Take A Hike

Monday, August 17, 2009

I don't mind walking from one place to another as long as

  • it's not a hot sunny day or else I'll get drenched in perspiration
  • it's not raining or else I'll get drenched in rain
  • it's not polluted or else I'll be feeding my body unecessary waste
If it takes the same time to wait for transportation as the time it takes to walk from point A to point B, then walking is my best bet. And besides, I haven't been able to do my jogging rounds due to the unpredictable weather lately.

There are just some things that I'd rather not encounter when walking:

  1. Bumps & Holes. Uneven sidewalks, lack of sidewalks or worse, no sidewalk for pedestrians will pose as hazards for my walking pleasure. I wouldn't want to turn my back every single second checking that I'm not in any close call with death from a raging jeep or an out of control car.
  2. Noise Pollution. I easily get startled. And so trucks that have the horns of a cargo ship scare the living daylights out of me enough for my entire body to shake. Construction sites also provide the additional (unwelcomed) benefit of falling debris aside from the noisy hammering and drilling.
  3. Creeps & Bums. If I need to hold my breath for 10 seconds or more because of a smelly person I pass by, I'd rather cross the road and spare the breathing exercise. Much worse are creeps that look suspicious enough to make you clench your bag and get ready to run for your life if they attack you.
  4. Higad. Yes, higad. If you happen to walk through a park or a heavily tree-shaded walkway, be prepared for anything to fall on you. Leaves are okey. Branches may hurt especially if it's bigger than your arm. Flowers can be a delight. Fruits can leave a bump on your head and render you unconscious if it's a coconut. But higad (caterpillars) can really leave a nasty itch when they come into contact with your skin.
  5. Birds. Rarely do they dive down and land on your head. So don't worry much about this. I'm talking about birds who release "bombs" that could land on you at gravitational speeds. In the vernacular, "ipot". So when you look at the sky, try to keep your mouth closed. That's possibly the worst part of your body to be victimized by a bird. In the military, you call that a "direct hit!".
Overall, walking is good for your health. So as long as you can avoid some of these obsctacles and unfortunate situations, I say enjoy the walk and take a hike.

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  1. The most hazardous of all are caterpillars (higad). A friend of mine almost died because he unfortunately ingested a couple of higad hair and it planted itself in his air pipes. Good thing he got to the hospital before he blacked out. He's still alive today and still very masungit hehehe.

  2. @aileen that's scary ! I saw a lot of higad earlier on the ground while walking home. I was kinda hoping none would fall from the tree above.