Pleasant Coincidence

Friday, May 26, 2006

Earlier today, my colleague in the media Dennise, told me that she met someone yesterday who knows me.
I asked who and how. She was in Philcoa getting an ID, which took longer than expected. She was beside this guy and they started chatting. They talked about the education system cause he's currently doing a paper on that and Dennise could relate cause she handles biddings for textbooks in public schools.

Anyway, as they conversed more, she told him she works for a music magazine. And that's when the guy told her that he had a student who put up a music website. Since Dennise knows me and my website, she mentioned my website to him and he immediately mentioned my name to her. She was surprised to know that he knew me.

Okey, to cut the suspense short, the guy is Mr. James Esguerra, my former Electronics teacher in college.

It's such a pleasant surprise to hear about these kinds of stories and more pleasant to know that your teacher still remembers you. It feels like he's proud to have had me under his tutelage. It makes me proud to have stood out enough for him to remember me.

Thanks Dennise for making my day and to Mr. Esguerra for remembering me. :)

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