Meralco Maintenance Updates

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The rainy season is here again and there are at least 20 typhoons predicted to hit the Philippines this year.   Common problems that occur during storms are heavy winds and rains, floods, flying debris, traffic jams, lack of transportation and phones, mobile networks, internet, cable and power outages.

Typhoon Basyang did spare Metro Manila from major flooding.  Instead it brought more wind than rain.  And due to the 95kph winds that were felt last Tuesday evening till early Wednesday morning, Meralco's power supply for the entire Luzon area was severely affected causing a major blackout.  Electricity in some areas started restoration after 14 hours.  We got our electricity back in 20 hours.  In some areas such as Sucat, Paranaque, it took 1 to 2 days for their power to be restored causing residents to undergo water rationing measures due to their low water tank supplies.  

Meralco did mention that a series of rotating brownouts will be conducted for further repair and restoration.   To know if your area is due for any repairs and maintenance which would cause power interruptions,  check out the  MERALCO SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE UPDATE blog which publishes weekly automated scheduled maintenance updates.  The updates include specific barangays, streets and inclusive times the scheduled maintenance updates are due.  If your area is listed for a scheduled update, you can warn your household and prepare accordingly for the scheduled power outages.  

This is one blog you wish your area won't be listed.

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