehehe !