Ebay, I'm baccckkk !!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I've been upgrading some PC parts and gadgets that I happen to have some of them left unused after taken out or placed on a forced retirement plan.

I've made a simply inventory and it seems I have the following gadgets which work but I don't use anymore: 64MB MP3 player, CD Writer, 2.5" Hard Disk Portable Storage Device/Card Reader, and some spare xD memory cards.

Ebay to the rescue ! I haven't sold anything on Ebay for the past 3 years. So the thrill of selling again came to me like a newbie once again. It's exciting to see people bid (and sometimes declare war on other bidders which is good for me) on my items up for auction.

With the money I'll be getting from selling these gadgets though, I may end up buying a newer (and better) gadget and may repeat the cycle of selling newly retired gadgets.

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