Unexpected Purchase

Monday, May 29, 2006

I was just told by a client to renew their expiring corporate domain and so I did.

Not really thinking about searching around after renewing their domain, I checked my name and was surprised to learn that it's available ! I remember not seriously checking for my name's availability on the net and it was taken.

It took me around 5 minutes to finally decide that it's such a good opportunity to miss. And so I have a new domain: http://www.jaydejesus.com

I kinda have an idea of what I want to put there. But for now, I'm just placing my online resume just so there would be something to see if you visit.

Now I'm pondering on the idea of switching my primary emails to this. Hmmmmm....

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  1. Ussher? middle name o part pa rin ng first name mo?

  2. It's my middle name... bigatin pakinggan noh ! :D

  3. jhamie, hindi mo ba alam na alien 'tong si jay...hehe.

  4. ^_^. The Fall of the House of Ussher. asteeg..

  5. hehehe... alam nyo pala ang The Fall Of the House Of Ussher ha.

    basta hindi kami lahing baliw ha. :)

    pero seriously, traces of our ancestors go up to Ireland, Bishop James Ussher ata yun of the 1500's.

  6. but of course, I was Edgar Allan Poe's fourth wife.^_^

    Ayrlund ei! Where the dandy leprechauns chill..hehe. Dapat heavy drinker ka pala at may brogue accent para majustify ang Irish roots.^_^ *picturing* Ayos!!!