Old News Is Still News With Jay Gnu

Monday, May 15, 2006

Okey... I modified a phrase I borrowed from a muppet character named Gary Gnu from The Great Space Coaster. Remember him ? If you've watched him say this at the end of every news flash he reports, you know how he says it. *wink*

Anyway, it's really about me buying a newspaper on a Monday or Wednesday morning but actually get to read it 1 to 3 days after. I do have the utmost intention of reading it on the day it was bought. After all, that's when the news is still fresh and new. However, due to the myriad of things listed in my "to-do" list, reading the newspaper gets a backseat and my only incentive then for reading the 2-day old paper is that I want to buy another newspaper and I can't afford to have them pile up (although this did happen before).

Trivia: At the earliest, I usually read the daily paper after dinner.

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  1. ei kuya jay.. gigi toh (close2yah) got ur link from friendster.. kewl! visit mo rin blog ko ha.. http://close2yah.blogspot. hanap ko chatbox mo to leave a message kaso wala pa pala.. kaya dito na lng.. sorry.. i havent read ur post pa eh.. next time if i have much time.. take care kuya. hope to attend the eb too kaso ang lau ko.. God BlesS!