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23 March 2020

Anong Salita? - What's the word!

Bored from staying at home? Counting holes on a cracker or arranging M&Ms by color before eating them? How about guessing the next Tagalog word posted every hour! Follow @anongsalita on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/anongsalita
It tweets a Filipino word every hour in alphabetical order. Who knows? It may be a word you were just thinking of. https://twitter.com/anongsalita/

And what does "anong salita" translate to in English? It's "what's the word."
(Sometimes, it includes colorful descriptive photos)

Tip: Every word is a hashtag. So you could click on it to find other tweets that may be talking about that word. But before you click on the hashtag, do LIKE the tweets.

Word up!

27 February 2019

Our Most Unique Vacation Ever (Day 1)

We usually plan for vacation, listing down things to do, places to visit and people to see.  But this particular vacation was really for us to relax.  It's not like it's our first time to visit the Philippines so minimal research and planning was required.  So our plan was basically to visit family and friends, spend a few days out of town, and taste the foods we absolutely missed.

We thought of trying to combine all into one plan. So we decided on spending a few days in Tagaytay, south of Manila with our relatives and join us in eating popular Pinoy dishes.  And so my dad, mother-in-law and cousin joined us in a weekend leisure drive to the chilly city.

Our first stop in Tagaytay was Gerry's Grill.  We wanted to order everything in the menu.  Good thing there's six of us so we could easily order different platters of food and taste a little bit of everything, a combination of seafood and grilled meat.  Too bad we didn't have our checklist of Pinoy foods to eat.  That would've made ordering easier.

Gerry's Grill had a breathtaking view of Taal Lake.  A break from hot weather (and some traffic since it was a weekend) was also very welcome.
This is my idea of relaxing.
Gerry's Grill view while you eat

While we were there though, there was a rescue team nearby.  We found out that someone had gone over the steep cliff and has been down there for hours.  There were about 15 men pulling a rope little by little in efforts to rescue the victim.

My dad, being the curious one, tried to come closer to the scene to find out what's going on.  I escorted my dad back to the parking lot as we were on to our next stop.  Little did I know that I would have a close encounter with these rescue people again in a few days (check my succeeding blog posts to find out how.)

We finally got to our destination: Casa Maria Y Martha.  It's one of the lesser known bed and breakfast accommodations in Tagaytay City, but surprisingly at the heart of many landmarks including Our Lady of Lourdes Church and Ayala Malls Serin which are both conveniently located across the street.  Casa Maria Y Martha, recommended to us by a family friend, was a homey place.  Past reception, the ground floor looked more like a living room than a hotel lobby, which is a good thing.  This also led to their dining area which had a serene view of the lake.
the Taal lake view from Casa Maria Y Martha

We had a few hours to relax before attending mass just across the street.  Since we attended sunset mass, you could feel the weather starting to feel chilly.  It was nice to attend mass in a non-airconditioned church and yet feel as if it was.
Our Lady of Lourdes Church
After mass, we just crossed the street to the mall where our family friends Tita Rose and Tito Henry joined us for dinner.  It wasn't your typical Pinoy food but still, we enjoyed the pasta and pizza from Carlos Pizza which I learned has been in Tagaytay for over a decade.  How I didn't know about this is beyond me but I'm glad I did get to try their Italian cuisine. I highly recommend it.
dinner with family and family friends.  Fruitcake not in the pic yet.

We brought a special treat too for everyone.  Aileen made a special fruitcake and it traveled more than 2,000 kilometers to it's destination, in all our stomachs in the form of dessert.  Tito Henry is a chef and Aileen was so happy that he approved immediately after taking his first bite.  Thanks to his sweet tooth and our special surprise, it made all the effort to prepare and bring this fruitcake to them worth it.

Around this time, the mountain weather was very apparent and also signalling us to head back to our hotel and call it a day.  Good food, quality time with family and a blessed day was a perfect way to end our official first day on vacation.

Next up. Day 2 and how I planned what to do for the day in less than 10 minutes.

31 January 2019

The Hard Way To Avoid Spoiler Alerts

The WWE Royal Rumble is one of my most favorite wrestling pay per views that I love watching every year.  Since it's usually shown on a Sunday night in the U.S., that translates to a Monday morning in my timezone.  Since the show is live during my worktime, I'll have to watch it when I get home which would most likely be a solid 8 hours after it's ended.

I do try my best to avoid any spoilers so I can watch the show with the suspense of not knowing what's gonna happen.  Social media though makes it extremely difficult with all the live tweets, fan discussion, viewer reactions, memes and news updates readily available online.

I had to avoid looking at my phone, which had trending topics automatically loaded on my landing page.  I had to disable automatic notifications in case it pops up on my screen.  I had to lessen reading my friends' social media feeds in case they were sharing anything about the event.  All this led me to staying offline as much as possible. 

In case you don't know what my job is, I manage social media.  So much for staying offline.  So my best effort was whenever I hinted a page would show results, updates or any news about the Royal Rumble, I would cover the screen with my hand or cover part of my eyes, similar to the technique I use when watching horror movie.   I kinda survived the day.

I finally got home.  I didn't mention it during dinner in case my family would accidentally talk about it much more tell me who won.   I took the risk of not saying I would watch that night so it wouldn't be a dinner topic.

Dinner was over and I was ready to watch.

I found out that the show is 5 hours long. 

I don't have 5 hours to spare! So I settled for watching an hour and a half of it and decided to watch the rest the next day.

The next day was more challenging as there's even more content online: more tweets, more video clips, more screenshots, more and more of everything.  The trend hasn't died down yet. Even the website with the on demand video already posted the results.

I just had to be very careful avoiding any news possible.  Because of this, I had to sacrifice my usual engagements with my online communities, a couple of wrestling fan friends and just treated it as if it never happened.

I survived the day again and finally got home and was ready to watch. 

I turned on the TV, loaded the on-demand video sit back and relaxed.


Looks like I relaxed too much.

I woke up with the main match already halfway through and not following the action from the start led me to confusion on what happened, why did it happen, who was on while I was asleep and how much did I miss!

I eventually had to restart the video but lost precious watching time, especially since it' been over 48 hours since it aired. 

I did get to finish it but my sleepiness got the better of me.

All this because I wanted to watch it without finding out any spoilers.

So what did I do the next day?  I just read a summary of the show online.

What do I plan to do for the next live event?  If I could take the day off and watch, I would. 
But more realistically, I'll probably go through this entire experience again.

How do you manage spoilers?

15 January 2019

Tugtog Tuesdays

I've been dabbling on the piano from time to time trying to play some songs that catch my interest.  I was originally hoping to play and record one every Tuesday, but that was too ambitious.
I did post a couple on a Tuesday which I dubbed as "Tugtog Tuesdays" (play Tuesdays).

I kinda miss arranging songs the way I used to when I was doing this for a living as a musical arranger.  I'll give it a try this year and see if I could compose again.  And I just realized that I still have some compositions that I never published online.

Meanwhile, here's a playlist of what I've posted in the past.
In case it won't play, click here to watch my playlist on YouTube.
Hope you enjoy!

14 January 2019

Being a Local Guide

One of my most memorable experiences was being recognized as a Local Guides contributor by Google.   Because of this, I was given the opportunity to meet 149 other active contributors from different countries and be invited to the Google Local Guides Summit in San Francisco in 2017.  I gained friends from all around the world while helping people be better informed.
I was able to contribute reviews of locations, map some out and share photos with the public.  My photos reached the 10 million views mark.   

I wasn't able to contribute as much in 2018 but I was still surprised to be a top Local Guide in my community.   This 2019, I hope to add more contributions and live up to the title of being a Local Guide.  

13 January 2019

Returning to Tech and Digital for 2019

It's been more than a year since I last shared anything on my personal blog.  My laptop severely slowing down and degrading in performance was one of the main reasons why I stopped blogging among other things.  My digital tracks kinda came to a complete stop and I was mainly using my phone for everything.  Creating content on mobile is convenient and I have done a lot relying on apps but there are just some things that are faster done on a laptop.

And so I'm back in 2019 with a new laptop thanks to Aileen for giving this to me as her Christmas gift.  Because of this, I feel inspired to create new content in all forms, blogs, photos, music, videos and give new life to my social media using all the techniques I know using new tools.

Since I'm using tech and digital as my theme for 2019, I am also interested to revisit one of the fundamental skills I learned in college: programming.   I may be out of date but it's never too late to learn a new language.  So we'll see where that goes.

I do have a lot of ideas I hope I get to implement and execute this year.  It's also time to create or invent something new.  The last time I conceptualized something big was when I created a music website and that lasted for 13 years.  I don't have any concrete idea yet, but it will either be on automation, artificial intelligence or robotics.   Bold predictions.  I'll be happy to achieve at least one of those.

So this is the start of a new year and what better way to kickstart 2019 than to blog and share my goals with you.

Happy 2019!

PS:  In case you're interested, my new laptop is an ASUS Vivobook S14.  I'm very happy with the size and speed.

14 April 2017

4 Catholic Churches Easily Accessible To You While Visiting Singapore

It has been part of tradition in the Philippines that during Holy Week, our families visit several churches in observance of Visita Iglesia. With the numerous Catholic churches in the Philippines, you're bound to find several in the same vicinity. In other countries though where religious diversity is present, it may be more challenging to find multiple Catholic churches you can visit.

Because of this, I found it useful to share some Catholic churches you may visit for your Visita Iglesia observance, celebrate Easter Sunday or anytime of the year while visting Singapore.

There are a total of 33 Catholic churches in Singapore scattered throughout the island.
If you're staying within the central district, here are 3 churches particularly within the tourist vicinity that may be most accessible to you.

1. St. Joseph Church

Conveniently located near Bugis Junction and Raffles City mall, this church is walking distance from many hotels and tourist spots within the vicinity. The architecture of this old church is similar to those of in the Philippines because the history of St Joseph’s Church is intrinsically tied to the Portuguese Mission in Singapore.

Based on my personal experience, a lot of Filipinos attend mass here. There are masses in English, French and Latin. Every last Sunday of the month, the choir is led by a Filipino group with some hymns sung in Filipino. If you're lucky, the priest is also Filipino.

The church has a large accommodation but best to be here at least 20 minutes before mass to be assured of a seat since the church gets filled up fast.
Address: 143 Victoria Street Singapore 188020
Nearest MRT stations: Bugis, Bras Basah and Raffles
Easter Sunday Masses: 8am, 10am, 11:30am (French), 3pm (Latin), 5pm

2. Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

Considered the oldest Catholic church in Singapore, this church has in November 2016 after closing down in 2013 for renovation.  The new church is now fully air-conditioned and .  The church also owns Singapore's oldest pipe organ, providing a solemn melody feel to accompany its religious hymns.

The cathedral lies in the heart of the tourist district, and walking distance to hotels such as the Carlton Hotel, Raffles Hotel and tourist landmarks such as the Singapore Art Museum,

This cathedral is definitely worth visiting not only to attend mass but also because there is a Perpetual Adoration Chapel and Cathedral Heritage Gallery.

Address: “A” Queen Street Singapore 188533
Nearest MRT stations: Bras Basah and City Hall
Easter Sunday Masses: 8:30am, 10:30am, 5:30pm

3.  Church of Sts Peter and Paul
This church is just behind St. Joseph's church across Queen street.  Similar to St. Joseph's church, it is also easily accessible from the same popular hotels and landmarks nearby including the Singapore Art Museum.  This is a smaller church compared to St. Joseph.  If you want to visit at least 3 churches which are within walking distance, visit St. Joseph Church, followed by Church of Sts Peter and Paul and then Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

Address: 225A Queen Street Singapore 188551
Nearest MRT stations: Bras Basah, Bugis and Raffles
Easter Sunday Masses: 8:30 (Mandarin); 11am, 2pm (Cantonese), 4pm

4. Church of St. Theresa

This church is atop a hill, located nearby Chinatown and Vivo City. The air-conditioned church is medium sized but provides ample seating.  The acoustics are great making any spoken word loud and clear.

Masses are in English.  The 12:30pm Sunday mass is usually led by a Filipino choir.
Although the church is situated within a residential area, it's still easily accesible from popular tourist spots.   From Vivo City or Chinatown, a taxi ride would take only less than 10 minutes to the church.

Address: 510 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 099446
Nearest MRT stations: Harbourfront and Outram (then take a short bus ride)
Easter Sunday masses: 9am, 10:30am, 12pm and 5:30pm

Have a blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter!

16 January 2017

Happy 2017!

Yes, 2017 is here!  My family and I started 2017 basically visiting family, friends and touring the Philippines.  I'm excited to share some of my stories of Baguio, including my first time to drive there ever.   Also watch out for more blog posts on travel, lifestyle and all-around tips and reviews on food, destinations and whatever fancies my tastes.

Have a topic you want me to talk about?  Just let me know in the comments below.  Meanwhile, I hope you were able to read my previous post on a Q&A on my travel habits.

Until the next post, Happy 2017 everybody!

14 December 2016

JayDJ the Traveller

I miss the old format of Smile Magazine, the inflight magazine of Cebu Pacific. In their November 2016 issue, they featured Alex Caeg, Telecoms executive for PLDT.  I found the questions he answered interesting and as a frequent traveller myself, I figured it would be nice to answer the same questions here in my blog.  So here it is.

Sometimes travelling light is not an option.
How often do you travel for work?
In my previous work as Social Media Specialist, I only travel when I'm personally needed to manage an event or serve as a resource speaker/trainer.  Otherwise, I can do my work in front of the computer at the office. Since I handle social media, my travelling is done more online than offline.  I would say I travel more for leisure than for work.

What do you do on your trips?
If it's for business, it's more of setting up for an event, networking with bloggers, or serving as a resource speaker or trainer.  I would rather stay at the hotel after business is done, that is after having a good meal sampling the city's delicacies and food favorites.

What is your preferred time for flying and why?
Oddly, I am comfortable taking red eye flights.  I used to take the last flight out on a Friday night to take advantage of the weekend to visit family.  I would also take the earliest flight back on a Monday morning, arrive around 5am, go home to leave bags, freshen up and be at the office by 7:30am.  I've graduated from that scenario since then, so I'm ok with any travel time now.

What's the first thing you do when you board the plane?
I unpack everything I want handy during the flight and place it on the item holder in front of the seat.  It's basically my passport, a pen, a powerbank to charge my phone, a book and a bottle of water.  Sometimes I buy a sandwich at the airport and bring that with me to snack during the flight.
My favorite rows: 6, 7 or 8.
I don't mind having lots of legroom which is why I prefer to place my bag underneath the seat, only if it fits.

Window or aisle?
Always aisle.  Aside from it being convenient when you need to go to the bathroom mid flight, it also causes less dizziness if the plane is experiencing turbulence.  I dread the emergency rows though and will not oblige if asked to move there.

Preferred accommodation - chain hotel, boutique or Airbnb?
I prefer a hotel where everything's pretty much standard.  No surprises.  Since the popularity of Airbnb exploded though, I haven't had the chance to try it out.  May be willing to try it out depending on location.

Favorite mode of transportation when overseas - taxi, Uber or rental car?
Taxi only if it's inaccessible by other means.  Otherwise, I'm fine taking the MRT and bus as long as it's easy to understand where to get on and off.  I've tried Uber before in Sydney and was surprised to have a luxury car fetch me. As much as it was nice to brag about it, I felt unfit for such luxury. I just need to get from point A to point B.

When and where was your last holiday?
A few months ago, my family and I visited Batam Island in Indonesia.  The atmosphere was very laid back and was the perfect way to take a break from the busy metropolis.  It was also a break from being connected online as WiFi and 3G signals were sporadic.  A cottage at Turi Beach allowed us to enjoy nature up close and personal.

Essentials. Jay's must-haves:

  • Digicam, especially if it's a new place I'm heading to.  I could take hundreds of photos a day so I'll also need to make sure that my memory card can handle the bulk.
  • Powerbanks. I bring at least 4 every trip, 2 small and portable powerbanks for quick charges and 2 heavy duty bulky ones for providing my gadgets with a full charge. 
  • Notebook and pen.  If all fails, I have the basics to jot down notes for a blog post, newly acquired tips for good food, names of places and contact details.
  • Handkerchief/napkin/towel.  Anything to wipe off perspiration cause I easily sweat.
  • Bonamine.  I can get dizzy from a taxi ride if a driver is foot-crazy on breaks and a lane switcher. So I may pop a chewable tablet to prevent a swirling universe.
  • Extra shirt.  It's easy to roll one up and very convenient especially if you just came from a long flight.  Sometimes, I even change shirts before boarding cause a couple of hours may have elapsed since arriving at the airport till boarding.

Final words:
Always prepare before travelling.  Not just bags, but also researching on itinerary and keep contact details handy on paper.  You'll never know when your phone may just conk out.  Happy travels!

02 December 2016

How To Make a Chocolate Apple in 2 Simple Steps

Want a healthy alternative to dessert? Want to create a dessert in 30 seconds?  Try this out.

What you'll need:
  1. Apple
  2. Bar of Chocolate
  3. Apple Hole Puncher
Here's what to do:
Step 1: Create a hole in the apple
Step 2: Insert chocolate in hole

That's it!

PS: With all the quick new food recipe videos, I just wanted to try one out.  I actually spent more time editing the video than preparing the dessert. :)

30 November 2016

My New Paper Will Be The New Paper

I've been an avid reader of newspapers.  I admit I don't read the entire paper from beginning to end but I do scan all pages including ads.  I guess growing up in a household which had the morning newspaper readily available almost everyday influenced me to appreciate newspapers.  So you can understand my joy previously working under Public Affairs when we had all the major dailies available at our dispense.  Even if my job required monitoring news online and via social media, I'd always try to take a glimpse of the current newspaper from time to time.

When my family and I moved to Singapore, I was delighted to find out that some newspapers were distributed at convenient commuting locations for FREE!  So part of my daily habit was to pass by the nearest MRT station to get the current newspaper.   Here was where I was introduced to My Paper. It wasn't that thick and there was a section in Chinese so as much as I enjoyed reading it, I felt it lacked my morning literature.

Articles were relatively short but informative, which is good cause it goes direct to the point. Even if I don't read Chinese, I'd scan the Chinese section and if I found an interesting photo, I'd search for it on the mypaper.sg website and do a Google translate.  That's where I found out about this:
Transformers exhibit in Hong Kong

Now, I just found out that The Paper's last publication is today, November 30 2016.  But before I could sadly react, I immediately discovered that My Paper will merge with The New Paper (TNP). And The New Paper will be available for FREE starting December 1, 2016 at MRT stations, selected malls and other locations such as cafes, medical centers, country clubs, car service centers, premium buses, airline lounges and serviced apartments.

The new publication will be purely in English catering to professionals, managers, executives and businessmen.  The thicker form will also offer daily themes like food, fashion, health and movie features.

I wasn't here to witness My Paper's early beginnings over a decade ago, and I'm not familiar with TNP even if it started publications way back in 1988, but I'm excited to see this history in the making and ready to pick up the very first edition of the new TNP tomorrow.  Congratulations to The New Paper!

Further Reading:

23 May 2016

Experiencing Sydney

I'm currently traveling around Australia and Sydney is our first stop.  Will be compiling photos and stories for sharing soon.

In the meantime, here's some lovely views from Sydney. Hello from down under!

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