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Sunday, August 22, 2010

If you've noticed, I haven't been able to publish new posts for the past month.   My main blog has been on hiatus for several reasons.  

  • I got a new job and had to adjust to waking up early as opposed to staying up late.  
  • I also had to catch up on a lot of book reading to prepare for the new job.  
  • My desktop got busted.  I had to replace the motherboard and then suddenly my Windows 7 got amnesia the moment I replaced its motherboard.  And so I had to reinstall Windows.  All my programs aren't complete yet.   
  • I also handled 2 clients for their online campaigns and it took some of my blogging time away from me.  
  • My car got busted too.  Of all places, it had to fail me on the expressway.  Good thing I was stuck in traffic so it didn't look like I wasn't moving.  I finally got it to start just enough to get it to the repair shop.  Just barely 4 months when it checked out of the Toyota hospital, it's there once again, just in a different branch.
  • I had to travel from Paranaque to Marikina City for a couple of times to get some of my mails that are still being sent there and some stuff I needed in preparation for my new job.
  • Since I have no car, I commute to and from work, which takes more time on the road instead of in front of my desktop.  Plus all that commute is tiring and I kinda end up too tired to blog when I get home.
  • Rainy season.   Somehow, I find it hard to blog when there are heavy rains and lightning.  I guess it's a post-trauma effect of Typhoon Ondoy.
All this caused the following:
  • tremendous e-mail backlog
  • tremendous blog backlog
  • tremendous website update backlog
  • tremendous book reading backlog
But a blogger is always a blogger and if haven't heard from me, it's just that I haven't posted the stories I wanted to share.  Check back and I'll keep you guys posted.

In the meantime, you can also check out a couple of my other blogs.
And you can follow me on Twiter at twitter.com/jaydj

Cya everywhere else online !

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