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04 August 2014

Manila Bay on a Sunny Day

Abundant greens and a blue sky.

03 August 2014

Letting Go of a Laughing Domain: Jejejeje.com

Since I used to offer web development services, I also created some blogs and websites for personal use as a hobby.  Some of them come out of an amazing idea.  Some I use as training ground.  And some are purely experimental.  

www.jejejeje.com was one of them.

www.jejejeje.com, a Jejemon site. Yes, there were a few floating around the net then!
In 2010, the Jejemon phenomenon became popularly (or unpopularly) known.  The cryptic text speak in the mobile world moved into pop culture and became a way of life for some.  Not everybody embraced or liked it, but what was a fact was that it was getting attention.   

I thought of compiling online posts and and anything about Jejemon into a blog encapsulating (or annoying) the public, which I called Jejemon World 1.0 (Eow PowZ, mUsZtAh nHa?).  The old domain for it was www.jejejeje.com.

I chose the domain cause jejejeje was the standard laugh for jejemon.  I soon discovered later why the blog was getting some views from Brazil and some parts of South America.  It was because the term "jejejeje" was also the Spanish translation of the hehehehe laugh.  I could've switched themes and junk the jejemon concept for a Spanish humor website.  Problem is my 6 units of Spanish in college is way below an attempt to maintain a website in another language.  I could be the jejejeje of it you could say.

I wasn't a fan of Jejemon either so my dedication to updating the blog wasn't a priority.  Eventually, the Jejemon phenomenon died down and is now more known as a reference to a pop cult than anything else.
So few weeks ago, while I got an e-mail reminder to renew the domain, I decided to forego the domain.  So for everyone out there interested, www.jejejeje.com is AVAILABLE!

Since the blog was created on Blogger, Jejemon World 1.0 is still accessible if you want to see it or you feel nostalgic towards Jejemon.  Head on to http://jejemonjejemon.blogspot.com/  All 16 posts (yeah, that many!) are still intact.

If you're planning to get it or know who will, let me know so I can link it here to the future jejejeje.com
What can I say for now?  Jejejeje!

02 August 2014

Google Goes into Domain Registration with Google Domains

Google recently announced that it will be offering domain registration services which will be known as Google Domains.  While currently by invitation only and beta phase, some features which standout are

  1. Free private registration - other domain registrars charge extra for this.  If you have 10 domains and select private registration service, that's already 10x of that add-on cost more than getting it for free.
  2. Bundled with customized e-mail - You usually need to associate your domain with a hosting provider to setup and configure your customized e-mails. Sometimes you'll just use your gmail account.  This is powered by the Gmail engine learning curve is very minimal if you're already familiar using Gmai.
  3. Use Google's DNS Servers as your own - Your domain would connect quickly and reliably to your website.
  4. Integration with Google Apps - If you were using Google Apps in the past, you would have had to register a domain elsewhere and integrate it with the Google Apps and the Google Apps engine.  Now it's a one-stop shop.
  5. Website Building Integration - Google is working with some of the top website building providers like +Shopify, +Squarespace, +Weebly, and+Wix.com to integrate with their interface and setup.

Other standard features of domain registrars include domain forwarding, subdomain creation and customer support.  
Does this mean that you should start transferring your domains from your current registrar to Google Domains?  Well, it is in beta phase, so expect new features and modifications to be heavily rolled out.  Better to wait till it moves out of beta and becomes readily available to the public.  You could also register a test domain (when it becomes available) to play around with the configuration and setup enough to be confident in transferring a whole bulk of domains if that's what your long term goal is.

If you want a sneak peek and try out the beta version, you can request for an invite to Google Domains here.
To learn more about Google Domains, visit https://domains.google.com/about/features.html

Kalesa Parking Only

Pubic parking for kalesas at Intramuros.

31 July 2014

NAIA 3 New Departure Bay Assignments

Starting July 31, 2014, 5 international airlines will be transferring from NAIA Terminal 1 to NAIA Terminal 3.  They are Delta Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Cathay Pacific.

In line with this, NAIA 3 which originally used to cater to Cebu Pacific flights now places designated Bay numbers for the increasing and various airlines serviced by this airport.

Here are the NAIA 3 new airport Departure Bay assignments:
  • Bay 1: Philippine Airlines domestic
  • Bay 2: Cebu Pacific domestic
  • Bay 3: Ana, Delta, Cebu Pacific International 
  • Bay 4: Air Asia, KLM, Singapore Airlines
  • Bay 5: Cathay Pacific, Emirates
Additional Reading:

19 July 2014

Chinito by a Non-Chinito

I've always admired the efforts by foreigners learning a Filipino song and actually singing a good version.  Here Matthew Mannucci arranges and performs his own acoustic version of Yeng Constantino's hit "Chinito." His version is obviously called "Chinita."  Kudos to you Matthew!

17 July 2014

Face Off - Literally

Trying out the Wondershare video editor to see if it can suit my video editing needs.  So played around with the trial version. And here ya go!  
Can you see me?

What video editor do you use?

11 July 2014

100K for the DJ!

This blog has just reached its 100,000th view!  Thank you to everyone for visiting my blog.

After 8 years and over 900 blog posts, my blog has finally reached 100,000 views.  It may not have taken that long for other bloggers or if I had blogged more often, but I'm not competing with anyone and definitely not catching any deadline.

It has always been a hobby of mine to blog and aside from this being my main and personal blog, I have also took on several other blogs, some which have been consolidated here and some are still ongoing because they have an entirely different theme and niche.

I've been blogging on blogger since 2006 but I've been writing since I was a teenager.  In high school, I started my fascination for writing.  In college, I created a computer program to duplicate Doogie Howser's journal as shown on the TV series just so I could enter write daily thoughts like he did.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as profound as his and so I ended up writing about my college crushes.

Trivia: My 1st take at writing for a publication was actually in college where I was a contributor for the Ateneo Math Club newsletter.  Yes, it exists! And my 1st assignment was to interview one of the new Math professors, Ms. de Lara.

After college, my first job was being a musical arranger (thus the DeeJay).  I also merged my love for music with my original college degree, Computer Science and creating a music website became the next logical step.  My experience in handling a website honed my skills in writing articles and music reviews.

Aside from writing professionally, I also wanted another venue to write about personal ideas, experiences and just about anything I considered interesting to me. Hence, the birth of this blog.

I could go on and on but I'd like to keep it short and thank everyone again for visiting and reading my blog.  Hope you find it interesting to read my past and future posts.

Looking forward to the next 100,000 views!

08 July 2014

Getting the Drift of Flip flops

Autobot Drift gets a feel for island slippers while getting ready for a stroll in the beach.

07 July 2014

The Coconut Haiku

Not your "bu" but mine.
Not quite a chocolate kind.
Juicy mix-mix time.

14 June 2014

Sax version of Michael Jackson's Love Never Felt So Good

Since Michael Jackson's unreleased song "Love Never Felt So Good" in his new album Xscape debuted worldwide last month, I've fallen in love with the song.  Its retro Michael Jackson sound makes me relive the sound I grew up with.  After each new popular song released nowadays, do a YouTube search and you'll find dozens if not hundreds of versions of each song.  Name it you got it: acoustic, acapella, choir, opera, rock or even reggae.  So far by the best instrumental version for me of this song is this rendition by Stot Juru  Check out his sax lead for "Love Never Felt So Good."

You could check out his other song renditions on YouTube.

Time Lapse Project - Cebu City

I had time to spare and was kinda bored at the hotel in Cebu.  I looked out the window around noontime and noticed the cloud formations were ever-changing. Was hoping to take a video using my digicam but unfortunately, the red battery blink of death dawned upon it.   Turned to my celphone to take a video but my memory card was full.  So it kept me thinking what could I do to record a video.  Then I instantly remembered that my new laptop had a very decent built-in webcam.

So I took out the ironing board, placed it beside the window, placed the laptop on top, and set the webcam to record.   After a few tries, I figured out how to set up a few things for a smooth recording.
  • Plug laptop especially if you'll be taking long videos
  • Set battery to always on (so the laptop won't hibernate)
  • Cover background with curtains so the glass window won't show any reflection of the room
Since it was a new laptop, I had Gigabytes of space to use.  So I left the laptop recording the Cebu pier area and went down to SM City for lunch.  I completely forgot about the laptop and went window shopping afterwards.  Came back to the hotel 4 hours after and suddenly remembered the laptop.  Stopped recording to check if it saved it all and it did!  

Looked around for a good free video editor to speed up the video.  The video looked nice at 12x faster but it was a whopping 30 minutes. I wanted something faster and cranked it up to 144x.  At this speed, you'll see boats and ships gliding through the water faster than an ant!

So here it is.  Taken from the 20th floor of Radisson Blu hotel on a Sunny Saturday afternoon.  What do you think?
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