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30 December 2010

One Last Day For One Last Digit

For more than three hundred days 
You've been writing the same way 
And now on the verge of turning the leaf 
The last digit is all that makes it unique.

25 December 2010

Holiday of Glee

Gift-giving, holiday greetings
Surge of happiness everywhere abounds
Hugs and kisses, laughs and smiles,
If only we were like this all-year round.

Merry Christmas !

a candy cane on our Christmas tree
Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
I leave you with this Christmas song courtesy of versionmine.com
To my family, relatives, colleagues, and all my friends on social media, enjoy the holiday season !

Gift-giving Time

on Christmas day with all the gifts ready to be distributed to loved ones

22 December 2010


simple Christmas decoration around the cubicle

21 December 2010

Southern Oblation

20 December 2010

Keychain of Sound

Keys that don't fit any hole, keys only unlock a melody·
The harder, the bolder and the bolder, the louder·
Sounding off to each press, acknowledging every touch·
The performance is more pleasant to hear than watch.

Guardian Leader

Optimus Prime guarding my computer

16 December 2010

Capturing The Moment

Bunching together side by side 
It doesn't matter if you're tall or wide 
Keep steady, be patient 
And encapsulate a split second moment.

06 December 2010

Crying Nostrils

Sniffing to contain, the tears that remain·
The moist that knows behold·
The eyes are dry but squint with might·
For each gush of wind that blows in record time.

Pink Salmon & Parmesan

Tower of Salmon on parmesan tuille served with slices of mango and pears (served at Bourbon Street, Smallville, Iloilo City

30 November 2010

Crab Close Up

Freshly cooked crabs from Iloilo

24 November 2010

Fastfood Haiku

Fastfood in a rush  
Line up, pay, sit, grab & munch  
A quick fix for lunch.

21 November 2010

Gold Achievement

Celebrating a milestone, growing old with the one you love·
Thousands of days and millions of minutes since Day 1·
Deep inside each other's hearts, You're still the one.

15 November 2010

Coated Sashimi with Japanese Mayo

black and white sesame seed-coated sashimi with a bowl of Japanese mayonaise

13 November 2010

Beef With Broccoli

homecooked beef smothered with oyster sauce and broccoli (courtesy of my wife)

Ships In The Bay

2 ships on a lazy Saturday morning by the bay

10 November 2010

Quaker World

The earth moving under your feet
The ground cracks wide open and eats you like meat
Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide
Going airborne is the only safe ride.

03 November 2010

Still a Portrait Of Stills

Within these borders 
Lay memories of the past 
Displayed to reminisce 
They are set to last.

02 November 2010

Food Fight

This is a food fight in its literal sense.  I hope no food of mine becomes this brutal while I'm eating them.
Who wins ?  Check out the ending to find out.

01 November 2010

Corn & Crab Soup

very hot crab & corn soup

26 October 2010

Perfect Blend

First blood goes under the knife 
Then total annihialation of its life 
Disintegrated into liquid, and trapped in a glass  
Taste to appreciate its essence and new mass.

24 October 2010

Wear The Ware

Get it for free, for you to see·
The potential of its capabilities·
When you're convinced it looks good·
You'll have to buy what's under the hood.

21 October 2010

Suffocating Aroma

Bathing in aroma·
Brings an overdose of scent·
Bring back my sense of smell·
For your perfrume's odor is like a sea of stench.

New Inbound Marketing Keywords MTV

This song and video was created almost 2 years ago as an example on how to make a message viral.  I just saw this today, but I'd like to share it cause there is truth to their point.  Telemarketing and direct mail are a thing of the past.   Thank God for the Internet !

Their song "Oughta Know Inbound Marketing", composed by HubSpot's Rebecca Corliss is sung to the tune of Alanis Morissette's "Oughta Know."

19 October 2010

Rage Against The Sky Machine

An unexpected bath, a feel of your wrath
Making me slip and letting me lose my grasp
Push me around, make me lose my balance
I’d rather take your blow, than swim to get to where I’m going.

14 October 2010

Know Your Role

Find directions to your essence 
Lead to your sense of purpose 
You know who to report to 
You now know what to do.

13 October 2010

Noodles In Action

spaghetti noodles in large servings being dumped by the chef onto the tray

11 October 2010

Burger Omelette Rice

Burrito like-omelette with rice filling and a burger patty all covered with a generous serving of gravy as part of Karate Kid's breakfast meal

05 October 2010

A Dead Line

A straight path that ceases to exist 
A countdown reaching the end of the list 
Beat the clock and keep in mind 
That you've finished ahead of time.

01 October 2010

Move To The Mouth

Jack be nimble Jack be quick 
Jack declaims to the tune of a beat 
Packing more words spoken in a frame 
Words of rhyme is the name of the game.

Noel Cabangon & Gloc 9 Top The 23rd Awit Awards

Congratulations to Gloc 9 and Noel Cabangon for bagging the most number of awards at the recently concluded 23rd Awit Awards held at Centerstage in Mall of Asia last September 30, 2010. You guys well deserve your awards. I'll be posting the entire list of winners soon.

Noel Cabangon won several awards for his album entitled "Byahe" while Gloc 9 won several awards for his song "Upuan" featuring Jeazell Grutas of Zelle.   In his acceptance speech for Song of The Year, he gave thanks to everyone who supported and believed in his talent with a special mention to FrancisM, who he has always considered his idol.  Gloc 9 performed this Song of The Year winner "Upuan" as the finale along with Yeng Constantino and Aiza Seguera.

Over 41 awards in technical & performance categories were given away.    In addition, a new set of awards were given for artist and songs with the most online and mobile downloads.   

Other winners included Charice Pempengco, Sarah Geronimo, Bugoy Drilon, SinoSikat, Joung JV, Rhap Salazar, Kris Lawrence, Yeng Constantino, Toni Gonzaga, Franco, Jaya and Piolo Pascual.  

As always, superb musical numbers were performed as the great talents from the music industry collaborated and jammed together.   Ogie Alcasid teamed up with Gloc 9, Kean of Callalily, Ney of 6cyclemind & Tutti of Soapdish in a patriotic musical number that started out as a ballad and turned into a rock-rap tune.    Acoustic sensations Princess, Sabrina, Top Suzara, Toto Sorioso, Aiza Seguera teamed up with harpist/singer/songwriter Noelle Cassandra in a medley of OPM songs.   Other musical numbers included Aria Clemente, Sam Concepcion, SinoSikat, General Luna, Skabeche, Six Part Invention and more.

Congratulations to all the winners !  Mabuhay ang OPM !

Here is Gloc 9's awward winning song "Upuan".

29 September 2010

Drink's Eye View

theater from the view of a softdrink

25 September 2010

Temporary Sanctuary

A temporary abode, a piece of the pie
A place you call home yet only a phase of your life
No use to spice, it's not for keeps
The day will come that you'll need to leave.

24 September 2010

Swinging To The Groove

Your body moves to a constant sound
The self makes movements outbound
Precise timing made for a turnaround
And you realize the ecstatic joy your body just found

23 September 2010

Millitary Goes Gaga With Lady Gaga's Telephone

This was so hilarious that I had to share it ! These guys from the military make their own music video version of Lady Gaga's "Telephone". I couldn't imagine guys in fatigue dancing like this. And the others ? Well, let's just say that they got creative with whatever props they could use to spicen up the video. Oh and the chubby guy ROCKS !

20 September 2010

Calm After The Yawn

Reflexes slow down like traffic on a busy highwayMay need to jumpstart some skills just to make it through the day
Mouth constantly opens wide to make the eyes shut awhile
When you give in to this feeling, your inner self will finally smile.

19 September 2010


It's moist magic in action
Moisture forms and gravity forces it in motion
Armies are born and escape their base
On the ground they drop and leave a liquid trace.

18 September 2010

Fruit Territory

a market fruitstand filled with lots of different kinds of fruits

15 September 2010


Never a traffic jam, shoulder rarely used
This is a road that never bends
A dead end won't stop anyone from taking this path
The road is only good for the beginning or end.

13 September 2010

Heat Me Up Scotty

Place your nourishment inside my box
You set the time, I'll start the clock
Watch me rotate your container round and round
You'll find me sizzling hot after the clicking sound

12 September 2010

Stromboli Fields Forever

Itallian stromboli from The Big Apple Pizza Co.

11 September 2010

Singapore Blossom

a blooming flower in one of the parks in Singapore

09 September 2010

Raise The Bar

Extend my reach, boost my signal
Let me find your path
I'll connect you to a new world
One frequency will bind our patch

06 September 2010

Native Dancers

I purposely sought an angle where each face would only be partially seen.

04 September 2010

Samsung + Tablet + Android = I WANT !!!

May be I'll  keep my old laptop and get this instead.  Looks like a wonderful Christmas gift for myself.

30 August 2010

Top 10 Influential Blogs for 2010

Since its inception, I've been joining the Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project.  Discovering new blogs is both a joy and to be enjoyed.  Having said that, here's my personal list for the Top 10 Influential Blogs for 2010:

Aileen & I got married the day after Christmas last year.  But months before our wedding and during our numerous wedding planning sessions, we took creative breaks from wedding discussions and talked about one of our favorite passions: blogging.   Aileen already had a wedding blog way back even before we knew each other. So we thought of conceptualizing a joint blog where we could tell our stories as newlyweds and how life is as a newly married couple.  It's not a mushy blog.  It's actually about day to day discoveries of living in a new home.

I already have a music site but it's catered specifically for Pinoy Music.  Aside from facebook, I didn't have any other site to share my non-OPM interests.  And since, I never had a video blog yet, I thought of putting up Version Mine.   It's a music video blog catered to amateurs who perform their own versions of popular songs, whether it may be an acoustic version, a piano version, an acapella version or a one-man band version.     You'll be amazed at how great these people render their own versions, sometimes even better than the originals.  And this is how the likes of Charice and Arnel Pineda both entered into stardom.

Having attended several events and gone to so many places and restaurants over the years,  I discovered that I had a huge archive of photos.  And a lot of them are pictures of food.   So I thought of putting them to good use and sharing them to everyone online by creating a photo blog catered to foods.   Hopefully, you'll get hungry while viewing.

I visit this blog when I don't want to think. Whether it's witty, funny, corny, silly or downright mind-boggling, 

it's an easy laugh when reading these silly quotes. I learned about this here

"Kung ang malaking langaw ay bangaw... ang malaking longganisa ay bongganisa."

  • Jejemon World 1.0 - http://www.jejejeje.com
It's not a jejemon blog but a blog about jejemon, sharing jejemon resources online and some jejemon sightings.   Love 'em or hate 'em, they've made noise in their own unique way.

  • Paranaque City Life - http://paranaquelife.blogspot.com
Since I got married, I've lived only in Paranaque for 8 months.  I didn't know much about the city and was at a lost at first.  But thanks to this blog, I got some tips and what, who and where on things I needed to know.  It got me to know more about the new city I live in.

  • Tea, Completely - http://www.teacompletely.com
I love tea.  And I guess every other tea lover would show interest in reading a tea blog.  The great thing is that they review all kinds of tea: hot, cold, milk, brisk, instant, brewed, powdered... you name it, they've talked about it.  That's why this is one blog I frequent.

Aileen & I were newbies at cooking when we got married.  I still am, but Aileen's cooking career is a success story.  And she's been getting a lot of instant cooking tips from our blogger friend Ria.  That's how I know that Ria is a food and cook expert.  And if she could give us goldmine tips outside her blog, what more treasure tips could she share with us.  Her blog is like opening a recipe treasure chest.  Leave it open by bookmarking it for reference.

I always make it a point to be on the lookout for breakout music blogs, meaning, music blogs that have huge potential of growing.  I discovered this blog through the creator himself Rab who told us about it when we were in Cebu.  As soon as I got back to Manila, I visited his blog and fell in love with it.   His efforts to choose a song request, study the song, record his own rendition and finally uploading it on youtube for all to watch is truly a self-expression.  And pouring your soul into each song whether you hit each note perfectly or not is a sign of courage and serves merit in my book.   I hope to hear more songs from Rab and who knows, he may even be discovered one day !

Admitting you're fat is the first step.  Doing something about it comes next.  Telling the world about it is optional, but this girl blogs about every step and thing she does to lose weight.   You can check out her progress as she documents each day by describing what she did or what happened to reach her goal of shedding pound after pound.   Not only is it interesting, but it's an inspiration to see someone like her achieve her goal.

This project is sponsored by Events and Corporate VideoBudget hotel in MakatiPinoy Party Food, Copyediting ServicesPR Agency PhilippinesBudget Travel PhilippinesSend Gifts to the PhilippinesBlack Friday Deals, Roomrent - units for rentSearch Profile Indexand Corporate Events Organizer. 

Hostage Caker

Delicious to taste
Overdose of sweet intake
Can't eat it as much as rice
Otherwise, a diabetic will rise.

28 August 2010

White Flower

a soon-to-bloom white flower awaiting to blossom and bring a smile to your loved one

Born To Remember

No recall of what transpired
No experience to tell
The only thing you'll remember precise
Is the date you started life.

27 August 2010

Kani Mountain Salad

a huge mound of Kani salad

26 August 2010

Wide-Eyed Zombie

Less rest, too little shut-eye
Longer day, too long awake
What your body can take
Can't go beyond the limit you create

Pizza Looking Crepe

Cheese mango crepe served at Cafe 5845 at the Mall of Asia

Animal Peek

looking at the UST Museum through stained glass

22 August 2010

I'm Back !

If you've noticed, I haven't been able to publish new posts for the past month.   My main blog has been on hiatus for several reasons.  

  • I got a new job and had to adjust to waking up early as opposed to staying up late.  
  • I also had to catch up on a lot of book reading to prepare for the new job.  
  • My desktop got busted.  I had to replace the motherboard and then suddenly my Windows 7 got amnesia the moment I replaced its motherboard.  And so I had to reinstall Windows.  All my programs aren't complete yet.   
  • I also handled 2 clients for their online campaigns and it took some of my blogging time away from me.  
  • My car got busted too.  Of all places, it had to fail me on the expressway.  Good thing I was stuck in traffic so it didn't look like I wasn't moving.  I finally got it to start just enough to get it to the repair shop.  Just barely 4 months when it checked out of the Toyota hospital, it's there once again, just in a different branch.
  • I had to travel from Paranaque to Marikina City for a couple of times to get some of my mails that are still being sent there and some stuff I needed in preparation for my new job.
  • Since I have no car, I commute to and from work, which takes more time on the road instead of in front of my desktop.  Plus all that commute is tiring and I kinda end up too tired to blog when I get home.
  • Rainy season.   Somehow, I find it hard to blog when there are heavy rains and lightning.  I guess it's a post-trauma effect of Typhoon Ondoy.
All this caused the following:
  • tremendous e-mail backlog
  • tremendous blog backlog
  • tremendous website update backlog
  • tremendous book reading backlog
But a blogger is always a blogger and if haven't heard from me, it's just that I haven't posted the stories I wanted to share.  Check back and I'll keep you guys posted.

In the meantime, you can also check out a couple of my other blogs.
And you can follow me on Twiter at twitter.com/jaydj

Cya everywhere else online !

3D Art

21 August 2010

Loyal Mail

Around the world in an instant 
But couldn't find its destination 
The address doesn't match a home 
The package can't be owned.

I paid for the send-off price 
I get the same package twice 
I leave it unopened 
For there is no surprise.

12 August 2010

Terminally Late

Several planes have taken aflight
Travelling at breaking speeds
Feet are grounded, nowhere do I go
They are airborne kilometers away, I'm still at ground zero.

04 August 2010

Crab Claws

breaded crab balls with their claws literally sticking out (served at the Big Top Reception of the USS Blue Ridge Navy ship)

03 August 2010

Bak Chor Mee

Singaporean style noodles with fish, dumplings, chicken bits, mushrooms and cabbage submerged in hot spicy soup

Zombie Alert

Staying awake when you've just taken sleeping pills
Is just as tough as trying to sleep after 5 cups of coffee
Fight the sleep, forego the rest
Zombie you become and alertness is your test.

01 August 2010

Huge Banana Split

closeup of a huge serving of banana split topped with marshmallows, nuts, cherries and chocolate syrup

Room Service

House away from home 
In a land far away 
Zero is the magic number 
For attention during my temporary stay.

31 July 2010

Punggol Mee Goreng

a platter of Punggol Mee Goreng from Makansutra Asian Food Village at Manila Ocean Park

Kissable Lips

Bankilan Fish (gomphosus varius) with its distinct long snout

29 July 2010

Langka Turon With Sesame Seeds

Turon (caramelized wrapped banana) with langka (jackfruit) sprinkled with sesame seeds

The Key To Success

To secure me, you need no key 
I don't let anyone, even my master come in freely
Opening me requires more than shaking my hand
Insert your magic wand and you shall proceed. 

Cupcake Soldiers

a matrix of rich chocolate cupcakes served for a garden get together

27 July 2010

Stacked Layers of Chocolate

triple layers of chocolate bars from Cafe 5845

Broadcast On a One Way Street

Clear and wide, radiantly bright
Though vision is impaired from the back to the sides
You speak to me, you entertain me
But no matter how much I talk, I can't reply.

25 July 2010

Fruit Shots

macerated fresh fruits with mint gelo from The Stock Market at Bonifacio High Street

Hush The Magic Bird

Not a thought shared, not a word heard
Only one soul carries the bird
Once it escapes the owner's eye
All can look up to see it fly.

24 July 2010

Cheesy Delights

cheese mango tarts and cheese croquets served at the newly opened Cafe 5845 at the Mall of Asia


Reminiscing the past
Proves that time flies fast
Once each detail is remembered
A new one is hammered.

23 July 2010

Assorted Desserts

colorful array of desserts

21 July 2010

Anmitsu Dessert

shaved ice topped with green tea jelly, chewy dango balls, fruits and green tea ice cream from Kozui Green Tea at Tomas Morato

Floating Balls

several round hanging lights of varying sizes 

Hall Of Records

Thousands of books, millions of words
Much to know, much to learn
But only in your mind you must read
Because the archives must live in peace.

19 July 2010

Twin Fillet

twin fish fillet with french fries from Racks

17 July 2010

Meralco Maintenance Updates

The rainy season is here again and there are at least 20 typhoons predicted to hit the Philippines this year.   Common problems that occur during storms are heavy winds and rains, floods, flying debris, traffic jams, lack of transportation and phones, mobile networks, internet, cable and power outages.

Typhoon Basyang did spare Metro Manila from major flooding.  Instead it brought more wind than rain.  And due to the 95kph winds that were felt last Tuesday evening till early Wednesday morning, Meralco's power supply for the entire Luzon area was severely affected causing a major blackout.  Electricity in some areas started restoration after 14 hours.  We got our electricity back in 20 hours.  In some areas such as Sucat, Paranaque, it took 1 to 2 days for their power to be restored causing residents to undergo water rationing measures due to their low water tank supplies.  

Meralco did mention that a series of rotating brownouts will be conducted for further repair and restoration.   To know if your area is due for any repairs and maintenance which would cause power interruptions,  check out the  MERALCO SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE UPDATE blog which publishes weekly automated scheduled maintenance updates.  The updates include specific barangays, streets and inclusive times the scheduled maintenance updates are due.  If your area is listed for a scheduled update, you can warn your household and prepare accordingly for the scheduled power outages.  

This is one blog you wish your area won't be listed.

15 July 2010

Point Me To The Right Direction

My feet are still
Yet I'm travelling faster than my feet can bare
I'll still get to my destination
Even if I may not know how to get there

14 July 2010

Temporary Brightness

Total darkness hovers from above
Everybody scampers to light their path
A miniature spotlight, a fiery wax glow
All stop dead with a battery drain or wind blow.

13 July 2010

Whether It Comes

A constant stream of heavy sprinkles
A fierce force blowing everything in sight
Slowly it approaches, making its presence known
Suddenly central station hits and loses all might.

12 July 2010

Coffee With Sweet Milk

brewed coffee using the Singaporean tradition served with sweet milk  (at Kopiroti)

Light With A Twist

coiled light bulb

11 July 2010

Biting A Chamelion

Bars of chocolate that taste like medicine
Tablets & capsules that taste like candy
Looks don't matter anymore
It's what's hidden inside that you bargain for.

10 July 2010

Baked Scallops

freshly baked seasoned scallops served on a seashell 
(served at Mesa restaurant Greenbelt 5, Makati City)

Diced Tokwa

diced dried tofu (tokwa) garnished with onion rings

Natural & LED Light

Daylight coming in from stained glass in a room with LED monitors emmitting diode-generated light.


Two covers and a bunch of pages
Sandwiched together withstanding ages

Multitude of information all in one package
Waiting for someone to provide its mileage

The Hop Stops

Link upon link, page upon page
Click to travel is the trend
As the page loads, the wait unfolds
You've just encountered a dead end

08 July 2010

Castling Within The Castle

The only time you can move two men
Is when there is no one between them
They switch sides and stand side by side
To protect the highest rank boardwide.

07 July 2010


hanging stalagtite-like lights which seem ready to follow the rules of gravity

Heir to An AnGel

Hard strands of twine
Molds a wind-resistant bind
A mere cannon of water during battle
And all defenses instantly crumble

2nd Class

A top of the line reject
A state of the art eject
If their worst is better than my best
Then my best is nowhere near the rest

Tomato Basil Spaghetti

a large bowl of thin spaghetti with imported Italian tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil from CPK

06 July 2010

Speed Ears

Thousands of ears side by side
But the nearest ear is not your child
Listen closely and you shall hear
A voice saying you are near.

04 July 2010

Action Reaction

For every action, there's an equal reaction
Whether accidentally on purpose or purposely accidental
My mistake, your mistake, everybody's mistake
Somebody is going to be at stake.

03 July 2010

Against The Virus

The digital virus is one incredible foe.
Immune to humans but to computers, no.
If man became vulnerable to these wrongs.
Our bodies would require updates to make us strong.

02 July 2010

Dark Wake

Lighting the darkest hour with a pen light
Only my retina acknowledges the source's might
The rest of the world is still pitch black
Yet I'm blinded by a mere spark attack.

Dream Prequel

Body is asleep, awake in my dreams
Everything is real so it seems
Can my dreams start ahead of my rest
So I know if I look forward to a worst or a best.

Sticky End

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
No one told him the wall should be tall
If you break it, consider it sold
You're fragile haven't you been told ?

01 July 2010

Branded Trike & a Counterflow Jeep

Riding inside a tricycle with the Toyota logo on its window while seeing a pink jeep directly in our lane coming right at us

Data Room

A surge of info spreads in the room
As a flash drive is plugged into the wall
Corrupt data with a file read error
Transforms the room into walls of terror.

Effective Ad

Little giant, oversized midget
Size doesn't matter except in a budget
Showing the world is not the issue
It's when they don't see it, will they miss you.

Enter the Exit

Push to enter, pull to leave
Door still opens whether you press or heave.
Crawl, walk or run will allow to enter and never fall
But running into a sliding door is like charging a brick wall.

30 June 2010


As the word turns, no one gets dizzy
Even if the earth's axis is on a constant spin
My head is on its own rotation
And it feels like a bowling ball striking a ten pin.

Into The Bay

Bidding till the end
Panic buying at its best
It's not about how much money you can spend
Winning boils down to a click test.

Digital Order

Chaotic template, organize me
Bring me to a state of stressful serenity
Names with no sense, files that don't exist
Random entries replacing my wishlist.

29 June 2010

Power Struggle

Low on adrenalin, high on power
Raking in all the nutrients just enough to sleep.
An open-eye nap, a shut-eye walk
And ounces of energy left to sleep talk.


Best noontime show in a midnight slot
A replay refusing to be called a xerox
Live, delayed, recorded, replayed
What's live is the same as what's late.

28 June 2010

Clowning Asquare

Frowny clowny makes the kids drowsy
Covered with paint and an inverted smile
Happy to end his shift he'll be.
Looking forward to end a happy misery.

Reverse Temperatures

The stone-cold sun chills the outskirts
Icy lava radiance renders it freezing hot
Blazing snow beyond a sub zero desert
What temperature do I feel ?  Nowhere in between it's not.

Am I Good ?

What's so good about damaged goods
What's so good about expired goods
Good is not enough when there's a better and a best
Goods are inferior when you're not a cut above the rest.

26 June 2010

Salmon Salad

salad of honey-cured salmon, crisp potato cakes, and horseradish sour cream

25 June 2010

Stacked Fish Fillet

Sala Bistro at Greenbelt 3
herb-roasted lapu-lapu fillet with leek and pancetta risotto topped with pepper salsa
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