Of Planes and Airports

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ever since I was a kid, airplanes and airports fascinate me. I don't like riding planes. I just like watching them fly and soar in the air. I also don't like checking in airports to fly. I just like the botiques and gift shops inside. I like the restaurants and quick food stalls. I like looking at their departure and arrival monitors to know which plane is coming and going where and when. I like watching the planes take off and land. I like listening to the voice over announcing which gate is ready for boarding or which plane has just landed. I like looking at different people from various walks of life: different citizenships, different races, different ages, different backgrounds.

It's not the same as a ship and a pier, or a bus and a bus terminal. Planes and Airports are huge.
Sometimes I think that if I'm stressed out, I could relieve my stress in an airport and just spend some time relaxing over a cup of coffee in the airport cafe.

And thanks to my fianceé, I've been able to visit more airports and ride on more planes. It still scares the hell out of me to ride a plane cause I easily get dizzy. And I can finish an entire container of tic-tacs (extra strength) even before the plane takes off. Yet, conquering my fear has compensated me with new places visited and new friends made.

Till the next flight or the next chance I get to set foot at an airport, happy travelling !

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  1. Riding planes are fun esp the fact that it'll goes to somewhere =)

  2. @Star yepyep... i'm not just really used to it and I easily get dizzy. But that's where my tic-tacs come in. around 40 pieces for a 1hr plane ride will make me feel better. LOL!